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Luluko of the Rebellion by SapphireFoxx

Call me easily amused, but this is the best drawn genderbent version of Lelouch I've seen. In fact I like how the art style easily mimi...

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If you didn't want to stay the first night, why would you stay any more than five?

Why would you stay any more than two?

Why am I talking to you like you understand what I'm saying?

I don't know!

Here's the chapter:…
The words Villain Episode come to mind with this chapter.…

Not sure if I'm using the word Retcon right in this instance, but whatever.

So I heard from Linkara, aka that guy with the hat who does Atop the Fourth Wall where bad comics burn, that Renew Your Vows isn't even addressing the issue of One More Day

I'm thinking the same thing he is:


So, in spite of that, I have decided to do a quick script of what I would do to address the issue.

Please forgive if anything seems out of character. This was sort of thought up on the fly and I'm making this up as I write this.

Sometime after Renew Your Vows

At some point, whatever random point in time you want to pick that would work. It's comic books there's a whole trope about how time flows in them.

Mephisto appears and is angry that Peter Parker and Mary Jane are married again because "this was not what he agreed to" and "how dare they even think to break contract". So he comes barreling down on Peter Parker like a stone temple collapsing on his head, beating him up and taking Mary Jane to hell. 

Ghost Rider shows up asking if Peter Parker "Needs a lift". 

On the road trip to hell, Parker keeps having hot flashes to One More Day. It's like there's something he can't get out of his head, like he's been married to MJ before. 

Ghost Rider: Let me take you a bit down memory lane, Parker. 

Ghost Rider takes a detour through some cleverly named part of hell. "Valley of Souls/Memories" comes to mind, but that seems a bit phoned in. 

What happens is that Peter Parker remembers what happened. Ghost Rider hasn't forgotten even if he wanted to. 

Spiderman: Why are you helping me now? No one was helping me before!

Ghost Rider: Do you really think a bullet wound so astronomical that it can't be fixed? Use your head. Aren't you supposed to be a scientist? Think a little. Mephisto played you like a harp. Wanting your marriage? I should laugh at your stupidity if it wasn't so tragic. 

Spiderman: Look flame head, either tell me the truth, or so help me--

Ghost Rider: I told you, Mephisto played you. He had your number from day 1. You know what gets Mephisto's shiny red nuts off more than anything else? Watching heroes squirm. Do you really think you met the real Doctor Strange? Saw real visions of people being unable to help you? Mephisto saw a chance for a laugh and he took it. 

Spiderman: Wait, what?

Ghost Rider stops the bike at the edge of a trail and tells Parker to get off. 

Ghost Rider: This is as far as I take you. You want out of this mess, you fix it. *drives off*

Spiderman walks down a long spiraling pathway that feels like he's walking for days when it's really only been a few hours (more of that comic book charm). He comes face to face with Mephisto who has MJ hanging by her wrists up against the wall in a wedding gown, waiting for Peter Parker to arrive. 

Spiderman: Let her go, Mephisto!

Mephisto: Can't do that boy, you signed a legal contract, Aunt May for your happiness with Mary Jane. I can revoke that contract if you wish. 

Spiderman: What are you--UGH! 

Spiderman drops onto one knee and there would be a montage of comic panels from One More Day and he would remember everything. 

Spiderman: You....yoouuuuu SON OF A BITCH!

Mephisto: Thank you, you're too kind. 

Spiderman: You tricked me. You tricked us both. You set me up. 

Mephisto: I gave you a choice. What were the words your Uncle Ben always told you "With great power comes great responsibility." This was my chance to see the kind of man behind your mask. Could you simply let go of your history in favor of a new dawn? Most heroes in your position would, but no. You felt guilty, responsible. I can't even count on my hands how many times your dear aunt managed to survive near death traumatic experiences in the past. 

Spiderman: Why? Tell me why? Why take time out of your busy schedule as ruler of the underworld, just to screw with me? You told me last time you enjoyed hearing the screams of good people's suffering. 

Mephisto: And that's true and you were suffering, boy. You struggled with what anyone would consider an easy decision. You're weak, spineless, helpless and you lack any sort of discipline. I enjoyed the music to my ears knowing I made your soul scream in agony. "Do it." *laughs* Oh the true suffering born on your face from those two words were music to my ears. It's not every day you beat a hero. You didn't see the writing on the wall. YOU walked right into my trap. 

Spiderman: And all for what, so you can laugh in my face?

Mephisto: Why not? It was entertaining. Besides, you've remembered it all and you're kicking yourself, suffering now more than ever. It makes me laugh :evillaugh: <- half a page should be dedicated to Mephisto just laughing his ass off I feel.

I mean, it would make sense. Mephisto can create grand illusions and influence others. Why couldn't he do this just to laugh in Peter Parker's face all For the Evulz? He's THE DEVIL. Does he NEED a reason to be a giant red douche?

There are two branching pathways, but they'll wind up converging on the same resolution anyway: Peter Parker fighting Mephisto.

Let me explain:

1. Peter Parker revokes his contract with Mephisto to get MJ back, which will result in Mephisto, by some legal loophole, to beat up Peter Parker--or attempt to take his soul. Furthermore, he could still laugh in Peter Parker's face that even though he gets what he really wants in the end, he, Mephisto, still won and still beat him and he will always take pleasure in knowing how Peter Parker will reflect back on everything that's happened between now and then and the suffering in that will bring him great joy

2. Peter Parker tells Mephisto to gave screw himself and they fight, resulting in Peter Parker just taking MJ back with him and getting the hell out of dodge and when Mephisto tries to pursue, Ghost Rider gets in his way and tells Mephisto "You had your fun, let the kid go" and Mephisto then makes the same speech, except this time to GR, that he already got what he wanted. Peter Parker will suffer for being such an idiot for the rest of his days.

A long ways to go to get ONE hero to be hating himself for all eternity? Perhaps, but like Mephisto said it was easy. Also, this is at least better than the current status quo, yeah? 

And now watch, now that I've said this and posted it, Marvel can't use this without opening grounds for me to sue for copyright. Unless they wanted to take me, an amateur writer, in on this--which is about as likely as the sun exploding tomorrow morning--I think it's safe to say that unless I take this idea DOWN it's not happening. 
To that I say, Marvel, for the sake of good storytelling, I promise not to sue. Use this and fix the Marvel U before you utterly destroy it. I'm not even that BIG a comic fan and I can agree that One More Day is a steaming pile. 

