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April 29, 2013


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Don't ask about the title, I just figured it sounded cool since I'm about to add dark cynicism to a plot so idealistic that basically to make it "without wings" sort of makes it a bit darker and edgier.

This is another crossover and rather than be cryptic about it I'm just going to come out and say it:

What if I took characters from Code Geass and put them in an AU version of themselves into the world of Fairy Tail?

Yeah if that's not your idea of fun, stop reading now and piss off!

But if you're actually interested in what I have to say on the subject, then let's continue.

The idea came to me before I read One Piece, but after I was done reading Fairy Tail and I could've SWORN I made a journal about this, but evidence points to that I did not.

So now with the idea still in my brain it's time for me to cut loose and get it out of my system.

Much like Lucy meets Natsu in the first chapter, our main heroine is going to be Kallen joining a mage guild.

However, Kallen has one problem, though she's a mage she's a bit self-conscious about her magic abilities because she can't control them. She keeps her right arm wrapped up in thick bandages and a sling, for fear that she'll hurt someone.

Much like Lucy she hears word of a famous mage in town from one of the darkhorse guilds in Fiore (i.e they're not contested as being the strongest or the best like Fairy Tail, but they do some pretty fine work nonetheless). The name of the guild is Knightmare Frame. Apparently one of their recruiters is putting on a show in hopes that he might find some raw talent in the audience.

Kallen goes and investigates since while she's self-conscious about her own magic, she still enjoys watching it be used.

On a fancy stage we see Luciano Bradley demonstrating with a wine glass filled with blood as he makes it dance how he is "The Vampire of Knightmare Frame" and "any lovely ladies wishing to join should become members". He spots Kallen in the audience and invites her onstage. All the women in the audience start dragging Kallen towards the stage.

Luciano begins by asking Kallen if there's something the matter with her arm and asks if that's the source of her magic.

Kallen: It is...but I don't want to use it.
Luciano: Oh come now dear lamb, won't you show us your talent? *hypnotizing eyes*
Kallen: I......


Luciano's concentration is broken, he looks down the aile to see a young man wearing a regal blue suit and a long black cape.

???: Luciano Bradley, it's bad enough that I personally have to come down to hunt filth like you, but to drag innocent women into your twisted game, how repulsive!
Kallen: (huh? Isn't this guy a member of Knightmare Frame?)
???: *steps forward as the crowd parts to let him up towards the stage* (calmly) Get off the stage Luciano.
Bradley: So the Necromancer of Knightmare Frame intends to get in my way does he?
Kallen: Wait, what's going on? Aren't you both Knightmare Frame members?
???: This man a member of our proud guild? That's the worst insult I've ever heard. This man is a wanted criminal by the magic council: Luciano Bradley! He is a powerful blood mage who steals magic power from other mages and adds it to his own abilities. Worse yet, you heard of my arrival and you DARE to act as one of our recruitors in my place?
Kallen: (Huh? That guy's a recruiter? he doesn't appear to be very strong? Aren't most mages built both physically and mentally?)
???: I'm not going to give you another warning, step away from the girl.
Bradley: And what if I don't want to?
???: Then I will make you. *curls left index finger*

Luciano Bradley's right arm completely fractures and he slumps to the ground on the stage.

???: *leaps onto the stage, casting the shadow of his cape upon Bradley as his head blocks out the sun from Bradley's vision* I'm not going to give you another warning. Stand down.
Luciano: *spits*
???: *makes a fist and curls his wrist back as the bones in Bradley's fingers (all ten of them) bend and break in ways they're not supposed to. He then turns his arm over and opens his palm as he extends his arm forward, fracturing both of Bradley's legs, causing the man to cry out in sheer pain as blood continues to pour from his split open fracture wounds* (to Kallen) You there, watch him while I get an authority figure to bring this man in.
Kallen: Y-yeah. *Lelouch leaves* (How did he do that? I didn't even see him move. But...there's no doubt about it. He broke all those bones like it was as simple as breathing air).

After Bradley is escorted away on a stretcher, Kallen approaches Lelouch who is leaned up against the wall as his cape flaps in the breeze, covering his narrow frame.

Kallen: Thank you, for earlier.
???: Why are you thanking me? I shouldn't have had to have stepped in. I could sense both your magic power resevoirs. Yours was far superior to his own. But with the way you keep that arm bandaged up, you don't want anyone to see what it is you can do right?
Kallen: *grabs her arm and gives a look of despair and shame*
???: *eyes closed* Lelouch
Kallen: Huh?
Lelouch: *eyes open* My name. What's yours?
Kallen: Kallen, Kozuki Kallen.
Lelouch: Kallen, you don't have to tell me why it is you don't want to use your magic, but I'll say this, you only endanger yourself by not using it.
Kallen: *has a brief flashback of the time she used her magic and got innocent lives killed* (mutterng) and others.
Lelouch: You just need to learn to control the magic you posses. Magic is our gift not our curse, Kallen. You are a gifted mage, I sense it within you. What you need is guidance and a steady hand to show you a proper path so that you can use the power you have to its fullest extent. If you join Knightmare Frame, we can help you there.
Kallen: You want join Knightmare Frame?
Lelouch: We have a recruit policy. If you can pass our evaluation of your skill on a two-week trial basis, you become an official member. I'm a recruiter of the guild so I'm allowed to scope out for new members.
Kallen: *nervous*
Lelouch: If you don't do anything you only risk the chance that someone else might want to use whatever power it is that you have the way Bradley was going to. Dark Guilds will do anything to get their hands on immense power. I've seen it happen.
Kallen: ...
Lelouch: If you don't want to that's fine. I just thought I'd give you a warning. *gets up off of wall* Anyway, I'm expected in the pub. My contact is supposed to tell me of aspiring mages. *walks away*

so of course after some internal debate Kallen decides that she will in fact join Knightmare Frame.

