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Luluko of the Rebellion by SapphireFoxx

Call me easily amused, but this is the best drawn genderbent version of Lelouch I've seen. In fact I like how the art style easily mimi...

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Yes this was the best I could come up with on short notice.

Also UQ Holder 96 in a nutshell: I died and then I squeed. Akamatsu was meant to write Shonen.…

What? You want a more creative title than that? Sorry, but this time you get exactly what I printed on the label. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an interview to prepare for tomorrow. 

I'd say expect a delay next chapter, but I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, plenty of time to bang out four semi-decent fights with the C-list of side characters (Not in terms of power just in terms of plot relevance when compared to Fairy Tail and Knightmare Frame when one or both guilds have the spotlight). 

See you for chapter 121 and hopefully 122 since it'll be the post-script of day 2 complete with Exceed Garage band. 

Which according to :iconsetsubou: will probably sound like this: 

I don't know why she thinks that. You'll have to ask her yourself. I just think it's funny. 

Till next time, folks!…

Next chapter shouldn't take me nearly as long to finish. It's going to be mostly dialogue and maybe day 2's event. Day 2's battles I don't think are even going to be terribly interesting honestly :O_o:
What are they?
Well that's for me to know and you to find out duh.
Update: I totally forgot someone Yang could fight. See below




You saw that.

Ain't no "trick" as Hercule would put it.

Ain't no lie.



Oh my shit 




Best reveal ever after a "doofus duel"




I squeed.



Like, I know it's possible she's up on the chopping block, but RWBY only has 2 seasons under its belt. It's possible whoever she's fighting she far outclasses because, well, let's be honest. Monty Oum could really use this. 



Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would use a RWBY character this soon. AT LEAST let Season 3 take hold. 
Then again Yang's Semblance and weapon have already been showcased in fine detail so they do have plenty to work with.

As for who I think her opponent will be

I have a few guesses:

Vi (League of Legends)

Why she should fight Yang: Vi and Yang have almost identical personalities. Furthermore, the next fight is going to be 3D, which League of Legends has plenty of renders for. Vi also has plenty of abilities that are stationary so her character isn't going to get any stronger. Also, they both have badass theme songs. 

Who would win in this case: I'm going to still go with Yang due to superior range even when I take into account Vi's mana shield. Not to mention Yang gets stronger when she takes a hit. Granted Vi has way more experience, but that's a consistency throughout all of these matchups. True, Vi has her vacuum wave, but I think Yang's bullets would hit harder. Out of all possible matchups, this one has me the most excited.

Bullet (BlazBlue)

Why she should fight Yang: I don't know much about Bullet, but the appearance of BOTH characters is strikingly similar and were created relatively around the same time if you factor development instead of publication. Bullet has a similar fighting style and weaponry while also having the natural durability to take on Yang without the need for something like aura or a mana shield because BlazBlue is fucking insane. 

Who do I think would win this: Depressingly, Bullet. She's part of the BB universe and has to go against way tougher shit than Yang does on a regular basis, plus she's more experienced, probably even more so than Vi. Fortunately since this is a 3D battle, I don't think you could get a decent render of Bullet since her game is sprite based. Still a nice matchup

Leone (Akame ga Kill)

Why she should fight Yang: One of the creative team on RWBY actually described Leone in two words: Faunas Yang. you need more of an explanation than that? As long as Death Battle does the proper research (i.e using the manga and not the anime where she, you know, DIES) I think it'll be a good fight. Also these are my two blonde waifus. It's safe to say that no matter who lives, I WIN!

Who do I think would win: I. DON'T. KNOW! I've actually been researching this one myself A LOT recently and I still can't come up with a good answer. Leone has some regenerative factor in her and she's amazingly fast. She's also, again, more experienced than Yang and specializes in assassination. 
:icongreatkingrat88: :iconsaysplz: Saying she's an assassin is like saying Naruto is a ninja.
Thank you. The peanut gallery can be quiet. The funny thing is while I'm pretty sure Akame ga Kill doesn't have a video game about it on the market, making a 3D model for Leone wouldn't be difficult. She's already a cat girl, all you would need to do would be to modify Blake's 3D model a bit and you'd be pretty good to go. 

Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII)

Why she should fight Yang: Tifa is a fisticuffs brawler that aside from her home series fought in Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy saga. It's not a stretch to believe that Yang might have been inspired by Tifa to some degree. This is the only fight where, if Yang were to lose it would not be like spitting on Monty Oum's grave since the fight itself would be something he would want to see regardless. Also, like Vi, Tifa has a pre-rendered 3D model thanks to her appearances in Kingdom Hearts and Dissidia. 

Who do I think would win: I know almost nothing about Tifa's limitations and skill set, but I am willing to bet she's no pushover. I don't want to sell Tifa short at ALL, but until I know more about her, I'm going to biasedly put my money on Yang.

I've also heard that Ramona Flowers could be a fight for Yang, but while I know next to nothing about Scott Pilgrim, I don't think it would be a very good fight: 1. it would be very difficult to find 3D sprites 2. These previous 3 characters have WAY more in common with Yang. 

And for those of you asking for Garnet, you're basically forcing Yang to lose without a prayer because Garnet can't be harmed by conventional means and Yang's primary weapons are shotgun gauntlets, not to mention Garnet is a cartoon character and doesn't have a proper 3D model set up in advance AND lacks the same quirky personality that Yang possesses that all of her other combatants have!

Oh wait

I'm forgetting one more, but still entirely possible candidate to do battle with Yang
She's way out of her league

[Mood Music]

Aschen Brodel (Super Robot Wars OG: Endless Frontier)

Why she should fight Yang: If there's one thing I know about Aschen, she loves punching the shit out of things. Also, if Yang actually won this fight, it would be fucking awesome since I would be one of the few people that would know how impressive that is. Aschen is, like, super scary. Also, Yang wouldn't be the only one with a "Super Mode". When Aschen overheats, she changes personalities and becomes even stronger than ever before. 

Who do I think would win: There is no contest here. Aschen would DESTROY Yang. It's not even fair. Aschen is an onslaught of pain that could probably take on all three of Yang's adversaries mentioned above and win like it was nothing. I mean for crying out loud: she's basically a fisticuffs Raiden that's designed to assimilate technology and uses it to make her stronger rather than carrying a super high frequency blade. While this would be an awesome fight (if they could get the 3D model for it) Yang wouldn't have a prayer. 

Anyway, I've had my gush time. 
I'm off something which may or may not include the next chapter of Fairy Without Wings because this reveal was too damn awesome for me to concentrate until I tell :icontherealmegas: all about it cause we're both RWBY fans and have been debating about Yang in a death battle for MONTHS!

Until then,
From all of me
to all of you
let your hearts stay human 
and your wrath draconic

and may you always keep burning

Ja ne!…

Yes this was the best I could come up with on short notice.

Also UQ Holder 96 in a nutshell: I died and then I squeed. Akamatsu was meant to write Shonen.


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Hmmmm remember that FT and CG crossover idea discussion we had, well I decided to do Lelouch as a Darkness or Shadow God Slayer Mage (partly because of the irony of how his parents sought to kill god).

And I think for the pairing I'll do Lelouch and Kagura Mikazuchi.

Just need to build up Lelouch's background and he'll meet Kagura and have some run in with Fairy Tail while working to create his own guild before the time skip or lay the ground work for it. 
draconichero18 Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
Lelouch and Kagura, that's an interesting choice.
Sephiroth12285 Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
Thank you, I hope to make it into something interesting.

Any suggestions on making it work?
draconichero18 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
Well considering they're both out for revenge it feels like they could bond over that. 
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It's Tifa.
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I saw. I'm happy. Boobies!
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I see.
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Saw it already. It was awesome.
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I see. Though I am curious if Yang might fight a Jojo's character.
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