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Luluko of the Rebellion by SapphireFoxx

Call me easily amused, but this is the best drawn genderbent version of Lelouch I've seen. In fact I like how the art style easily mimi...

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So, after reading Toriko for so long, once the top 50 gets posted, in addition to the usual, I think I might just start posting general in-the-moment reaction journals as I read anything that I'm subscribed to. 

Do note that while One Piece, Toriko and Bleach will be grouped together--since they all come out on Thursday--monthly manga will be individualized. 

Also note that I might not have a reaction per page and sometimes I might not have any reactions at all.

The reason I'm doing this is because after doing this for both Naruto and Toriko within such a short time span of each other, it's become so engrained into my muscle memory that every time I open my mouth while talking, I feel the sudden urge to write my thoughts into notepad so I can copypaste it into a reaction journal. 

Rather than fight this urge, I think I'll succumb to it, mostly so that all of you might know and understand what I think as I read series from chapter to chapter. 

I used to do this, but then stopped cause I didn't know how to do a general reaction to each individual chapter. Now I found a way, I'll do my reactions page by page, if I have a reaction at all. 

Just another reminder: Top 50 in 2 days, after Fairy Tail gets posted and read. I'll probably post it around 1pm EST (or start to) so that I can give translators time to see if I'll be seeing any more monthly manga before my cutoff moment. 
Whatever the case, it should certainly be posted by 5pm.

Thank you for your time
See you all in 2 days

Ja ne!
Well, I managed to catch up. I said it would take me till Saturday and I turned out to be right. Some of this I read after my post last night, but I just didn't want to have to post with my eyelids drooping so I posted prematurely. 

chapter 262 page 8: The power of food honor ladies and gents

chapter 262 page 19: Just how did I know that he'd think Komatsu's food is delicious. I must be psychic. Nay, this series is just predictable sometimes.

chapter 263 page 17: *gasping* 536

chapter 263 page 19: 9...seventy....2? :faint:

chapter 263 page 20: *gasping* 1160? These things can go over 1000? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

chapter 263 page 21: 0_0 2650. WHAT IS THIS SUMMON BIGGER FISH THE CHAPTER?

chapter 263 page 22: DAMN (4220). This chapter is going to end with a monster capture level over 9000...isn't it?

chapter 263 page 23: A battle wolf is 6090? DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!

chapter 263 page 25: Oh wow. It didn't do the obvious meme joke. I'M LEGITIMATELY SHOCKED!

chapter 264 page 10: 770? Honestly I'm not shocked anymore. 6090 is now the new score to beat Toriko. You won't shock me until I see something like that.

chapter 264 page 14: Holy shit! How much time has passed exactly?

chapter 264 page 16: Toriko's hallucinating or something isn't he?

chapter 264 page 23: Wait, so that's not a hallucination? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! You can't just do that series! HOW did he get Komatsu back? NO NO NO NO NO NO! What the hell?

chapter 265 begin: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! YOU CAN'T JUST DO THAT! Komatsu said he was going to wait at the Bishokukai headquarters! What? We don't get to see Toriko's amazing adventure to get him back? THAT'S FUCKING RETARDED! THAT'S RETARDED BEYOND ANYTHING I'VE EVER READ! THE FUCKING HELL!

chapter 265 page 14: Holy crap. Don't tell me they spent a year and a half in the Gourmet world for this? Jesus. Doesn't make up for skipping Toriko's perilous journey to go get Komatsu or how they met up or well A LOT OF FUCKING THINGS, but still, nice touch.

chapter 266 page 8: OH MY GOD! Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! This WHOLE TIME I thought Toriko was gay. I LOVE how blunt this is XD

chapter 266 page 14: That's a dumb handwave. I swear if that's all we get I'm gonna be considerably peeved when this is all over.

chapter 267 page 4: Okay FINALLY some info. God if I had caught up to this series and this chapter wasn't in print yet I would've quit. I still would've liked to see Toriko's struggle from point A to point B, but I'll take what I can get I suppose. Impress me series. Right now you're lagging behind Psycho Pass for pulling shit like what you just did

chapter 267 page 9: Oh Zebra, violence is always the answer for you.

chapter 267 page 13: THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! If it has no natural predators and wasn't being eaten then it should be flooding this planet not the other way around. GAAAAAAAAAAAAH! LOGIIIIIIIIIIC!

chapter 267 page 18: Ohhhhh wait, it only lays eggs when it's attacked. OHhhhhhhh. Okay that DOES make sense.

chapter 267 page 19: Yes. Give birth to an entire species just to cook it. Have complete disregard for new life. Ugh. This is exactly the problem I have with this series. If I wasn't so hellbent on finishing it right now I'd quit.

chapter 268 page 4: People are going to get tired of chicken after a while. You DO know this.
:iconyahtzeeplz: :iconsaysplz: Variety is the spice of life and repetition is the starch.

chapter 268 page 6: Yes, talk about cooking it to its face. *sigh*

chapter 268 page 12: This is totally goofy and stupid.

chapter 268 page 18: Fish, meat, salad, Main. And we know that the main is God. I make a prediction that the Salad is going to be next.

chapter 269 page 17: She liiiiiiikes him.

chapter 269 page 18: Ehhhh? This sound like final arc talk to Gregor

chapter 270 page 6: I'm suddenly reminded of Banjo Kazooie Click Clock Wood

chapter 270 page 15: :rofl: I'll give Toriko this. When it's funny. It's FUNNY!

chapter 271 page 5: This gives the words "perverted old man" a whole new meaning. I'm not touching this with a ten foot pole.

chapter 271 page 16: *groan*

chapter 271 page 17: Did you really just make a biblical reference?

chapter 272 page 2: 265, peh

chapter 272 page 9: Please die Zonge.

chapter 276 page 9: That's terrifying Toriko.

chapter 276 page 11: Hey, our enemy is crying and terrified. LET'S EAT HIM! This is an easy way to gain negative points Toriko.

chapter 277 page 11: Heracles, huh?

chapter 277 page 13: A caricature of Barack Obama? Really?
panel 2: Sounds like Dying Light

chapter 278 page 9: Sounds like a perfect excuse for our heroes to make history

chapter 278 page 12: Short version: Fasten your seatbelts kids. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

chapter 278 page 13: Holy shit. I'm less intimidated by the sheer size and more impressed that the creator was actually able to draw this. This must've taken a long time to get juuuuuust right.
Also I found a solution. It'll take them in the path of that huge brain squid, but it'll work.
I'm also wondering what's up with those treasure chests

chapter 279 page 9: Frohze was a mom? When did that happen?

chapter 279 page 15: Well, that's disappointing. I would've loved to have seen our heroes swim through the labyrinth for a while, but oh well. Guess the plot says no.

chapter 279 page 16: Oh wow, what a haul. Don't tell me that maze was even bigger than what was shown last chapter.

chapter 280 page 11: I'm with Sani on this one.

chapter 280 page 13: Again, I'm with Sani. WTH?

chapter 280 end: Yeah, saw that coming

chapter 281 page 11: Fyi this isn't funny.

chapter 282 begin: I dunno Zebra. It's one of the great mysteries of the world.