So, I hope you enjoyed this spur of the moment thing. I'm going to go watch the new Atop the Fourth Wall while I have something to eat as I do every Monday. 

And then maybe I could finish Fairy Without Wings chapter 89 before the day is out

So, from all of me, to all of you
May your hearts stay human and your wrath draconic

Ja ne!

I’ve been asked before why I don’t do this list for Valentine’s Day. Well, as a single male with no chance at getting a girlfriend, I consider Valentine’s Day to be a load of shit and I refer to it simply, as most do, Single’s Awareness Day. But today, June 28th, is a special day in my family cause it’s my parents’ anniversary. Such an occasion is special because I think my parents are not only good parents, but also because I believe that their relationship is healthy. In fact, the story of how they got together—the parts I know anyway—are pretty funny in and of themselves.

But we’re not here to talk about healthy relationships. We’re here to talk about the pairings I love and the reasons I love them.

I’ve discarded my one per franchise rule and I’ve decided to just go with the pairings I know I love. In short, as long as I ship these two characters together, it counts. There is a certain amount of canon basis—i.e the characters must at least show potential for being a decent couple—required in-universe for this to work. So, without further ado, let’s begin the countdown of my top 45 favorite pairings of fictional characters.

NOTE: This is not a spoiler free list. If you see a series you are unfamiliar with, read at your own discretion. In fact, some images on this list are out of context spoilers.
Also, for all the deviants whose artwork I used to represent the pairings on this list, thanks for your hard work, you guys clearly understand the essence of the pairings in this countdown unless further comment is made.

Sawako and Kazehaya by SawakoKuronuma
Sawako Kuronuma and Shota Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke

I support this pairing with all my heart. And every year part of the reason has to do with the fact that Sawako’s character arc starts off reminding me of myself. It’s a really sweet buildup regarding their relationship and I’m sad that the series might be ending soon. I’m just getting that vibe. So why is it at the very bottom of the list? Because for whatever reason I can’t bring myself to get excited about this pairing anymore. The series feels like it’s dragging out to a conclusion that’s just outright boring me. Like, any part of the show that’s not focusing on these two feels like filler. Okay, you paired the main heroes together. Good job, now do something with it!

Temari and Shikamaru by SabakuNoTemari88
Temari and Shikamaru from Naruto

I have never been so happy to be so right about an otherwise minor pairing. I saw these two interacting and I just KNEW I was onto something. Remember folks, I went into Naruto blinder than a fucking bat. In fact, it’s the only Naruto pairing on this list. Why so low? Well, I think Kishimoto’s extraneous attempts to pair off EVERYONE mellowed out my desires. I think someone once said it’s not about the road getting there but the journey so for a series where I got what I wanted going in, it makes it hard to get behind now that it’s happened since I was never part of the Naruto fandom, I just, you know, read the series.

Garen x Katarina : Rivalrous Valentines by Eliskalti
Garen and Katarina from League of Legends

Normally I don’t believe in foe yay, but in Garen and Katarina’s case, I’ll make an exception. Hell, even the creators are in on it. “Rivalry? Is that what they’re calling it these days?” In fact, with the recent release of Tahm Kench, the pairing has been outright confirmed thanks to the River King's unique taunts.

Genis and Presea by MelfinaCosplay
Genis Sage and Presea Combatir from Tales of Symphonia

This seems cute at first, but it slowly gets weird when you realize the girl in the picture is actually 30 and he’s only 14.
Let me explain. Presea is a victim of some weird experiment that essentially trapped her body in a 12-year-old state and her mental state flip-flops depending on the situation she’s in. And yet, I think Genis and Presea are adorable together despite the oddity. After all, Genis will catch up to her eventually given he’s of elven blood. So, eventually, he and Presea will be the same age…sort of. Now if only Genis could spit it out that he likes her, poor kid. Amusingly enough, in the sequel, Presea can actually translate Genis’ constant stuttering in her presence.

Natsu and Lisanna by Nanaruko
Natsu Dragneel and Lisanna Strauss from Fairy Tail

Let me begin by saying that this pairing’s placement on this list this far down is by no means my way of saying that I don’t think it has merits. The fact that it made the list at all shows that I at least like it. However, when you consider what’s above it, I can safely say that it’s placement is simply due to passion. I also want to make it perfectly clear that my personal preferences can always be subverted in placement of good storytelling. So don’t let seeing this pairing here make you think I think not that well of it. I do. I just…have other things…that I like more.


Rushuna Tendo and Yajiro from Grenadier

Wow it has been a LONG time since I saw this show and while the show itself still holds up, I can barely bring myself to say more than “aww, aren’t they cute?” and then moving on. Rushuna is certainly the superior character of the two and the pairing only holds together as a result.

Rei and Shinji by TheSpyWhoLuvedMe
Rei Ayanami and Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion

I do not care how fucked up it is with the Freudian overtones, I have been a hard shipper of Rei and Shinji since the day I got into anime and manga. So why is it so low on the list? Well, that’s because the show is not one of my favorites anymore and, in some respects, it kind of sucked. F**K you, Gainax!

Mikasa and Eren by crimson-firelight
Eren and Mikasa from Attack on Titan

I don’t know if Isayama was just having an off month, but Mikasa’s interactions with Eren in the most recent chapter felt less like girlfriend material and more like she actually WAS babying him where, up until now, her interactions with Eren have always seemed more sisterly or doting. In fact, it seemed kind of creepy in some respects too how it was just “surprise! Mikasa!” in one page. Nevertheless, I will continue to support the idea that a relationship between these two can work. Here’s to next chapter!

Forum Art 3: Ben-to by HReed
Sen Yarizui and Yo Sato from Ben-to

I again reiterate that more of you need to watch Ben-To. It’s 12 episodes. Put down your Torikos and your Fate/Stay Nights (not that there’s anything wrong with the latter) and check this thing the fuck out if you have not already. In fact, unlike Toriko, this is a food fighting series done right. Maybe that’s why I have such a hard time taking the show seriously, Ben-To essentially did what the Avengers did to the never to be JLA movie. Toriko’s coming to the battlefield too late because their opponent isn’t on the battlefield, their polishing bronze on their trophy they got for winning the battle years ago. In fact, if you do like Toriko, you should watch Ben-To because you’ll probably like it. And the reason I’m ranting is because this series is so underrated that there isn’t any fan art of Sen and Sato together that doesn’t have Ayame in the picture.