So who exactly is part of this fantabulous guild?

We have:

Suzaku Kururugi: a master in magic catered towards converting potential magic energy into kinetic magic energy (essentially Suzaku can fight using martial arts and the Kamehameha and the Hadoken). A-class. Lelouch has invited him into his special faction "The Black Knights", but Suzaku despises Lelouch's methods of sometimes disobeying protocol and not always going by the book.

Cornelia Heurassein: A ex-quipping gun mage with plenty of firepower at her disposal. The guns she wields can fire a variety of projectiles. S-class.

Euphemia Heurassein: A low level mage that can change the color of objects. D-class.

Nonnette Enneagram: Nonette is known as the "Phantom Killer". She has four "techniques" 1. Summon a giant invisible hand for crushing purposes 2. Temporary time stop (5 seconds max but she can spam it) 3. Turn things intangible temporarily. 4. Weapon telekinesis. Like this Nonette becomes virtually untouchable as her enemies often don't know they've been beaten by her. She's yet to find an opponent that can actually hold her attention in the last nine years since she perfected techniques number 2 and 4. S-class.

Kaname Ohgi: Intermediate level Earth magi. B-class. A member of Lelouch's special faction "The Black Knights"

Viletta Nu: Intermediate level Wind magi. B-class

Jeremiah Gottwald: Has the ability to turn his skin into different materials such as steel, rock, and even wood. B-class. A member of Lelouch's special faction "The Black Knights".

Anya Alstriem: Rock Dragonslayer. A-class

Gino Weinberg: Protoplasm Dragonslayer. A-class

Schneizel Scifo: Illusion based magic. As long as your mental strength isn't above his you cannot resist his all too real illusions. S-class.

Clovis Lahrune: Art-based magic. Clovis has a sketch pad that he always keeps around. He can bring to life anything within the sketch pad. C-class.

Naomi Inoue: Shield-projecting magic. Magic is defensive so she often partners up. C-class. A member of Lelouch's special faction "The Black Knights"

Kent Sugiyama: Basic level lightning mage. C-class. A member of Lelouch's special faction "The Black Knights"

Tamaki Shinkiro: Basic level fire mage. C-class. A member of Lelouch's special faction "The Black Knights".

Nagisa Chiba: Basic Level sun mage. C-class. A member of Lelouch's special faction "The Black Knights".

Kyoshiro Tohdoh: Advanced dual wielding sword mage. Wields two katans that he can imbue with fire, ice, or wind. S-class. Used to be in Lelouch's Black Knights faction until he reached S-class.

Guinevere Antoinette: Conjures up petal-shaped blades in a whirlwind. (basically she's ripping off Senbonzakura). S-class.

Carine Celestine: Plant mage. She can control plants. She's screwed in a desert or arctic region. C-class.

Gilbert G.P. Guilford: Can transform either of his arms into a drill. He can magnify the size of the drill to the size of a building. A-class

Andreas Darlton: Self-regenerative magic. Andreas is similar to Wolverine from Marvel. Injuries he takes just regenerate automatically. Other than that he fights with purely his own brute strength. S-class.

Odysseus Churchill: Card based magic. He can turn any cards (be they playing cards or greeting cards) as hard as steel and throw them like projectiles as well as make clones of himself using these cards. He always has a 52 deck on hand. B-class.

Shirley Fennette: Basic level water mage. D-class. A newcomer to the guild as of last year.

Milly Ashford: Animal shapeshifting. Thus far can only become a lion, a wolf, a bear, and a chinchilla. Sometimes has a wardrobe malfunction returning to human form. C-class. A newcomer to the guild as of last year.

Nina Einstein: Intermediate level clairvoyance magic. D-class. A newcomer to the guild as of last year.

Rivalz Cardemonde: Glass mage. (he can fire glass shards and control glass objects). C-class. A newcomer to the guild as of last year.

CC: A mage who refers to her magic as "Geass magic". She can order people to do what she wants (though it only works once on any given person), actively read minds, possess another person's body, rewrite someone's memories and many, many other things. S-class.

Lloyd Asplund: Ex-quip "The Technician". Lloyd has many armors that he has built himself that he ex-quips to use in combat. B-class.

Cecile Croomy: A healing mage. D-class

Rakshata Chawla: Same as Lloyd and both of them compete often to see who is better at making armors. B-class.