chapter 282 page 15: Nice artwork

chapter 283 page 2: So? I'd like to know any way. It's one of the reasons that even though power levels were worthless in DBZ, hearing them was interesting all the time.

chapter 283 page 11: Okay for that to even make sense these creatures would have to have RIDICULOUS metabolism and/or never be full if "breathing is eating". It also means that this so-called Heracles can't run out of stamina. I am going to hold these factors into account as I press on.

chapter 283 page 12: Goddammit that makes sense! ....yes I am looking for an excuse to rip Toriko a new one, bit me. I did the same thing to One Piece
panel 3: It only breathes once a year? How does that even....

chapter 284 page 2: Okay if this map is to be believed how the hell does this make any lick of sense geographically? Seriously, what was wrong with the pathway in between beehive plain and stardust hill. Hell, what's wrong with the paths in between the paths. This doesn't make any sense!

chapter 284 page 15: Balsy, but by no means unpredictable.

chapter 285 page 7, last panel: Okay I admit, that's funny

chapter 285 page 18: Shit.

chapter 285 page 19: Um, your brain and organs should be leaking out with that kind of damage. Even BLEACH characters would be dead from this. DBZ characters would be dead from this.

chapter 286 page 3: Are we really playing this card? Also, deus ex machina much?

chapter 286 page 7: Well at least you admit he SHOULD be dead.

chapter 286 page 18: Snorting requires breathing. I knew it wouldn't be long before you screwed things up. But, whatever, let's see where this whole "blue oni" thing goes.

chapter 288 page 16: Indeed.

chapter 289 page 3: oh? You're not going to explain what a vaccum is? You're not going to bore the reader for two pages with information even grade schoolers know? Why? What's wrong? Having a change of heart?
(Yes I am irritated about things up till now, what of it?)

chapter 289 page 7: If this was Fairy Tail people would be bitching that "Zebra never had a cork voice until now WTH" HYPOCRITES ALL OF YOU! (I'm not complaining about it mind. I really DON'T care)

chapter 289 page 13: Jesus, these make the Troll kongs from the beginning of the series look like adorable puppies.

chapter 289 page 18: The hell happened here?

chapter 290 page 3: Doing something like that would cause a chemical reaction that allows the cold air from space to come down and it would freeze EVERYTHING

chapter 290 page 7: You know if it's pregnant wouldn't that make it a queen and therefore female or are we going for the whole "seahorse" vibe here?

chapter 290 page 10: So, all that talk about the Blue Nitro fucking things up and not a single one appears? Lame.

chapter 291 page 6: Okay, my question is what impregnates Heracles in the first place?

chapter 291 page 16: Called it! Salad first! I'm not sure if the meat or the fish will be next, though.

chapter 292 page 13: Oh good at least you brought that up.

chapter 292 page 17: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fffffuck

chapter 292 page 18: Double fuck.

chapter 293 page 7: Um. No. You're human. You shouldn't be able to speak. Losing heart = instantaenous death

chapter 293 page 15: HOLY!

chapter 293 page 16: Double HOLY!

chapter 294 page 4: Too late for that Toriko.

chapter 294 page 5: Or both. And, really, that counts as a solution? That's dumb.

chapter 295 begin: I don't effin believe this. You're ACTUALLY going to make an excuse to bring someone back from the dead that LOST THEIR HEART. EVEN FAIRY TAIL AND NARUTO AREN'T THAT FAIR TO THEIR CHARACTERS!

chapter 295 page 10: Eh, works for me. I'm suddenly interested. HOLD IT.

chapter 295 page 11: It what now?

chapter 295 page 14: EGADS! That thing is ENORMOUS!

chapter 295 page 19: Kaaaaay, how does that help the Octopus?

chapter 296 page 7: That's POLLEN? Oh dear god no.

chapter 296 page 9: Those are some big guys

chapter 296 page 12: *sigh* Yet ANOTHER standard shonen cliche

chapter 296 page 14: Gross!

chapter 296 page 16: And this is why Zebra is my favorite character

chapter 296 page 17: And good riddance that thing was gross!

chapter 297 page 2: Ohohoho shit.

chapter 297 page 6: Nice.

chapter 297 page 10: i can't help but laugh at how that Iai-aye looks

chapter 297 page 11: See now this is the kind of thing you exposit.

chapter 297 page 14: th-what is that?

chapter 298 begin: That thing in that Nitro's hand look like a Pirahna Plant from the Mario series.

chapter 298 page 8: I had a feeling there was a connection. Man, I've got sharp intuition!

chapter 298 page 10: 0_0
THAT is some Eichiro Oda level shit right there. I'm amazed the writer managed to plan this far ahead. -_- ...which means that they were planning everything in between these points. =_= which means the decision to skip over Komatsu's rescue was entirely his.

chapter 298 page 11: Playing the My Species Doth Protest Too Much card, in an attempt to make the Nitros not a bunch of douchebags, eh? All right, no problem with that.

chapter 298 page 16: We really are doing some DBZ level shit here.

chapter 298 page 17: Oh god that's the monkey testicles you guys were all telling me about. Good lord Heracles ultimately KILLED Toriko. How the HELL are you going to make it believable that these guys can overtake the monkey king?

chapter 299 page 3: Big.

chapter 299 page 10: I knew it sounded familiar. Thanks for clarifying. Also, if it's impossible to get to Area 7 without eating Air how the hell did he get a hold of the damn soup? Great continuity!

chapter 299 page 13: That's fucked up

chapter 299 page 18: Awwwwwwwwwwwww sheeeeet.

chapter 301 page 6: This counts for playing around?

chapter 301 page 8: EEEEEEEEP!

chapter 301 page 11: I would say that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard, but you've proven it wrong before this, Toriko.

chapter 301 page 13: I thought you said Pair was part of the Monkey King. MAKE UP YOUR MIND SERIES!

chapter 302 page 4: *sigh*

chapter 302 page 11: Yeah I never figured the phrase "when pigs fly" would ever work in Toriko

chapter 302 page 17: Oh shit

chapter 303 page 6: That's not far off from the battle wolf from way back when. We are FU-BAR

chapter 303 page 10: OH fuck god dammmit.

chapter 303 page 15: Oh shit. Okay, I'm reeling from the sheer terror of this and yet part of me knows the explantion of the whys and howes are going to be bullcrap and/or the way to FIX it is.

chapter 304 begin: Where are the dice gonna fall on this one?

chapter 304 page 2: That would insinuate we came in from the north. Ooooookay.

chapter 304 page 4: Poison dolls. Of course. The series' guaranteed get out of jail free card. I'm not even shocked anymore. Then again, that's no worse than Cana using the cards to escape the explosion of the guild so why am I complaining?

chapter 304 page 12: Lucky for Sunny. Whew.

chapter 304 page 14: If we're about to embark on learning Enbu.......we are. *sigh*

chapter 305 page 4: That's a little bit like how the Spetsnaz were trained in Russia. I'll let it slide.

chapter 305 page 5: I believe the fictional term for this is "gravity is only a theory"

chapter 305 page 10: For once I'm going to disagree with you Zebra.