Setsuna Sakurazaki and Konoka Konoe from Mahou Sensei Negima

I’m just going to come out and say it, Yoruichi and Soifon aside—which sadly didn’t make the cut—this is the pairing that got me to love the yuri genre. It’s pure, unambiguous romantic love between two girls. Since her introduction to the spotlight, it was clear Setsuna had a big huge crush on Konoka that she just didn’t want to admit to. But for the longest time, it was impossible to tell if Konoka had the capacity to reciprocate since she was so…innocent. Not to mention she is a proper lady and well, homosexuality wasn’t really a widely accepted view back in 2009. It still isn’t, but that’s not the point. What is the point is that seeing these two interact—and potentially married—is something that no doubt brings a smile to my face.

Now if only we could get confirmation of that in UQ Holder.







Shulk and Melia from Xenoblade

While they are not the official pairing of the series, I believe that Shulk and Melia simply has more chemistry. I can’t bring up the official pairing without setting off MAJOR spoilers for my friends that haven’t played the game yet. Melia and Shulk work well off of each other and apparently I’m not the only person that feels this way. But, I’m not an idiot or an asshole that cries DIE FOR OUR SHIP, especially when Melia and Shulk’s actual romantic partner are pretty much besties in some respects. It’s unfortunate that Xenoblade doesn’t give you the option to choose your romantic partner, like in Tales of Symphonia. I mean, no shit Reyn and Sharla belong together, but hey, I won’t judge anyone who thinks otherwise, even the yaoi fanbase. Trust me when I say that this time they MIGHT have a point with home some heart to hearts go.

The only reason this is so low on the list is because while being non-canon is a big sad face for me, I’m not that heavily supporting it either since canon’s not that bad, not to mention the romance in Xenoblade isn’t really the focus, it’s just a REALLY good game.






Ayato and Haruka from Rahxephon

Maybe it’s because I happen to like older women myself or maybe it’s because the build up of this pairing is such a cock tease terminating in one big kiss before the world gets remade—and then everything turns out for the better—but I just cannot get enough of how much I love seeing these two together. So why is it so low on the list? Well, it’s just REALLY hard to have these two competing against so many other pairings that I just love SO DAMN MUCH. 

Madoka and Homura by nillia
Homura Akemi and Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Even with the movie, I still think this pairing is absolutely great for how much effort Homura puts into making it work. The poor lass is denied the one thing she wants, which is to say a lesbian relationship with Madoka. It’s unfortunate that Gen Urobuchi is such a dick to his characters that he will deny them the very thing that they seek as part of their adventure. Now the reason these two didn’t get higher on this list is 1. The movie. 2. And I’m going to sound like a broken record by saying this: really rough competition.

Robin and Starfire by ArtCrawl Nightwing and Starfire by RamonVillalobos
Richard Grayson and Starfire from DC Comics

This is my childhood. I don’t really have to say much more than that. And the reason I refer to Dick by his name and not his costumed identity is because to name only one, I feel, fails to take into account the building of his relationship with Starfire as the other. He almost got married to her when he was Nightwing. However, thanks to DC for scumming up their universe with utter BS, I’m finding it difficult to care. Pure nostalgia value is why it’s even this high on the list.

Yuno and Yuki Wallpaper by Ivansahn
Yuno Gasai and Yukiteru Amano from Mirai Nikki aka Future Diary

I love it when I find artwork that is both perfectly accurate and extremely deceptive of the nature of the pairing at the exact same time. This relationship being totally unhealthy isn’t what has it down this low, it’s the fact that in years gone past, while I still firmly believe that Mirai Nikki is amazing and anyone who hasn’t seen it should at least check it out, I do believe that my passion for loving this pairing to death has worn thin in favor of new pairings that have shown up since then. That said, I still think these two together are a cute couple.


Shu Koma and Hare Menjou from Guilty Crown

Technically, unlike Shulk and Melia, Shu doesn’t have a canon pairing—no thanks to both of his love interests being dead at the end—and while it was obvious that Inori was intended to be his love interest, unlike Rei and Shinji that one GAVE me squicky incestual vibes. Whereas with Hare, well, I think I’ve bawled my eyes out on more than one occasion about how what happened to her affected me. NOT. COOL. OKUICHI! The reason this pairing is down this far is really because Shu is an otherwise lackluster character.

In the Moonlight by Sammehkins
Lloyd Irving and Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia 

While I’m certainly a bigger Colloyd fan than I am a Shelloyd fan, I must admit that I do understand and accept the merits that Sheena and Lloyd bring to the table, if only because I know 1. Colette would want Lloyd to be happy and 2. Zelos is better off alone the prick. While it’s clear Lloyd is utterly oblivious to Sheena’s thoughts on him—then again he doesn’t pick much up on Colette either—it’s clear that he does care about her even as a friend—which is exactly the reason why she falls head over heels for him.

Hell they even have a private skit where Sheena tells Lloyd that the only way to learn the secrets of her spell cards is if he married someone from her village. She says this while blushing. Lloyd, like an idiot, completely misses the implications.

That said, while Lloyd and Colette have a much better dynamic, Sheena and Lloyd are probably the more competently driven pairing of the two. With Lloyd and Colette it looks a little like the blind leading the blind. With Sheena around, Lloyd at least has someone who can smack him upside the head when he’s missed a social cue. She’s the type of woman who could easily keep him on task. And there’s enough material throughout the adventure that lends itself to making me believe that these two would have a healthy relationship.

Although, if babies are to be had, Sheena’s going to have to pretty much be the Goku to his Chichi the first time around. I at least trust Lloyd enough to 1. Know what marriage is 2. Be sentimental enough to pop the question without being strongarmed into it.

Tags: Anime, Tales of Vesperia, Judith, Yuri Lowell, Hug From Behind, Elf
Yuri Lowell and Judith from Tales of Vesperia

I love Yuri’s reaction here of “not sure if want” in this picture. By the by, Judith would actually have to make the first move since Yuri “does not understand female psychology”. That said, this pairing WORKS. The term Battle Couple immediately comes to mind. Both of these characters enjoy fighting. They flirt with each other incessantly. And compared to Yuri’s only other option—Estelle blech—Judith fits his personality much more and compliments him as well. Seriously Namco, put Judith in PXZ2 PLEASE!

