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Luluko of the Rebellion by SapphireFoxx

Call me easily amused, but this is the best drawn genderbent version of Lelouch I've seen. In fact I like how the art style easily mimi...

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Title is self-explanatory, let's get this over with

Be warned that if you have not played the game that this list WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS

Also note that I am ONLY counting characters that you can RECRUIT that are NOT Spotpass or Einjehar cards.
This list is a combination of how well the character plays and how much I like their character on a personal basis

Let's begin



Enter the Vaike! Just who the hell do you think Vaike is Sorry had to make the joke. While not voiced by Kyle Hebert, Vaike is pretty much Kamina as an axe wielder. He talks about how he's a real man and does nothing but shout. He's also a grade-A idiot having lost his axe no less than twice, oh I'm sorry 3 times, but training sessions apparently don't count. 
He's a really good character early on with a lot of power behind his swing. He just became underused for me late game as I tried to explore the FEA universe. On subsequent playthroughs I intend to have him play a larger role. 
Oh and he's also a peeping tom and a royal dumbass when it comes to how to score it big with women. He wants to he just doesn't know how. 



Tharja is creepy as all fuck. She has an unhealthy obsession and openly stalks the player's avatar REGARDLESS OF GENDER! Normally this doesn't get you into the favorites category, it generally gets you restraining orders. Still, Tharja gets on this for three reasons. 1. I managed to get her and my Avatar's A-rank conversation and while Tharja is still creepy, there's a little more to her than being the token goth yandere. It's there, but hard to see. 2. She's a much better dark mage than Henry and between the two creepy characters, I'd rather pick the one who provides I mean is a better unit. 3. Tharja reminds me of a middleground between Juvia and Yuno. She's a lot more erm....forward with her obsession than Juvia and not quite as quirky. She certainly acts more like a normal person. However, while she desires your character's affections and will destroy anything that will hurt you story-wise, she also will develop deep affection for other characters she can be paired off with. She also doesn't do anything to your wife if you marry someone else, not even a green eyed monster bit in the DLC. So she's certainly more well-mannered than that at least. In one playthrough I intend to see this yandere's obsession through to the end out of morbid curiosity.



Spike Spiegel called. He's suing. 
Lookalike aside, Lon'qu couldn't be further from Spike given he has a problem talking to women. I never really managed to explore what that problem is exactly and just because I wanted to play a meta-joke about it I put Lon'qu with Nowi on my first playthrough, but Lon'qu's reason for being on this list comes with skill more than it does his character. I can always rely on him to get the job done when it comes to killing foes. 



Sure she's a recurring character, but that doesn't stop Anna from being a Disc One Nuke that was actually useful compared to Frederick. Her skill and speed are unGODLY for her level and even though she's a pre-promote if you can get her to a second seal level 20 and put her in an assassin class or swordmaster she becomes a true force to be reckoned with. And, with her high magic stat, she's a shooin to use a Levin Sword properly. 



Gregor is man of many talents. He makes with the sword using as mercenary and takes jobs he feels to his liking. He speaks in dialect/grammar I using and sounds like Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2. Unlike Lon'qu who made list by being good unit, Gregor make list by being good character. Okay, lie, Gregor make list by being amusing character.



In Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn you could use things called Laguz. Panne, while going by a different name, is like that, but uses the same gimmick that the Manaketes used in the Shadow Dragon saga, a concept which I PREFER.
True, Panne is a rabbit, one of the most non-threatening animals in existence, but she makes Rabbits look fearsome and since she's technically a bunny girl she's the only one I know of that isn't oversexualized and has a thought process towards her race that's more akin to Vegita's about the Saiyans. She's very stern and very firm and not "ladylike" in the slightest. She also is a fearsome combatant if you use her enough. Granted Nowi will outshine her, but I like Panne's character a lot more. Nowi seems cut from the same cloth as Xiaomu from NamcoXCapcom only without videogames and anime. Also, gameplay or otherwise I prefer another dragon *hint Hint*



No shit the main character was going to get somewhere on this list. I have never played a JRPG where I DIDN'T at least LIKE the main character. However, while Chrom is certainly no Ichigo, they have similar mentalities and Chrom's character could use some more depth to it other than "Won't let his friends die and will change fate no matter what" but his snarkiness is what helps him make the list as well as Falchion never breaking and the usual broken ability of lords to use rapiers to destroy mounted and armored units.