chapter 305 page 13: My question is when are you going to get your arm back.

chapter 305 page 14: Lol sunny

chapter 305 page 16: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha stupid monkey

chapter 306 page 9: Well, at least it has a bigger brain than what I did with Pesche and Dondochakka in a fanfic of mine.

chapter 306 page 12: That's half-scary, half-stupid

chapter 306 page 14: So, basically, muscle memory.

chapter 307 page 9: So basically we're not adapting to gravity, we're ignoring the laws of physics. whatever.

chapter 307 page 13: What? Boksaru doesn't get a capture level? As for the others, compared to the Monkey King these guys won't last.

chapter 308 page 13: Yes you have a plan of attack. Your plain is simple: attack

chapter 309 page 2: So, the Monkey King can jump into escape velocity and survive planetary re-entry....oooookay

chapter 309 page 16: I swear to god if you tell me the Monkey King was just lonely I'm going to throw my computer.

chapter 309 page 17: How is Toriko going to win this with only one arm, more importantly how is he going to get it back, drinking Pair?

chpater 310 begin: 310, I'm on the home stretch.

chapter 310 page 4: Wrestling huh? Lemme get some appropriate music.

chapter 310 page 14: I thought you just said there were no tap outs. MAKE UP YOUR MIND! You have ONE PERSON writing this series! How is it THIS INCONSISTENT sometimes

chapter 311 page 9: DOBURU RARIETO!!!!

chapter 311 page 13: Oh FER is this really how he's going to get his arm reattached?

chapter 311 end: So Toriko, how does it feel to have touched Monkey Balls?

chapter 312 page 8: H-holy shit it cut a satellite in space. Forget the Four beast. Could Godzilla handle something like this?

chapter 312 page 15: Why is he okay?

chapter 313 page 17: She's really a blue nitro!

chapter 316 end: This fight is not gonna last long

chapter 317 begin: Okay so THIS was last week's chapter then. If I had read this eariler I would only have been able to read up till hear. Let's see what happens

chapter 317 page 4: Called it

chapter 317 end: You know. This didn't make a lick of sense. It's cheesy and stupid and you know what *manly tears* I'm perfectly okay with that.

chapter 318 page 5: OH HEY! I almost forgot about that! So that's why he managed to survive!

chapter 318 page 8: LOL! Okay, that's legitimately funny.

Aaaaand I'm done. Finally.

So, what do I think of Toriko?

Well, I'm going to give it a few days to let the hype die down (I have 2 whole days)

But let's do this with what I like about this series and what I don't like


I could never fault Toriko for not having an original concept. Of all things I have read, nothing has ever made a series revolve around food quite the way Toriko has. Concept: A+

The characters and the interactions between characters are enjoyable and nothing short of either giggle worthy or smooth. Again A+

While I gave it a LOT of gripes over the course of 318 chapters, Toriko is still a shonen series and it still knows that it is one. I don't have cliche and shonen stereotype. What I hate is...well I'll talk about that in a second. B


The comedy of the series is so hit or miss that it's miss more times than you're likely to lose at a slot machine. In fact, if I was playing slot reels for Toriko's comedy, I'd be $213 in the red. C-

The plot contrivances are so noticeable and a lot of the times the plot is way too predictable, and not in a good way. Many times I'm rolling my eyes or slapping my forehead because I should not be PREDICTING DUMB PLOT CHOICES. Kubo does the opposite side of the spectrum by making even WORSE ideas that I could never fathom. I won't give Mashima a free pass for not doing this--Sting's surrender during the Grand Magic Games comes to mind--but it feels ALL THE FUCKING TIME with Toriko and that just annoys the piss out of me. C

The fans. I do not appreciate the acclamation this series gets when its competition gets undeserved flack. The amount of enjoyment I garnished from Toriko was diminished because so many people tried to gear it as "different from modern shonen". This series feels like it's trying to emulate One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, DBZ and Fairy Tail simultaneously and it fails to be better than any of them. N/A (I don't judge fans)

That said, hype has rarely killed a series for me. Attack on Titan lived up to expectations and so did Akame ga Kill. However, much like with One Piece, the narrative flow of this series is, well it would be harsh to say amateurish, but it doesn't have the same charm to it as One Piece and I'm even LESS interested in chefs and cuisine than I am in pirates. C

Even worse than the story premise itself not being all that interesting and the writer not doing his best to make it more interesting than average, is the ungodly annoying exposition heavy narration boxes. Please defer to all the times I said "I know what X is" for more details. And sometimes the explanations of things make ABSOLUTELY NO GODDAMN SENSE
:icon345rv5: :iconsaysplz: But Fairy Tail doesn't explain things at all!
Fairy Tail doesn't HAVE to explain things because it uses magic as its universal exponent. Magic can bend and move according to the will of anything. It requires no explanation aside from "It's magic". Only when a new magic technique is introduced to the series does that magic's limitations and inner workings need to be properly explained so that the reader understands when those rules are broken. Toriko, meanwhile, can't even make its rules make sense. The amount of logical problems caused by trying to make explanations make this series harder to comprehend than the physics of superheroes. 
One Piece doesn't explain jack for shit EITHER and it's actually ENRICHED because of it. 
In my opinion Toriko would be better off NOT explaining ANYTHING because otherwise it turns into a mess. It's one of the reasons why Bleach has been grating on me since the Fullbringer arc. 

However, despite my yelling, my anger, my irritation and me just being an all around jackass, I can't fault Toriko for actually being enjoyable and actually good. Not great, but good. It's nothing to get excited about, but maybe I just lack the ability to appreciate it. FYI, let me say it flat out, the idea of Food Honor is just a stupid concept. However, as a fellow writer, no matter how amateurish I may be, I have a philosophy that I will never stomp on anyone's hard work so long as it doesn't contradict the series' own merits up to that point. I mean, hell, I'd have to be yelling at DBZ for overdoing the Super Saiyan thing if that was the case. That said, I know what I like and what I don't like. And if it wasn't for the fact that things were so near crunch time I PROBABLY would've dropped Toriko no less than 7 times before I reached the end. It could annoy me that much. But, then again, so can Bleach XD

What I'm trying to say is this: Toriko is a decent series, but it certainly did not live up to what I hear from the 4 corners of the Earth that it's amazing. It's certainly different and unique, but different and unique do not mean better. Just the same that dark and edgy does not make a series good. 

I will continue to stay up to date with this series and thank god I only have to do so once a week now. I wasn't sure how much more my sanity could take. 

I could go and list the amount of logical problems this series has, but you know what at the end of the day it's a shonen series. I live tearing apart half-assed shonen to the likes of :icongreatkingrat88:. Dude, prepare your knife, your fork and a napkin and put this series on your plate. Bite into it. HARD!

See you all for my top 50 anime/manga. We're 2 days away and I have no intention of adding anything--even something short--to this list. I want my #50 to be my #50 for now just so that I can look back at 2015's list come 2016 and note where I USED to draw a line because #50 is a good line to have drawn to separate my top 50 from everything else. 
You will understand come the 30th. I don't know when I'll be posting, but you can be sure March 30th is the day I'll be posting it. 