Fairy Love: Natsu and Lucy by PsychoKIRA
Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

The reason these two are so low on the list is…well I dunno really. It’s certainly a good pairing, but I guess through the thick of it all there’s so much obvious hinting and prodding at it that the anticipation is unnecessary. Either Mashima IS going to put them together at the end or he isn’t. It’s not worth getting passionate about knowing that I’m in for the usual, sidestep the obvious at the last second or he’ll pull a Kishimoto and put these two together. That said, they’re adorable together. Juvia’s “get a room” remark in chapters gone past is freaking hilarious.


Lloyd Irving and Colette Brunel from Tales of Symphonia

For all that I love Sheena Fujibayashi, I bet you’re all confused as to why she’s nowhere on this list even though it’s possible to pair her with Lloyd. Now, I admit that while I think Lloyd and Sheena has an interesting dynamic, well, Lloyd and Colette is just SO DAMN CUTE! They have a running history—hell I’d even like to know how they first met—and well, even though, as I said with Lloyd and Sheena that him and Colette is pretty much the blind leading the blind, the fact of the matter remains is that all those cheesy romance clichés, if one of them pulled it on the other, they would actually fine it heartwarming rather than utterly lame.

Furthermore, I get more vibes that even if these two aren’t paired together by the player’s choice that the creators had intended for this to be the official pairing if the manga adaptation is anything to go by. Hell, in two of the endings these two wind up together. Not saying which other ending other than their own this happens cause :iconsetsubou: is still going through a let’s play and I at least don’t want to spoil too much about what she’s in for.


Semiramis and Tokisada Amakusa Shiro from Fate/Apocrypha 

It’s unfortunate that Apocrypha doesn’t have an animated adaptation. It desperately needs one. I’ve not even read the light novels, I’ve only read tropes and just look how high this pairing got on the list. I mean, you have the legendary queen of Assyria, with what I can only describe as a real-life Lelouch vi Britannia going by what tropes has to say about his background. And for some reason it WORKS. Not to mention he’s apparently one of the most broken heroes inside of the grail going by his noble phantasm. Type Moon, if you have ANY shred of decency you will make an anime of Apocrypha. Seriously, can we get a kickstarter for this

I Will Protect You by Ryuuuna
Leona and Ahri from League of Legends

Okay, I’m going to come out and say that this pairing is just pure 100% crack. The only real basis for it is the brief interaction between Leona and Ahri in the cinematic New Dawn which isn’t even relevant to the canon story—which there’s barely any of anyway in LoL—and yet for some reason I can’t get enough of these two together for what happens in the cinematic.

Adorably enough, these two could actually work if I stop and think about it. You have Leona, the dauntless protector and you have Ahri who “just wants to be loved” as I interpret the character. What? You don’t see it? Eh, I can’t blame you. Like I said, this is full on yuri crack that, for some reason, I love dearly. Though, Leona should watch her back for a spiteful chosen of the moon if she decides to play a little save the fox from the hunter’s trap if you get what I’m saying.

Look, there’s really nothing else I can say here, let’s just move on.


Luka and Alice Fateburn the 16th from Monster Girl Quest

I had considered using a much more sexually explicit image of Alice raping Luka, but unfortunately such a thing is STRICTLY against deviantART’s policies so that’s unfortunate. Instead, you guys actually get to witness the end of the game. This is an out of context spoiler for anyone who hasn’t played Monster Girl Quest, but since it’s an eroge, it’s highly likely very few of you actually will. Which is a shame because being what it is, it’s probably one of the best things I’ve played. The reason it’s so down on this list?

Well, if there was ever a relationship I might describe as “unhealthy” this would probably be it. Luka is a Bottom Bitch to the point where even after getting married Alice has to actually rape him in order to get her pregnant. No I am not kidding, nor did I stutter. There is an abundance of female on male rape in Monster Girl Quest and canonically all of it is from Alice. Nevertheless, despite Luka possibly getting off on getting sexually exploited by his travelling partner and waifu, I do think the dynamic these two share throughout the whole story is exciting, to the point where when Alice is actually fighting at your side unrestricted throughout the whole last stretch of the game is rather touching to say the least. And for the record, the sex scenes are totally vital to the plot.

:iconsetsubou: :iconsaysplz: They are?!? I could’ve sworn it was just Alice insulting your manhood for 10 minutes and saying “Hora” a lot.

Don’t get smart with me.

:iconsetsubou: :iconsaysplz: Pfft, it’s what I do ;P


Natsuru Senou and Shizuku from Kampfer

If Natsuru would take a fucking hint, he’d realize he’s got essentially “the perfect girl” pining for him. Shizuku is smart, witty, organized, low maintenance, physically adept and absolutely GORGEOUS! She’s also without any significant personality defects—Akane—or dragged into the plot for no reason at all—Mikoto…I think that’s her name—and she knows exactly what she wants. And goddammit she’s not going to stop until she gets it. Now if only she could get Natsuru to understand that Sakura is 1. Only interested in girls 2. The Big Bad. Then maybe the two could live happily ever after. Come on manga, you’re not doing half bad, do not fuck this up.

Chrom And Sumia by Halloween-Ink
Chrom and Sumia from Fire Emblem Awakening

Now having seen all of Chrom’s potential pairings, I can say that even though his relationship is so sweet it can give you vanilla poisoning, it doesn’t suffer from Strangled By the Red String Of Fate (Olivia), isn’t shoehorned in (Sully), based upon nothing but awkward situations (Robin), or puts Chrom with one of the most annoying characters in the series (Maribelle). And goddammit, these two are just fucking adorable together. I said last year that their entire S-class is basically using pie as subtext for sex. In fact, I’ll repeat the same joke. Yes, Sumia, Chrom wants your pie every day and the first time he has it, it had better be cherry flavored.

bleach toshiro momo group new look by greengiant2012
Toshiro Hitsugaya and Momo Hinamori from Bleach

This artwork feels less like the proper dynamic between these two and more like how Toshiro sees it in his own head.

:iconvogoshinki: :iconsaysplz: Yeah cause he does such a good job protecting my waifu.

Zip it! Anyway, I’ve always supported this pairing since the moment I got into Bleach and, to this day, it’s still one of my favorites. While Gin and Rangiku and Yoruichi and Soifon have fallen off my radar—mostly due to Rangiku becoming my waifu and the latter pairing having mellowed out for me in years past—this pairing, on the other hand, still remains fresh in my mind that I almost completely forgot about it until I remembered to add Genis and Presea to the list ^^;. Thank you Tales of Bleach Unreal Society for being written even if you’re not very good.