Tianzi: A novice mage that Xing Ke brought with him when he joined Knightmare Frame. She has developed no magic abilities, but her potential has yet to be tapped.

Xing Ke: Whip mage. Xing Ke can create long lengthy whips of leather, chain and rope that he uses for combat. He can also create whips of pure lightning and fire. S-class

Kaguya Sumeragi: Same as Kaguya except she was brought to Knightmare Frame by Kyoshiro Tohdoh. She and Tianzi are the best of friends.

Lelouch Lamperouge: The Bone Dragonslayer (also known as the Dracolich Dragonslayer to some). Lelouch can break and control a person's very bones and the muscles they are attached to. If they're magic power is weak enough he can break their bones with ease. He can also raise an army of skeletons. He has also self-taught himself some dark magic, leading to him to be called "Necromancer of Knightmare Frame". A-class.

Guildmaster Marianne Lamperouge: Ex-quip "The Champion". Marianne has only rare and one of a kind armors that she can ex-quip to. She did not buy any of these armors. She sought them out on personal quests. S-class.

Nunnally Lamperouge: A mage with a frail constitution, but otherwise capable of walking and sight. Nunnally is able to transform and transfigure the things around her. She can turn a blade of grass into a butterfly with a mere touch or a piece of asparagus into a cookie. However, her powers are much more than that. Nunnally is a true and tried reality warper and her powers are tied rather tightly to her emotions. When she is brought to the verge of tears her powers can cause incredible chaos. Whole villages have vanished in her wake when she starts crying so Lelouch and Marianne do their best to keep her happy and off the radar. Classified as D-class so that she never taps her true potential for Marianne and Lelouch feel the council would take her away if they knew what she was truly capable of.

Kallen's powers: As the story would eventually unfold, Kallen was interested in the arcane arts ever since she was little, both she and her brother Naoto both. When Kallen was 5 she and Naoto tried to summon a creature from another dimension. However, the spell went wrong and they wound up summoning a demon that took Naoto, the spellbook and transformed Kallen's right arm, as she reached into the portal after him into a demon's arm. Now anything she touches with that arm is filled with demonic radiation that completely disintegrates the target. Kallen can also let loose this demonic energy into the air like a wave. High level mages can resist it, as she has discovered, but she's still afraid to use the power after she tried to defend her village from an invasion and wound up being the only survivor on both sides in a ruined land that was once her home.
She is classified as A-class once she becomes an official member.

Status with Fairy Tail: Fairy Tail and Knightmare Frame are on rather good terms with one another and Marianne and Makarov often swap information. The only difference between Knightmare Frame and Fairy Tail is that at least Knightmare Frame has SOME level of restraint and doesn't cause mass destruction

Status with the Council: Despite their lack of love for mayhem and chaos, Knightmare Frame is on THIN ICE with the council, especially Lelouch's faction. There are rumors of "unorthodox methods" being used to complete jobs and "assasination requests taken". However, they're just rumors as there's no actual evidence of these accusations. Also, the council may or may not be aware of Nunnally's true power. On top of that there ARE times when KF will exhibit just as much chaos as FT, though that's usually not their first course of action.

I really don't have much of a plot in my head other than establishing KF as a guild and showing some interaction between them and FT.
And of course the idea of a Lelouch/Erza pairing has me giddy :D

Now if you'll excuse me I need to get dinner

Ja ne!
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Magnaking Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013
Hmmmmm, I've been playing Bioshock 2:Minerva's Den DLC. I love the Gravity Well Phasmid. It seems to me that Kallen's Arm should be able to manipulate Gravity to an extent, Creating Pylops through secretions in the arm.
draconichero18 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013
Why? It's just what it does in canon. She could never manipulate gravity before.
Magnaking Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
Can Lelouch manipulate bone sctructures in canon?
draconichero18 Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
Um. No. Have you even watched the series?
Magnaking Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
I have seen Code Geass. I love Code Geass, how dare you question my faith and love for Kallen-chan!!!!!!!! Im making her moar badass than she ever was! and having the awesome crushing power of Gravity. and to be fair, I also wouldn't be opposed to Zabainya from Fate/Stay Night. or Nero's Devil Bringer from Devil May Cry. or hell, Renya's arm from Shikkoku no Renya! to me Gravity is a badass power, made specifically for Badass people. since her power is demonic and disingtegrates anyway, she's actually crushing the victim to oblivion. and im bringing elements of Blackbeard's Yami Yami no mi.
draconichero18 Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
I already have a power for her though. There's no reason to add more.
Magnaking Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
I see. I do have a hitch with Lelouch using bone ablities. Why bone? Necromancy doesnt seem like Lelouch.
draconichero18 Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
Bad Powers good people. Dark powers were always, in my opinion, something Lelouch would employ if he was a sorcerer. He's the type of person I feel would employ the "Dark is Not Evil" trope to a T. Hence his Zanpakuto in Soul Chess.
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Greatkingrat88 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
"Magi" is, following latin, the plural form of "mage". Therefore, it shouldn't be used about a singular character.

So... any reason you'd call the guild Knightmare Frame and not something else?
draconichero18 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013
Couldnt think of a better name honestly. Got something better?
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