Ja ne!
The series is doing quite all right for itself. It's no top 30 material, but I like it okay. Read on to see todays' in-the-moment reactions.

chapter 212 begin: With the exception of the last text box, you said all this already.

chapter 212 page 9: Boobs...I mean...your boobs...I mean...:drool:
Bizarre food queen Kopuriko, I need to memorize that name.

chapter 212 page 10: This guy reminds me of that one guy from Ah My Goddess

chapter 212 page 11: Space cuisine and he's named Appolo. HA! HA! HA! You're so funny Toriko. NO YOU'RE NOT!

chapter 212 page 13: Wabutora looks like a black Jura Neekis

chapter 212 page 14: Yes, let's announce that loud and proud and totally forget the fact that he got all that knowledge in a very shady manner.

chapter 212 page 17: Oh good we are bringing that up

chapter 212 end: You know i'm instantly reminded of the announcements made during the world martial arts tournaments in DBZ and the Grand Magic Games in Fairy Tail.

chapter 213 page 7: I'm reminded of both "The Ring" and the Twinrova sisters

chapter 213 page 16: Komatsu will be fine. He has Food Honor!

chapter 213 page 17: LOL. Zebra and Toriko are still going and Coco and Sani have thrown in the towel.

chapter 214 begin: I hate this guy more than Zonge

chapter 214 page 5: That's your full course? That's so adorable.

chapter 214 page 6: Second verse same as the first

chapter 214 page 9: Isn't Zebra helping him kind of cheating?

chapter 214 page 10: Oh jesus it's like road runner

chapter 214 page 17: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh garbage. That's a dangerous menu.

chapter 215 page 15: Good lord it's like Komatsu is Chef Jesus or something.

chapter 216 page 2: Level NINETY?

chapter 216 page 4: S-scary. ...still hot though
And, wait, ummmmm is that an AU of Orihime with the way her tastes are?

chapter 216 page 10: LOL

chapter 216 page 16: Oh fuck monkeys. That's a rough first round Komatsu. Prediction: Komatsu is going to win the whole thing because, well, that'd be shonen stereotype and he's going to win through the power of friendship and deus ex machina

chapter 218 page 7: Heh. Ruining the tournament. DBZ Buu arc rip-off much?

chapter 219 page 14: Yoooooooouuuu!

chapter 220 page 3: HOLY! That old man is burnt to a crisp.

chapter 220 page 12: He is kicking his ass!

chapter 222 page 5: Holy crap

chapter 222 page 13: So there was a mole!

chapter 223 page 6: Oh shit.

chapter 223 page 7: OH SNAP!

chapter 223 page 8: Phew, alive.

chapter 223 page 13: You're just figuring that part out now?

chapter 224 page 14: Aww, nasty

chapter 224 page 16: Oh now we're actually starting to calculate over 100s. It's about time.

chapter 225 page 8: Oooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuch

chapter 225 page 11: Oh gee, what's this a flashback that will lead to Sani pulling something out of his ass for a second wind? Clicheeeeeeeee
I speak harshly, but for a series that's supposed to be "better than the big 3" it's not doing anything THAT different. There's nothing wrong with that and I like it, but it really does annoy me that you guys seem to think the world of Toriko yet when other series pull the same crap you're less forgiving.

chapter 225 page 16: So overpowered

chapter 226 begin: Sani please kill this asshole.

chapter 226 page 4: :)

chapter 227 page 11: Bastard got ATE! God fuck you and good riddance!

chapter 227 page 16: I guess it's like the saying goes: Never trust a man with his eyes always shut

chapter 227 page 18: o_o *whispering* bastard was still alive

chapter 228 page 2: I dunno who i like better, this guy or Zebra

chapter 228 page 12: Yes, exposit even though your enemy is dead while hundreds of people are dying.

chapter 228 page 14: It's like Majin Buu all over again.

chapter 230 page 17: Kick their asses Zebra!
...I was gonna take a nap, but if you're stepping into the ring I'll hold out for a bit longer.

chapter 232 page 19: No, you can't offscreen the main character! Bullshit!

chapter 233 page 7: I swear if this is a "really dead montage" I quit

chapter 233 page 10: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

chapter 233 page 17: Gaaaaaaaaaay!

chapter 239 page 11: Damn.

chapter 241 page 7: DA FUCK?!?

chapter 243 page 15: Ooooookay, if there's one series now that's surpassed Naruto it's this. Stopping the rotation of the planet? Jesus

chapter 243 end: DAYUMN!

chapter 247 page 3: 388? 417? :faint:

chapter 247 page 10: 466? 524? *like a chicken* Fack! Fack fack fack faaaaaaack!

chapter 247 page 11: *losing breath* 620

chapter 247 page 13: Oh fer crying out loud we KNOW WHAT GRAVITY IS!

chapter 248 page 8: Is this an actual thing? ...though that would explain why we lose weight due to exercise.

chapter 249 page 2: You know it just dawned on me that this is really climactic and awesome and, unlike Bleach, I actually give a damn. Do a little more Toriko and you might actually overcome One Piece.

chapter 249 page 9: Okay so what kind of Diablous ex Machina are you going to pull since you've already told us the Prez lost.

chapter 249 page 14: How do these people live for that long? Gourmet Cells?

chapter 249 end: aaaaaaaand back below Bleach.

chapter 251 page 2: So we're doing a flashback the middle of a fight. .......poor storytelling choice imo.

chapter 252 page 4: Oh god what ripped apart this happy family? I'm afraid to find out.

chapter 252 page 9: Oh my god that's Setsuno! Damn!

chapter 252 page 11: He doesn't like people being unappreciative of what they're being given to eat. Okay, how does this go south?

chapter 253 page 3: Oh my god this guy is more whiny than Sasuke Uchiha. Thankfully for all the fans of Toriko, we're not meant to like or sympathize with Midora.....least I hope.
Why do I say that? Well...
"Hey! Hey! I loved Frohze and she did her damnest to cook for everybody in the world! So let's take a BIG SHIT on that memory and be a selfish prick the rest of my life"

chapter 253 page 10: Now it's even worse. This woman saved my life at the expense of her own because I was selfless enough to try and help her. So let's take a big shit all over that memory and be a selfish bastard the rest of my life. Rot in hell, Midora.

chapter 253 page 19: Frohze's a zombie?

chapter 254 page 9: Your intestines and brain should be falling out with those kinds of injuries.

chapter 255 page 3: Never thought I'd hear a villain say that to a hero.

chapter 255 page 11: Just die Zonge.

chapter 256 page 12: Damn everybody got their shit wrecked.

chapter 259 page 7: Wait, we've been on Earth this WHOLE time and we're only NOW explaining what the deal is and, what the Earth's mass just expanded? That's stupid! Oh, go ahead. Give me your best shot, Toriko. How are you going to explain THIS??!

chapter 259 page 9: That doesn't make any SENSE! What about all the water? Jesus this is stupid!

chapter 259 page 10: I'd argue that outer space holds deeper mysteries, but whatever.

chapter 259 page 16: The plot thickens

chapter 260 page 8: Character development from getting your ass kicked. Gee, how One Piece of this series. Nah, I kid. It's good writing by itself without blatantly ripping anything off.

chapter 260 page 15: The hell happened here?

chapter 261 page 6: This development is stupid.

chapter 261 page 14: Dammit, I take it back.