Lucina X Robin by Giratina594
Lucina and Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening

Oh god where are my tissues? I don’t care what your business is about “no 2nd generation romances” this, for me, has everything there is to a good romance story. Picture a world that has been devastated by a wrathful god. A long girl is her people’s last hope. Crops no longer grow in her world and every day of her life is a battlefield. She has but one chance to set right what once went wrong. In a time when she was an infant, her father was slain by someone he deeply trusted. To prevent such a horrible future she travels back in time and meets her long dead father that she misses terribly.

Due to circumstances that she is aware of, but at the same time is beyond her control, our heroine does her best to support her mother and father in their endeavors to save the world. All the while she sees just how beautiful the world was in the generation before hers and she wants to desperately preserve it.

In this endeavor she meets a young man who, in her timeline, had mysteriously vanished, but at this point in time is not much older than her. After constant contact—read that as idle chitchat—and supporting each other in battle, the heroine grows a deep attachment to this man. And eventually it’s all too clear that she has fallen for him hard. Despite standing alone in a timeline that is not her own, the heroine has found true love and she couldn’t be happier.

But then tragedy strikes, the man that she loves will be the very same man that will kill her father if she does nothing to stop him. While it’s true that circumstances are beyond her love’s control, the heroine doesn’t want to take the risk of causing an awful future. She raises her blade, intent on killing her beloved, in order to save the world. And then she hears those heart stinging words

“Lucina, I love you and I would do anything for you, but that also means I would give anything to be with you, do you understand?”

Breaking down into tears, our heroine’s resolve to kill her betrothed dies instantly and she desperately begs for his help, a way that everyone can be happy and a new, happy future can be written.

That is why Lucina and Robin makes such a great pairing and that is why it is #19.

Lelouch X Kallen by Power-Excelsior
Lelouch Lamperouge and Kallen Kozuki from Code Geass

Hey! Hey! What do you know, I finally managed to split up my Lelouch triple-whammy. However, this also means that I consider LelouchXKallen to be my least favorite of the trio. Why is that? Well…if I have to nail it down, I’d say some of it is the fact that we have the less physically adept character wearing the pants in the relationship. :iconhold-itplz: Before you start yelling at me, understand that that is nothing short of a nitpick. I have to find SOMETHING at fault to start making a differentiation so that the rest of this list makes sense numerically.

I think Lelouch and Kallen make a cute couple. I do. I just…think that CC and Shirley are better options. That said, the reason this pairing managed to break the top 20 is just because of the length Kallen is willing to devote herself to Lelouch and Lelouch had to forcibly push her away in order so that she could live. He cared about her enough not to drag her into hell with him, even though she was ready to do just that. I mean, every last one of us remembers the iconic kiss in one of the last few episodes between the two of them and I think it speaks volumes about Kallen and Lelouch’s relationship. That said, I’ll talk more about why I think I like this pairing less than the other two when we actually get to the other two. Until then, next number.

Kazuya X Satellizer by SVR-Overdrive
Satellizer el Bridget and Kazuya Aoi from Freezing

*to Kazuya* You lucky son of a bitch.

It’s a shame that not many of you have actually read Freezing since it’s a series that most definitely deserves your attention even more than Ben-To. One of the reasons I like it is the romance between Satellizer and Kazuya and the ABSOLUTE COCK TEASE THAT FORCES THIS PAIRING SO LOW ON THIS LIST! Jesus F. Tap Dancing Christ we have been on high alert for close to a year now. Can we PLEASE end this fight so Kazuya and Satellizer can go fuck each other? THANK YOU! Also, you may recall that this duo was MUCH higher on my list last year. Reasoning: the lack of chapters has made wanting these two to get on with it a major fucking cock tease.


Haken Browning and Kaguya Nanbu from Super Robot Wars OG: Endless Frontier

This is, among other things, one of the most unorthodox, but still very healthy, pairings I’ve seen. You have a bounty hunter ladies’ man with a princess from another country so sweet and adorable she could give you diabetes. The most amusing thing about this pairing is that yes, one look at Kaguya would tell you that Haken was most definitely interested in having this Rapunzel erm, let down her long hair. That was a terrible euphemism. I apologize. However, after some time in the game, you come to understand that Haken deeply cares for Kaguya on an emotional level and at the end of the story he’s even willing to risk the safety of the world just so that she can keep living. I believe his words were “Of course I’m doing it to get the girl. The world can bite me!” Oh and they totally did it. Kaguya’s “Could you please turn off the lights” remark when the background to the scene is Haken’s ship, pretty much confirms that. Haken and Kaguya, proving you don’t have to be from the same social class, or even have common interests, to make ends meet.

Pyrrha and Jaune 2 by LinART
Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY

I believe the phrase to use here is “better late than never”. And, also, more artwork that’s both accurate and deceptive of the inner workings of this pairing. As far as I’m concerned, this is probably a wet dream for Pyrrha, but Jaune has his head in the clouds. At the same time though, if Jaune took an active interest in Pyrrha, it’s obvious he would put the moves on her Haken Browning style. And even though he’s absolutely AWFUL at it if his attempts to woo Weiss are any indication, Pyrrha would eat it up like candy.

In one of the episodes, she makes it clear that she likes Jaune because he didn’t know her from a hole in the wall when they first met. And I could make all the jokes in the world about…no you know what? I’m going to do just that.

But Alex, I hear you cry out, isn’t this ship pretty much almost the exact same dynamic as Erza and Jellal and therefore you should care about that pairing the same you do as this one? And my answer to that would be:

And then I'd say:
No. Why? Mind control or not, Jaune didn’t put Pyrrha through absolute SHIT before the two started snogging each other. Furthermore, this is an 
equally balanced relationship. There are plenty of moments where Jaune is absolutely CLUELESS without Pyrrha’s help. It’s also clear that, in combat, Pyrrha’s IQ doesn’t drop because she’s trying to impress the boy she has interest in.

Honestly, this is a very healthy relationship, now if only Pyrrha would, as Nora put it, practice what she preaches and just grab Jaune and kiss him so the idiot would get it. Seriously, I don’t think Jaune realizes how much him showing up in a dress to the school dance made Pyrrha’s night. …it makes sense in context.