For those of you who have at least heard about this game, but have not played it yet even though you SHOULDN'T be reading this list otherwise, may not have even HEARD of Lucina or know who she is. Well prepare to be spoiled. Lucina makes her first appearance wearing that mask she's holding and deepening her voice, referring to herself as Marth. The rest of her character is pretty much copy-pasted from Future Trunks in the Android saga of Dragon Ball Z. However, it's the DLC that really made me like Lucina's character as well as some other character interactions outside the main story. You can tell that Lucina really loves her parents (regardless of who you choose to be her mother) and you can also tell she's Team Mom of all the kids that come from the future. She is to her group what Chrom is to his and for a strong independent woman without being made to be butch *coughSullycough* or given overly feminine features i.e fanservice as well as having no quirks or weaknesses (Sumia, Cordelia, Olivia) or detestable traits *coughMaribellecough* is really rare to see in this day and age. Lucina's only downfall to herself is her missing her parents terribly and that's a concept you can relate to. Lucina, like her father, is also a lord character, and just as effective as her father if not moreso early game because her Falchion is stronger. But, of course, being a character with no real upsides and no real downsides is what gets you 18th place on my top 50 favorite list if you're an anime. To that I'm saying Lucina is the Cowboy Bebop of the party if you get what I'm saying anymore cause I don't



Or as I like to call him: Batman. No seriously, Gerome sounds and acts a little like Batman. Hell his parents are dead and he wears a mask and dresses in black because of it. He's one of the kids from the future, like Lucina, with Cherche as her mother. Granted Cherche is by all means the stronger character, but Gerome is more fun to use and a lot more interesting of a character. In my playthrough I paired him with Lucina and the realtionship between the two of them is something I really admire. It's part of the reason why Lucina is so high up on this list. If you can mind the pink hair, do understand that characters can and will take after both their parents in hair color from the future. In my playthrough, Gerome's hair was teal. For those of you who played FEA hint hint as to who the father was XD



There, I wasn't predictable, I didn't put Tiki at the top of the list. Tiki gets on this list due to visual factor alone as well as the nostalgic factor. Actually, those are the major contributors to her being on this list at all. The rest is the fact that you CAN romance her, she's a lot more mature than she was in Shadow Dragon (yes I'm fully aware of her conversation with Say'ri) and playing as her still feels as nostalgic as ever. If only she played a much larger role in the game. 



You all have three chances to guess who you think this looks like. I'll give you a hint: Cordelia isn't the only scarlet haired badass hailing from Japan in existence. While her appearance, much like Tiki's, plays a major factor into her placement on this list, the real reason she's so high up is simply her character. Cordelia is strong (one of the best gameplay wise), intelligent and dutiful (takes stock of EVERYTHING in inventory and makes sure everything is well kept in the barracks) and also very firm with other characters (Gaius in particular has an interesting interaction with her). Now, however, let me tell you a little story.
I didn't know at first that S-class support = marriage. Thankfully chapter 11 came BEFORE I hitched anybody to anyone except Chrom to Sumia. When I realized that I stopped Panne and my avatar's relationship at B (where it had been just out of coincidence) and pushed my avatar with Cordelia as much as possible since I already had a C rank with her. The conversations between the two of them only made me want to see them get together more and I really feel for Cordelia as a result. The nature of the relationship reminds me of the one from my own novel: strong independent woman who only lets her guard down around the man she loves. 




Sugaaaaaaaaaar! When I was composing this list, it was a huge debate over my top 3. I managed to work out the silver and bronze given Cordelia has gameplay and story for me to like her and Gaius well...........
Unlike Cordelia who despite her amazing skill I still worried would drop like a fly if an archer got near her or she got swarmed by enemies:
Gaius turned into a one-man army WITH lockpicking. 
All I had to do was give this man a brave sword and he would rip and tear through EVERYTHING without getting nary a scratch, usually by dodging the opponent. He also warmed up to most of the characters I stuck him with rather quickly and for once I found a two-man relationship not ripe with ho-ya subtext. The friendship between Gaius and Chrom has to be the best platonic thing I've seen. The prince and the pauper and Gaius just helping Chrom out of the goodness of his heart and Chrom realizing he's a self-indulgent arse. 
Of course, that's just Gaius' hidden depths, the rest of his character is him obsessing over sweets, going so far as to chase a bee back to its hive and climbing up a mountain to a made-up tree as done by a prank on Panne's behalf (and it was hilarious XD)
Every character Gaius interacts with is a laugh fest or a surprise because of how non-chalant the guy acts (you can tell it from his expression). He also can run through a volley of arrows [as noted by the DLC] without getting hit while picking up trinkets to sell on market to help supply the army.
For a guy who starts out as a common thug, Gaius is probably one of the genuinely considerate characters in the group.
Oh, and how do you get him to join your ranks? You bribe him with CANDY! 
:rofl: :lmao:
No, I'm dead serious, that's how you do it.
And of course, I'll never forget this gem:
When you're facing down the vegetable entombed during the DLC that gets you bonus EXP, Gaius tells the zombies they shouldn't go around stealing from villages. He then remarks how that sounds hypocritical coming from him and then just goes
"You know what? Shut up, these guys are paying me to have a double standard!"

Gaius may find himself on my new top 20 favorite fictional male characters list when Father's day comes around, yes I do intend to make that an annual list from here on out :D

Ja ne I am off to continue playing Bravely Default


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