Aaaaaand I'm bored and it's 10:00. 3 chapters short of today's quota, but close enough that I only have 56 chapters to fully catch up. Come hell or high water Toriko will be finished tomorrow.

I'll see what I think of the series when I am finished. It broke top 30 during today's reading and then I had to immediately take it off it due to diablous ex machina.
Seriously, Toriko is no different in certain aspects from modern shonen. It is guilty as SIN of some of the same things as some of my favorite series and that's probably what I like about it.

But EGADS is it way stupider and frustrating to read than even ONE PIECE at certain moments. That and the constant exposition of things like Instinct, gravity and things that anyone with a grade school diploma should know is ridiculous, annoying and irritating.

If I didn't type a lot of reactions that's just cause I got too caught up in the moment when the action hit.

I am going to bed.

Here's to tomorrow being the last day of Toriko.

Ja ne!
I legitimately like this series now...more than Psycho Pass at least. Here's how today's reading went. 

chapter 152 page 9: Oh gods we all know what instinct is! UGH!

chapter 153 page 11: 90,000,000 tons. ....yeah these guys can hang with the DBZ cast.
Also, 1 trillion tons? Um. No. 160,000 tons is enough to pick up a whole continent. Bull. F. Shit that that mountain weighs that much. This writer has no sense of scale.
God all of these logical fallacies are really hurting this series. Like I seriously feel like quitting.

chapter 153 page 15: That would be the equivalent of a 1080 punch for those of you bad at math

chapter 154 page 2: Tommyrod go die in a ditch somewhere asshole!

chapter 154 page 6: I see that autophagy only kicks in when it would be convenient for the plot. Consistency: you have none.

chapter 154 page 17: How CONVENIENT! :iconfacepalmplz:

chapter 155 page 4: I could go for some Tempura myself right about now honestly

chapter 155 page 9: Yeah, I'm with Komatsu here.

chapter 155 page 19: So, Toriko, are you going to make this your fish dish or not?

chapter 156 page 11: You know, it's a sad thing when your villains are so evil that I of all people can picture them stroking cats.

chapter 156 page 15: Spelling it Fairy Tail is not amusing Toriko. You're just losing points. And this is my problem with the series: so amateurish and juvenile.
last panel: and this guy actually looks like he belongs in one of Mashima's works. Ugh. I should've read Rave Master.

chapter 156 page 18: Uh oh.

chapter 157 page 10: 74. Holy!

chapter 157 page 14: NO WAY! A 74 down that quickly? JESUS! And to think you guys struggled with a 48 way back when

chapter 158 begin: Calling it now. There's a monster inside

chapter 158 page 5: The hell?

chapter 160 page 7: I thought you said the last ingredient was in the 1st biotope. The hell?

chapter 160 page 14: If Match doesn't show up in this arc I will be disappointed.

chapter 161 page 5: Oh. Sure. Laugh off murder. You know, I'm starting to hate this series.

chapter 161 page 6: Match! Oh finally. Maybe this arc might have a good turnout after all.

chapter 161 page 8: Ah sweet! I take back what I said 3 pages ago! Woohoo! (Yes I'm flippant, shut up)

chapter 161 page 10: Hmm, this arc is shaping up to be pretty interesting. long before you fuck it up?

chapter 161 page 14: I remember the first time I gambled at a casino.........I've never seen $20 disappear so fast.
last panel: Fried Rock? ???

chapter 161 page 18: I don't like the sound of that.

chapter 162 page 4: *mouth agape* I had a dream about something like that. I didn't think it could be real.

chapter 162 page 7: It's like I thought: Coco has eyes, Toriko has nose, Zebra has ears, Sunny has touch. And everyone in this series has taste.

chapter 162 page 8: Uh oh. It's the fuzz.

chapter 162 page 12: Well, people always said gambling could kill you. Jesus.

chapter 162 page 14: Knew it. I mean, we are animals after all. I wondered how long it would take before cannibalism set in.

chapter 162 page 18: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh damn. Mah nuts.

chapter 163 page 10: Ohoho SHIT! In this series this would probably be considered a fate worse than death. DO NOT FUCK THIS UP!

chapter 163 page 13: I imagine this kingpin talking in a baritone similar to Death Battle's Death Stroke

chapter 163 page 16: Oooooooooooooh, you set him up Prez. Not cool!

chapter 164 begin: lemme get mah pizza before I continue. I was waiting for an intriguing arc to sate my hunger while I read. If this arc goes awesomely, I will finally have respect for this series.
panel 2: Oh, wait, wait, wait, I HAVE to make this joke *ahem* They're going to get the meteor garlic by playing a children's card game XD

chapter 165 page 3: So, in short, Coco is a cheater and everything is reliant upon Toriko's stomach. I like it.

chapter 165 page 11: Holy shit on a dick sandwich that thing is big

chapter 166 page 18: Go get em Toriko! This is gonna be awesome! DO NOT FUCK THIS UP!

chapter 167 page 9: It's still standing. Jeez

chapter 167 page 14: Woohoo!

chapter 167 page 18: I knew they'd play that card.

chapter 168 page 9: WOOT!

chapter 168 page 13: I wonder what the plan is.

chapter 168 page 16: Making a prediction because I know a bit about fungi and if this series has ANY credibility, it might try this:
There's a special fungus out there that, when combined with alcohol, causes a bodily reaction that causes instantaneous death. I'm hoping that's their ticket out. Be a poor climax if the guy lost just because of the poison potato. That said, this series is already in my top 40, so let's see what happens.

chapter 168 page 18: Ahaha ahaha ahaha it feels so good to be right. TOPPLE OVER AND DIE!

chapter 169 page 4: AHAHA AHAHA AHAHA YOU GOT SCREWED! I knew the alcohol had something to do with this XD

chapter 169 page 10: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Fuck! YOU! XD

chapter 169 page 11: Ohhhhhh this is great. Finish this arc well and I put this in the top 30.

chapter 169 page 15: This is gonna be good!

chapter 169 page 16: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you got your ass kicked.

chapter 170 page 2: I'm falling down from my high. I like that this guy is being a graceful loser actually. He was a cool villain, not gonna lie.

chapter 170 page 5: Whoaaaaaaaa. That thing is big.

chapter 170 page 11: *grin*

chapter 170 page 17: LOL, coco

chapter 170 end: Ooooooooh spooky.

chapter 171 page 10: Well, that's anti-climactic

chapter 172 page 17: So. This guy is basically the Yamamoto/Dumbledore of the group. Noted.

chapter 173 page 5: LOL

chapter 173 page 7: Why do I imagine Zebra's gonna have some sort of freaky Zebra looking thing or a reptile next time we see him.

chapter 173 page 13: NAILED IT! 100! And the Gourmet world is essentially a bonus dungeon

chapter 174 page 13: ZEBRA!!!

chapter 175 page 4: Ohoho shit. Lots of dangerous shit. Damn, Zebra's always been on a whole nother level hasn't he?