Pit and Palutena from Kid Icarus

:iconpitplz: :iconsaysplz: Why are we on this list Lady Palutena?

:iconpalutenaplz: :iconsaysplz: *sighs* Oh Pit, you really are denser than the muscle on a Centurion Strongarm.

:iconpitplz: :iconsaysplz: You know for once I wish you’d just say things straight out instead of speaking in cryptic metaphors.

:iconpalutenaplz: :iconsaysplz: Okay, sure.

:iconpitplz: :iconsaysplz: What? Really?

:iconpalutenaplz: :iconsaysplz: Sure, come here a sec. *Pit steps towards her* Closer. *Pit walks towards her* Closer. *Pit moves towards Palutena* Cloooooooseeeeeeeer. *Pit keeps walking towards Palutena until he’s practically standing an intimate distance from her.

:iconpitplz: :iconsaysplz: I-Is this good, L-Lady Palutena? <///>

:iconpalutenaplz: :iconsaysplz: Yeah, that’ll do.

:iconpitplz: :iconsaysplz: O-okay…s-so can you please explain to me why—

*lots of 90s cartoon smooching sounds*

:iconpalutenaplz: :iconsaysplz: There? Does that explain it?

:iconpitplz: :iconsaysplz: Uh…yeah…I think I get the idea <///> W-was that um…

:iconpalutenaplz: :iconsaysplz: A show of my true feelings? Maybe, I’ll never tell.

And that’s why they’re number 14.

Chiffon and Ticy by Verl
Chiffon Fairchild and Ticy Phenyl from Freezing

While I find this fan art doesn’t perfectly capture the nature of the relationship between Chiffon and Ticy, at the risk of getting in trouble with an exposed nip on Chiffon from a manga page, I’ll take anatomically awkward lesbo fan art (look at Ticy’s breast) over a potential ban thank you. That said, these two have now captured a much more pure dynamic for me than even the leads and it’s a sad thing that Chiffon is, unfortunately, dead as the dinosaurs. The interactions between Chiffon and Ticy might not be clear cut in the main series, but that gets so much expanded on in Freezing First Chronicle it shows exactly why Ticy is so devoted to her and why she did her best to become such a badass.

I mean, let’s examine the facts here, Chiffon was willing to go on a bloodthirsty rampage for someone she’d only known less than a full semester of schooling just because some bullies killed her pet turtle and were beating her up as a result. And, furthermore, while Airy in Fairy Without Wings IS a total airhead, for Chiffon, that’s her cover and it shows how sweet and kind she can be. Which is what makes it all the more scary when she’s ripping someone’s arms off as they beg for their mother that they don’t want to die. Seriously, what the hell Chiffon?

And of course there’s the implication that Ticy and Chiffon had a lesbian encounter. No, I’m not even kidding. Freezing First Chronicle, chapter 2, page 33. I’d post a link, but I don’t want to get in trouble. Just…take my word for it. Oh and apparently Ticy’s boobs are bigger than Chiffons by the latter’s own admission. How does she know that? How do you think? ;)

Emil with Marta by izaya00
Marta Lualdi and Emil Castagnier from Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World

This is by far my favorite Tales of Symphonia pairing and depending on who you ask, the sequel isn’t even canon. That doesn’t stop this from being my absolute favorite tales pairing period. The story that goes between Emil and Marta is absolutely touching. Of course, the truth behind Emil is somewhat unsettling, but I’d rather not go into that. Still, the short version of why I love these two: boy meets girl, girl fawns over boy, boy is embarrassed by girl’s fawnings. Boy and girl have a falling out, boy starts to miss girl constantly cuddling up to him and eventually starts to fall for her himself. The rest is pretty much wrote.

A lot of people don’t like Marta because she’s a case of “clingy jealous girl”. Personally speaking, I think the yaoi fanbase needs to settle the fuck down in this case and shut the fuck up.

Gray x Juvia by Chengggg
Juvia Lockser and Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail

And yet no matter how much THIS pairing gets nudged at, I only find myself liking it all the more. I think the difference between this one and Natsu and Lucy is that Gray is much smarter than Natsu and has actually picked up on Juvia’s hints. However, he’s like Emil, he doesn’t know how to respond to Juvia’s advances. I thought so about this, at least until the synchronized stripping scene in the battle with Avatar, which, as far as I’m concerned, pretty much confirmed the pairing. Thank you, Mashima. I don’t care what anyone else says, you do good work and you give the fans what they want. To hell with the naysayers, they don’t understand you the way your real fans do.

Lelouch and C.C. by Ukitake-san
Lelouch Lamperouge and CC from Code Geass

Oh I can hear the fan rage already, not because CC and Lelouch isn’t in the top 5, but because I put it as my 2nd choice compared to Lelouch/Kallen and Lelouch/Shirley. Yes, I admit it, I like Lelouch/Shirley the most. More on that when it pops up on the list. Let’s focus on the pairing we are discussing at the moment.

Anyway, the reason I like Lelouch/CC more than I like Lelouch/Kallen is because while Kallen just sort of throws herself at Lelouch—I know how that sounded, but I have no better way of describing it—Lelouch and CC’s relationship is heartwarming, though more from CC’s side of things. While it isn’t canon, I do feel I captured the essence of what’s touching about Lelouch and CC’s relationship in Cornelia of the Defection.

CC is a loner. She doesn’t have anyone she can really open up to or care about. Furthermore, I recall her conversation with Lelouch about snow when he learned her real name. On top of that, if Lelouch is still alive and kicking, he’s more than likely with CC at this very moment. Of course, according to Okuichi, they’re not sexing each other up. I say “when has that ever stopped the fans?” and “Much like Aizen asked Kubo when was he under the impression he was the one drawing Aizen, how do you know that Lelouch didn’t Geass you to say that?” XD

Also, I’m loving the absolutely confused look on Lelouch’s face in this picture and the ever so subtle smirk on CC’s face. It really says everything you need to know about this pairing if you stop and think about it. Picture worth a thousand words indeed. Though, I’m just wondering how he’s holding her up like that since he has the physical ability of a wet noodle.


Xiaomu and Reiji Arisu from Namco X Capcom

This is a relationship that is just…phenomenal in the fact that it’s actually a thing. Okay, let me run this by you for a second. Xiaomu is a 765-year-old sage fox who acts like she’s 5 years old. Reiji is a 23-year-old military leader for the Japanese equivalent of SHIELD known as Shinra. Together they fight crime. Reiji is straight laced, organized, always serious and a brilliant leader/fighter. Xiaomu is lazy, spends all her time playing videogames and eating Tofu and drives Reiji absolutely up a friggin wall. Gee, what’s this sounding like? (Hint: Look at the previous pairing on this list)

However, the main difference between Reiji’s relationship with Xiaomu and Lelouch’s relationship with CC is that Reiji has probably known Xiaomu for most, if not all, of his life since she was his dad’s partner in crime before an unfortunate incident ten years prior. Furthermore, they’re living together.

How do I know this? Well, it’s a careful distinction made in the beginning of NXC. When talking to Xiaomu about her so-called Nest Egg, Reiji says she keeps it under “the bed” not her bed the bed. This implies that they share a bed. And, if Xiaomu’s dialogue later in the story is anything to go by, she and Reiji are already actively sexing each other up. On top of this, there’s also the fact that apparently whatever is going behind closed doors with these two is a lot more mature than one might tell at a glance, if the fact that Reiji spanks Xiaomu when she misbehaves and Xiaomu remarking in PXZ that he’s “doing it a little too much lately” is any indication. Then there’s also this exchange

Xiaomu: Reiji, show me some love and affection.

Reiji: Fine, shall I give you the usual?

I don’t know what “the usual” is, but it’s clear these two are in an intimate, secure relationship and it’s not only absolutely baffling that such a thing is a thing, but heartwarming that these two can stand each other enough that they’re not just partners, but they’re partners. In fact, unless my OTP becomes canon, Reiji and Xiaomu are actually the highest Battle Couple on this list.

Tsubaki and Hakumen by Sephirothic7
Tsubaki Yayoi and Hakumen from BlazBlue

I don’t care that Hakumen and Jin Kisaragi—or major pain in the ass as Terumi calls him—are essentially the same person. Hakumen has made it clear that he and Jin are not one in the same, that’s why he changed names. Furthermore, Jin is still a raging douchebag while Hakumen is the man who clearly has realized his mistakes. It is Hakumen who pines for the girl he lost because he was too busy chasing after his brother to realize how much she mattered to him. This scene right here is part of the absolute most touching moment in Continuum Shift. It’s when Hakumen tells Tsubaki “an old fisherman’s tale” which is pretty much a vaguely worded rendition of what happened to Tsubaki in his timeline because he can’t tell to Tsubaki’s face that he used to be Jin because he doesn’t believe he deserves her and “Jin is dead. I am Hakumen.” Awww.

Also, you should see him lay into Jin when he finds out that his past self’s incompetence causes Tsubaki to become evil. (Hakumen’s powers are restricted. It’s not his fault…no seriously, it’s not). What twists the tragedy of this pairing even further is that Tsubaki is straight up The Knights Who Say Squee not just to Hakumen but all of the six heroes.

This is one of those pairings that I know has almost zero chance of being canon, but it’s so damn near and dear to my heart that I just can’t let it go. And for anyone that pulls a Frozen gag on me, it’s going to go right over my head since I haven’t seen the movie, so just…don’t.

Sesshomaru and Kagura by nalina
Sesshomaru and Kagura from Inuyasha

I love the awkward glances in this picture, perfectly captures the essence of the pairing, in my opinion. Who would’ve guessed that after so many years of outright ignoring this series that I’d find one of my most treasured ships in history. Seriously, why Takahashi WHY? Why would you DO THIS TO US? They were so good for each other. :cries:

Sometimes what you can’t have is more touching and precious than what you can and that’s why I find that my #7 and #8 got where they did. I mean, Sesshomaru was so coldhearted to everyone except for Rin and then there’s the time he saved Kagura when she was bleeding out in the river. Why? Probably to show he’d changed, but Kagura then began to frequently use him by trying to goad him into killing Naraku for her and developing a thing for him along the way.

And how do I know Sesshomaru reciprocated?

Kagura: Disappointed? Did you think I was Naraku?

Sesshomaru: I knew it was you.

My heart fucking broke. It’s one of the few times an anime/manga made me cry. Can we move on please?

Ichi Hime by M-i-S-T-I-K-A
Orihime Inoue and Ichigo Kurosaki

This is the pairing that effectively made me a shipper. I could go on and on and on about why I think this pairing is damn near PERFECT, but I feel I would only waste my breath. The IchiRuki fandom is already hissing at me, the IchiHime fandom KNOWS why this pairing is here and those few of you that don’t know Bleach have already moved onto the next number on the list. Still, since I’m not gushing :iconfangasmplz:

There, that’ll do.

Nagisa and Tomoya by Ranhg
Nagisa Furukawa and Tomoya Okazaki

Warning, this pairing is so safe that it might give you vanilla poisoning. For those of you that haven’t seen Clannad, you need to if only because this pairing is outright adorable. Sure, there’s also Kyou and Tomoya and I think the special AU episode with them is among the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s Nagisa and Tomoya that gets the focus. It feels like a traditional boy meets girl scenario and while Tomoya is a complete and utter jackass, he never pranks poor Nagisa. Oh sure, he involves her in his pranks, but she’s never actually the victim. I mean, let’s all remember the time he made Ryou Fujibayashi think that Nagisa had a lesbian crush on her. …it makes sense in context.

Joking aside, it’s a wonder that this pairing went from #1 a couple of years ago and now it’s just barely hitting into the top 5. Hmmm… I mean sure it’s been a while since I’ve seen Clannad, but :shrug: Idk. Oh, wait, it’s because the top 4 are just that fucking near and dear to me.

Case in point…

Keiichi and Belldandy by raikiri2011
Keiichi Morisato and Belldandy from Ah My Goddess

Egads, the hell these two had to go through so that Bell’s dad would approve of their relationship. I absolutely loved Ah My Goddess and I think the dynamic between Belldandy and Keiichi is the absolutely cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it could give you diabetes.

So why only number 4? Well, a lot of arcs didn’t really develop the relationship, which was the focus of the series. In fact, a lot of arcs just kept revisiting things we already knew about the characters: that Belldandy is a friend to all living things, Keiichi is a total butt monkey and they love each other till death do them part. That said, every time I remember the series’ rather tearjerking remix of the wandering bard and the lady of the lake I fight the urge to cry, even more so when I remember the sad moments in Clannad. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the Clannad moments so much I’m desensitized to them, but holy crap if you understood what Kei and Bell are in for in like, you know, 90 years or so. It’s…utterly heartbreaking and the fact that they’re both willing to live what is but a blip on Belldandy’s radar is just utterly touching. It really brings a tear to my eye.