chapter 175 page 9: I'm going to bet on Komatsu just because that seems the LEAST obvious

chapter 175 page 17: Nailed it!

chapter 177 begin: These tell not show moments tend to grate on me at times.

chapter 179 page 12: I'm not going to question how something that long gets made. It's easier that way.

chapter 179 page 13: Lost Forest you say?…

chapter 181 page 4: Don't tell me, lemme guess, this is why the sushi was cut short *sigh*

chapter 181 page 6: Going out on a limb and saying this Chiyo was captured.

chapter 181 page 13: That's not just ow. Your foot is fucking broken.


chapter 183 page 5: Ripping off Jojo's bizarre adventure now are we?

chapter 183 page 14: Of course he destroyed the whole temple.

chapter 183 page 15: Ahhhhh so that's what food honor is all about.

chapter 184 page 9: I'm with Toriko. This is boring.

chapter 184 page 12: You know I'm starting to question the necessity of this arc to begin with given Toriko has always bowed and said "thanks for the meal" since the Galala crocodile in chapter 1, but whatever. Not my manga.

chapter 184 page 14: Oh my god it's like Gohan's training with the old Kai XD

chapter 184 page 18: That thing's not still alive is it? If so, that's gross.

chapter 184 page 19: That's both disgusting and illogical.

chapter 185 page 14: It's like snake way

chapter 185 page 17: The hell was that?

chapter 186 page 7: This is so ridiculous.

chapter 186 page 17: Something so simple. Look, none of us buy that Toriko is a goner. The faster he gets up the better.

chapter 188 page 10: Wait. Lemme get this straight. You introduced this guy JUST to give Komatsu a rival? Great. :sarcasm:

chapter 188 page 13: Chin does his best Alexander Armstrong impression.

chapter 188 page 18: Oh my god his hair is like Sunny's. And EGADS :icontyrannux: this looks a bit like your artwork with that closeup.

chapter 189 page 10: Holy crap

chapter 189 page 15: True art IS AN EXPLOSION!

chapter 190 page 6: Oho shit that thing is big

chapter 190 page 15: o_o Forked Nail punch?

chapter 192 page 5: With all of the people that death avoidance is a base breaker for, for once in my life I'm curious how Chin's avoidance of death was received by the fandom.

chapter 193 page 7: Ooooooooooooooh. Once again I am intrigued.
panel 4: Oh pffffft. Fuck you, series! That could've been interesting. For all your cliche bullshit I wouldn't have complained really. And if you're doing a Take That to The Mole trope well I have a laundry list I could be exploding unto you right now for everything you HAVE pulled that's worse so *extends middle finger* this is yours.

chapter 193 page 12: Ahhh so now we discuss the four beasts I was told about, hmm?

chapter 194 page 3: Well Four Is Death in Japan after all.

chapter 194 page 8: So this is the true measure of our heroes' worth. Victory is necessary if they want to be able to survive in the Gourmet World. On a side note HOLY SHIT THAT TURTLE IS HUGE!

Chapter 194 page 9: Invaitdeath Invite Death AHAHA YOU'RE NOT FUNNY!
:iconavgn-plz: :iconsaysplz: Kindergartners don't find that funny. Aliens don't find that funny!

chapter 194 page 10: I'm reminded of the 8-tails from Naruto.

chapter 194 page 12: Holy crap! Terry got BIG!

chapter 194 page 14: I'm suddenly reminded of the twin towers

chapter 195 page 7: You are my favorite character now, Zebra.

chapter 195 page 15: How much can I bet that those two things were important?

chapter 195 page 17: LOL I called it would be some sort of Zebra thing XD

chapter 196 page 4: So you take a pot-shot at The Mole, but yet you're about to do the whole "the army is useless against giant monsters" cliche? Classy, Toriko, real classy :iconfacepalmplz:

chapter 196 page 13: HYES! Toriko takes on the Lion! I was hoping for that, but I didn't want to say anything.

chapter 196 page 16: They're on the menu? Oh damn.

Chapter 197 page 12: That did jack.

chapter 197 page 15: This is what I've been waitin for! Carnage! Pure carnage and massive collateral damage without any risk to the populace. Finally! DO NOT FUCK THIS UP!

chapter 197 page 16: 127. Ohhh butt. And Sunny's is 132. Jesus. Yeah, best you turn that on Rin.

chapter 198 begin: Oh christ 140?

chapter 198 page 5: Yeah that had better have been the case. I thought you DIED for a minute there.

chapter 198 page 10: Grooooooooooooooooooooss

chapter 198 page 17: Goddammit Zebra. Y u turn off TV? Ohhhhhhhhhh piss in baaaaaaaaaaaalls.

chapter 199 page 9: *grin*

chapter 200 page 2: Ohohohohohoho oh my god *laughing nervously* it got fucking destroyed. NOW THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO SEE!

chapter 200 page 6: You diiiick

chapter 200 page 15: Ahhhhh piss.

chapter 201 page 2: Yeah. Sure you will. Fuck off, Zonge you useless piece of shit. The only thing you're good for is farting on apples.

chapter 201 page 5: I'm sorry, but I can't not make this joke: I'm the ooogie boogey man!

chapter 201 page 7: LOL okay THAT is clever writing. See Toriko you CAN be entertaining. What took you so long?

chapter 202 page 13: Oh Sani got fucked.

chapter 202 page 16: Oh craaaaaaaaaap THREE TWENTY?

chapter 203 page 2: Woot! heel Face Turn, unfortunately this means Live Bearer no longer qualifies for my antagonists list. Which is sad cause he was a REALLY cool villain.

chapter 203 page 7: o_o y is it increasing?

chapter 204 begin: This is getting intense. I'll say it again. DO NOT FUCK THIS UP!

chapter 204 page 14: Secret to us, huh?

chapter 204 page 18: Oh shit.

chapter 204 page 19: Ah crap.

chapter 205 page 18: Terry!

chapter 206 page 6: Ho crap it took the leg off.

chapter 206 page 14: EEEK Terry! KISS!

chapter 206 page 15: Queen!

chapter 207 page 4: Only a series like this could make Ikadimasu a serious pre-asskicking oneliner

chapter 207 page 5: IT'S PACMAN! This can't be a coincidence.

chapter 207 page 8: Cue the Attack on Titan music

chapter 207 page 11: The only time I can say it literally: That thing got ATE!

chapter 208 page 10: And you people complain about the shit that occurred in Naruto about avoiding deaths? This is about the silliest thing I've ever seen!

chapter 208 page 18: Oh shit.

chapter 209 page 3: Wait, so he's alive?

chapter 209 page 16: That's a knife?
Crocodile Dundee: That's a knife.

chapter 210 page 5: Oh hey that's Komatsu's other friend and he doesn't seem like a dick! Yay!

chapter 210 page 10: HOLY!

chapter 210 page 12: Battle wolves are dangerous.

chapter 211 page 6: Um, this is the man that successfully cooked Century Soup and that was all over the news. We all knew it was bound to happen him getting in the top 100 I'm just surprised it didn't happen sooner.
panel 2: Oh gods, that's bad luck 4 years.

chapter 211 page 8: Oh yeah Toriko's a celebrity too hahaha

chapter 211 page 9: LOL crowd control

MMM, as much as I would like to get a few more chapters under my belt, I'm far too tired to really enjoy them.