Of course, it doesn’t do that as nearly as much as this next one.


Lelouch Lamperouge and Shirley Fennette from Code Geass

:icongreatkingrat88: :iconsaysplz: *opens mouth to speak*

*on the verge of tears* NOT. A. WORD. I’m nearly at my breaking point. If you want to make jokes and smart mouthed comments, you can do so on skype, all right? This is the last sentimental one and the last two on this list are just hype pairings.

:icongreatkingrat88: :iconsaysplz: Jeez, fine, you don’t need to treat it like it’s such serious business, Alex. Calm down.

I’m trying. *takes a deep breath* Okay, let’s knock this one out of the park. Originally when I was composing this list a few months ago, I was actually thinking it would be Lelouch/CC standing here. But then every fucking time I remember the fact that Lelouch wanted a relationship with Shirley, was utterly heartbroken by her death, and tried to kill Rolo because of it, I pick this one over the other two because it’s the only pairing where there’s confirmed reciprocation.

I did a fanfic brainstorm called Disaster Recovery where Lelouch saves Shirley’s life and she subsequently joins the Black Knights because she’s willing to devote her everything to him, ultimately becoming his reason for living after Nunnally dies in the FLEIJA explosion. If Rolo hadn’t stepped in, this could’ve been a happy ending for all involved. In fact, it’s pretty fucking clear that Shirley’s death is actually the catalyst which sets off an unstoppable chain reaction that ultimately dooms Lelouch. And when I think of it like that and when I think about the fact that he essentially erased her memories because he was so mortified about the idea of her being so close to him and getting hurt as a result it brings a tear to my eye.

And whereas Lelouch and CC have snarky bickering like an old married couple and Lelouch and Kallen have this brilliant bodyguard crush dynamic going on, Lelouch and Shirley have a rather normal relationship in the grand scheme of things. They’re both normal people and even though he’s a bit broken, she’s still willing to put up with it because she’s not afraid of the side of him that he’s Zero. And he killed her father. Granted it was an accident, but still...

Furthermore, any argument you could make in the IchiHime department about Orihime not having enough of a spine to speak up against Ichigo if he were to do something she doesn't agree with, Shirley has actually done this on several occasions when she’s confronted Lelouch because of things she’s upset about. She’s a very normal girl of equal parts shyness and self-sufficiency. And when I think about how what she wanted…no what she and Lelouch wanted was stolen from them by a psychopathic Yandere with a gun, forgive me if I just want to cry about it as much as Lelouch himself probably does.

It’s a tragedy I will carry with me like a scar because it’s just not fair that this pairing didn’t have a fucking chance.

UQ Holder! 83 Page 18
Touta Konoe and Evangeline Anastasia Katherine McDowell from UQ Holder

And now let’s forget all the mushy, sentimental crap and jump right back into comedy. Touta and Evangeline’s relationship started with a sort of Mother/Son vibe to it, but it has GREATLY evolved since then, leading to THIS revelation in chapter 83, the second most recent chapter. While yes this is technically not Eva herself, but rather an illusion of her from so much in the past, Akamatsu seems to be making an attempt to give Evangeline of all people a happy ending. We’re also learning things about her that weren’t even touched upon back in Mahou Sensei Negima.

I mean, I was sort of on board with the possibility of Kuromaru being Touta’s squeeze and Eva just being like a mother to him, but lately I not only decided to jump ship to Touta/Eva, I’ve embraced it. For crying out loud, I did not see this coming when I first started UQ Holder and there is NO WAY IN HELL I am going to be happy if Akamatsu backpedals the shit out of it before the series is over because this is TWICE now Touta has admitted how he feels about Eva, and this is the first time it’s to her face…technically speaking.

Akamatsu. SHIP. THESE. TWO.

Now I’m pretty sure most of you that know me pretty well know what number 1 is going to be. I actually didn’t think it would make it this far, but, well there’s something to be said about wanting what you’re probably not going to get.


Tatsumi and Esdeath from Akame ga Kill

This has got to be the UNHEALTHIEST PAIRING on this list and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SHIT OUT OF IT! By the by all of these images are ripped straight from canon episodes of the anime. Much like Lucina/Robin this is an interesting romance story and it’s way more complicated that I would be here all day--and spoiling every last bit of Akame ga Kill's plot--trying to explain it.

The worst of it is that the creators are doing the dumbest thing by temporarily pairing Tatusmi to the resident Tsundere Mine and sinking the ship, but this is Esdeath we’re dealing with. Defeat is not in her vocabulary, not on the battlefield and not in love. And I know that all of these images make her look soft, but, well Esdeath is only this way with Tatusmi.

The above images are a much more faithful representation to Esdeath’s usual persona. She’s a scary lady. The woman is a freaking psychopath and I have not given up on the idea that she and Tatsumi might make babies with each other. Because as far as Esdeath is concerned “No is just a maybe that hasn’t become a yes yet”. Tatsumi will be hers and there is nothing anyone can say or do to stop that.

And just to twist the knife in further, Tatsumi’s consent in this equation is not a factor. Esdeath will make him hers. And with all of the development that has been put between these two, I will accept no substitutes.

Esdeath/Tatsumi is OTP. Ship 4 Life.

Look, unless Esdeath murders Akame or Leone in front of Tatsumi and still expects him to fall for her, I’m going to following this pairing to my grave. It’s not a cute pairing. It’s not a healthy relationship, but it is the ONE PAIRING that I want to see come true ABOVE ALL OTHERS. And isn't that the very essence of shipping?





Hope you liked this list. I’m going to go back to writing chapters for Fairy Without Wings while looking for editors to send my book to (compiling a list. I’m not sending anything to anyone yet) and also trying to find a normal job.

See you next month around the time of SGC for my top list for favorite video games. 


So with that, from all of me

To all of you

May your hearts stay human

And your wrath draconic


Ja ne!

If you didn't want to stay the first night, why would you stay any more than five?

Why would you stay any more than two?

Why am I talking to you like you understand what I'm saying?

I don't know!

Here's the chapter:…


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