I only have a little over 100 chapters to get through anyway. I hopefully will get to chapter 265 by some point on Saturday--I'll be a little busy tomorrow--and I should have the series finished if not on Saturday than Sunday, the day BEFORE the top 50 gets released.

I'm so glad no one's going to be home when that goes up. I can only hope my phone interview for a job isn't scheduled for that day or the day after. That would certainly dampen the mood.

Uh, but anyway, Toriko broke the top 40, but to get into the Top 30 it needs to stop annoying the crap out of me every fifteen chapters. Seriously people, you give Bleach and Fairy Tail flack and for some reason Toriko gets a free pass for doing the EXACT SAME THINGS if not WORSE.
There is something inherently wrong with that logic, though Toriko is a fine series in its own right.
Hell, if it wasn't for the fact that it broke the top 40--since it was only #50 for the longest time--I would've given up on it a while back, watched Death Parade, read Basilisk and hoped for the best.

Let's see what tomorrow brings. I'm on the home stretch.

Ja ne!
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So I managed to reach my upper quota for today (I said I wanted to get somewhere between 135 and 150) and I got to chapter 150. Still not impressed Toriko. Please take risks and make waves.
Here are my in the moment reactions. 

chapter 96 page 12: :icontyrranux: I'm suddenly reminded of your artwork in that last panel.

chapter 96 page 16, panel 1: lol

chapter 97 page 11: *pointer finger extended* Bees will never be cute no matter how you try to dress them up!

chapter 97 page 15: How much can I bet that the final ingredient is penguin drool?

chapter 97 page 19: I fucking nailed it. :rofl:. That was foreshadowed just a bit too much.

chapter 100 page 6: Whoa, Terry got big.

chapter 100 page 15: I don't know why, but when Juvia acts like that it's cute. When Rin does it...I dunno sort of rubs me the wrong way.

chapter 100 page 18: :lmao:

chapter 101 page 5: This guy reminds me of Kid Icarus' Hades. And wow so evil he doesn't flinch to the century soup. ........yawn.

chapter 102 page 11: This old man is nuts.

chapter 102 page 14: Heh heh heh owned.

chapter 102 page 19: I was going to suggest that before you did old man.

chapter 103 page 3, panel 3: That...looks dangerous

chapter 103 page 13: And 1000 yaoi fanfictions were written

chapter 103 page 14: Again, the fact that my reaction that "pfft only 18" is startling.

chapter 103 page 17: How does a vegetable just float? That's what I wanna know.

chapter 104 page 5: Okay, I'm not scared of heights in particular. What I am scared of is being above a height that could kill me if the universe decided I should make fast friends with Mr. Concrete I have no safety harnes or barrier to keep me from doing so. YOU TWO ARE PICNICKING ON A FUCKING LEAF! IF THIS WASN'T ANIME I'D BE FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!
panel 4: Why not just say 1 kilometer?

chapter 104 page 6: See! See! SEEEEEE?!?

chapter 104 page 8: 50 degrees farenheit for those of you that live in America. If not for the altitude my reaction is Pfft

chapter 104 page 9: Now THAT is something to be concerned about.

chapter 104 page 12: Now THAT is dangerous.

chapter 104 page 13: Oh shit.

chapter 105 page 2: OH MY GOD WE KNOW WHAT CLOUDS ARE!

chapter 105 page 16: S-s-seventy five??!

chapter 106 page 10: Holy shit that's a lot of veggies.

chapter 107 page 3: That's disgusting

chapter 107 page 14: Epic fail

chapter 108 page 15: And 1000 yaoi fanfictions were written...again.

chapter 108 page 17: Yeaaaaaaah that's about right on schedule

chapter 110 page 2: That rock is fucking huge. Does anyone want to bolster the idea that Toriko can hang with the DBZ crowd?

chapter 110 page 9: Oh hey, Juvia must live here.

chapter 110 page 10: How did I guess that that was Sani?

chapter 111 page 7: That guy looks like Mr. T

chapter 112 page 2: Well. Our hero is fucked.

chapter 112 end: Jesus this was like trying to end a level 90 dungeon when you're only level 60

chapter 113 page 12: Wait. No no no no no no no no. That's that old man? The hell happened to him?

chapter 114 page 15: It's a freaking knife! Calm down!
last panel: Oh. cherished knife. Um. forget I said anything. Ignooooooooore meeeeeee

chapter 115 end: He's so young! God this series is just full of estrogen brigade bait ain't it?

chapter 116 page 17: Preeeeeetty sure a grindstone doesn't work like that.

chapter 116 end: DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNN!

chapter 118 page 1: Yikes.

chapter 118 page 3: That's a SHE??!

chapter 119 page 7: Well, this doesn't look good.

chapter 119 page 9: Wait so forks and knives actually get projected all this time? Didn't seem like that at the beginning, but whatever, not gonna complain really.

chapter 119 page 12: The fuck is that?

chapter 119 page 18: Suddenly I'm reminded of Pit

chapter 120 page 17: Okay. I actualy didn't see this one coming until right before it happened. With androgynous characters like Rin and Sani I just

chapter 120 end: Toriko's all "come at me bro"

chapter 121 begin: Whaaaaaat? Only 53? I expected stronger. :no: Such a let down Toriko.

chapter 121 page 4: DUN DUN DUNnnnnnn!

chapter 121 page 7: He's like the god pidgeon from Animaniacs.

chapter 121 end: HOLY! He has a whole shop set up down here!

chapter 122 page 14: Wait, Toriko knew she was a woman?

chapter 123 page 12: For everyone that complains about Erza saying that her fists are "crying for Minerva" I'd like to point at Melk here talking about the knife dying and saying it can still work and am asking how is that any sappier?

chapter 123 page 17: Ohoohoo you don't say.

chapter 123 end: He looks a little bit like Match

chapter 124 page 2: S-sixty one?

chapter 124 page 6: Glass also looks like Match

chapter 124 page 16: Uhhhhh, that can't be used. Put that away before you hurt someone.

chapter 125 page 6: Oh my god that thing is huge

chapter 125 page 15: looooooooool

chapter 126 page 18: Not what I expected, but okay. I'm actually thankful to be wrong. With a name like Love I expected the warden to be like Katze.

chapter 127 page 4: I am confused!

chapter 127 page 6: AAAAAAGH! WE know what phermones are!

chapter 127 page 7: *groans* Of course.

chapter 128 end: Well, this guy is a goddamn monster. My goal for tonight will be to reach the end of the Mellow Cola menu. Fingers crossed

chapter 129 end: I can't help but feel that Zebra was modeled after Grimmjow

chapter 130 page 5: hahahaha I like this guy!

chapter 130 end: Why do I get the feeling I'm going to end up really liking Zebra?

chapter 131 begin: oh goddammit we all know what mirages are.

chapter 131 page 13: With all these heat waves the artwork feels like something right out of Berserk.

chapter 131 page 16: Zebura is Chuck Norris

chapter 133 page 7: OH gods we're really playing the "aliens built the pyramids" card? REALLY??!

chapter 133 page 11: 63 oh sh*t!

chapter 133 page 17: LOL
last panel: oh shit

chapter 134 page 5: Well, at least you're trying to be realistic. Emphasis on try here.
panel 2: So, what, calories are power levels now?

chapter 134 page 9: RUN BITCH RUN!

chapter 134 page 14: Armadillos?

chapter 134 page 19: So cola either comes from griffon or sphinx tears

chapter 135 page 5: LOOK OOOOOOOOOUT!

chapter 135 page 8: HOLY!

chapter 135 page 9: Did anyone make a Toriko videogame cause that would kick ass

chapter 136 page 2: Ohoho shit.

chapter 136 page 3: Ohhhhhh fucking balls. NINETY TWOOOOOOOOOOOO??! That's it! We're done! Pack your bags and go home in a coffin!
:iconbeetlejuiceplz: :iconsaysplz: Siberia, here I come!
(My kudos to the two people that will get that joke)

chapter 136 page 7: Lol. Nice.

chapter 136 page 16: Yeah would've been a bit anti-climactic if that thing wasn't still standing. DO NOT FUCK THIS UP!

chapter 138 page 12: How much can I bet money on this whole calorie intake thing not meaning shit for dick after a few arcs like power levels in DBZ

chapter 138 page 16: Aaaaaaaand I remain disappointed in the long run. Ugh.

chapter 138 page 18: Oho shit balls

chapter 139 page 6: AHHHHHHHH BULLSHIT!

chapter 139 page 15: That new source of energy is called Adrenaline. We all know what it is PLEASE DO NOT EXPLAIN IT!

chapter 139 page 16: Nice!

chapter 140 page 18: BOO YA! GET FUCKED!

chapter 140 end: OH ho! Oh ho ho ho ho. That thing got fucked up. At this rate I might stick around for the long haul with the damage it just had done to it.

chapter 141 page 5: Or not. Fucker is still alive. God DAMN IT

chapter 141 page 13: Retcons! When you need to give our heroes a happy ending!

chapter 141 page 16: You know, I should be happy, but this came at the expense of making another creature so sad that it's gushing tears. There's nothing cheerful or funny about that, manga.

chapter 141 page 20: Happy tears? *sigh* Never mind

chapter 142 page 12: So Toriko doesn't even add something to his full course. *sigh*

chapter 142 page 13: Wait, so Komatsu has been the narrator this whole time? When was that established?

chapter 143 page 15: To serve man

chapter 143 page 17: I was starting to wonder why they looked alike.

chapter 144 page 18: well, that's something else I didn't call until it was obvious. Stop taking small risks Toriko. Take big risks!

chapter 145 page 5: Ugh. I think the hardest part about reading this is not that it's not fun, but I have no time to sit back and enjoy it at a reasonable pace like I did with Naruto and Inuyasha because of the amount of time I have left.

chapter 145 page 8: Holy! That's faster than Terry isn't it?

chapter 146 page 4: *confused spastic movements* WHAT?

chapter 146 page 7: And just like Hercule Zonge starts to get annoying

chapter 146 page 11: LOL that face!

chapter 146 page 15: I'm so glad you can just shrug off killing something with a human face on it. Even Monkey D. Luffy would be giving you dirty looks right about now.

chapter 146 end: LOOOOOOOL Oh. My. God.

chapter 148 start: So are we just gonna go through a bunch of short one-shot chapters until the author knows what he wants to do?

chapter 148 page 7: I can't help but think that that's supposed to be a Naruto reference

chapter 148 page 10: So it's essentially like trying to bathe under Niagra Falls, got it.

chapter 148 page 16: You know, with that hairstyle, again I have a hard time remembering that Sunny is a MAN

chapter 148 page 18: That is one long ass snake.

chapter 149 page 2: Ha ha ha it got ate

chapter 149 page 12: Explosion!

chapter 150 page 2: Not a good sign

chapter 150 page 7: So it's true. Power does indeed make your hair grow.

chapter 150 page 14: I'm surprised you can talk under these conditions

And I think I'll cut things here for the evening. I'm about at the halfway point. I have 168 chapters to go. If I'm fastidious in reading all of this then by Saturday or Sunday I should be done with Toriko, just in time for the top 50.

Unfortunately, at this rate, Toriko isn't making any waves STILL. Hopefully day 3 will change that.
Or maybe I'm just being harsh. I'm not caught up with the manga so I'm in no position to render a verdict at this time. I may have to file for a hung jury it's been out for so long.

See you guys tomorrow. My lower quota is 180, my mid quota is 192, but I would like to hit or surpass 200. 
I read from 96 to 150 today so that's entirely possible, but then again I chatted with a friend for 3 hours straight and dicked around on Darkest Dungeon this morning. 
I'm too far away to read all of Toriko and at this rate I'm so bored of the series I'll be needing a distraction before too long. But, I am a professional amateur (oxymoron I know, but roll with me) and I will see this series through, even if I think it's only good enough to be on the bottom of the top 50.

Ja ne!
So, after reading Toriko for so long, once the top 50 gets posted, in addition to the usual, I think I might just start posting general in-the-moment reaction journals as I read anything that I'm subscribed to. 

Do note that while One Piece, Toriko and Bleach will be grouped together--since they all come out on Thursday--monthly manga will be individualized. 

Also note that I might not have a reaction per page and sometimes I might not have any reactions at all.

The reason I'm doing this is because after doing this for both Naruto and Toriko within such a short time span of each other, it's become so engrained into my muscle memory that every time I open my mouth while talking, I feel the sudden urge to write my thoughts into notepad so I can copypaste it into a reaction journal. 

Rather than fight this urge, I think I'll succumb to it, mostly so that all of you might know and understand what I think as I read series from chapter to chapter. 

I used to do this, but then stopped cause I didn't know how to do a general reaction to each individual chapter. Now I found a way, I'll do my reactions page by page, if I have a reaction at all. 

Just another reminder: Top 50 in 2 days, after Fairy Tail gets posted and read. I'll probably post it around 1pm EST (or start to) so that I can give translators time to see if I'll be seeing any more monthly manga before my cutoff moment. 
Whatever the case, it should certainly be posted by 5pm.

Thank you for your time
See you all in 2 days

Ja ne!


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No.  I was just asking cause the video didn't say and I Thought you might know. but I managed to find it's name on my own.  But Thanks anyway. 
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It's fine. Thought you were trying to get me to watch another series despite knowing my cutoff date and that I'm presently shooting for Toriko to complete it before the list goes up.

BTW, I'm on ch 59 and the series has just barely breached the top 50. When is this series supposed to get super amazing? Do you have a chapter estimate?
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CalamitasWrath Featured By Owner 6 days ago
So, say- I think I have never actually shown you some of the things that I've been doing with Fire Emblem Awakening portraits (and screenshots) recently, like this?
draconichero18 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Nowi took a lot of naps. 
CalamitasWrath Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Well, that's one way to put it. :lol:
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