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Luluko of the Rebellion by SapphireFoxx

Call me easily amused, but this is the best drawn genderbent version of Lelouch I've seen. In fact I like how the art style easily mimi...

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it's only because this chapter is so short that it's ready so quickly. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for it. Expect delays due to Thanksgiving and Black Friday and then pick up your leftovers for Saturday to watch a horror flick in action a month later than it should come out DX…

Alternative Title: I'm in an Ocean of Feels and I'm Drowning

Seriously, like ermaigod.
If you finish this chapter feeling like ass, then I did my job correctly.


Happy Thanksgiving! :D…

If you know where I got the chapter title from without looking it up, you can upgrade your anime nerd membership to a gold license. If you don't, congratulations, you're still normal. 
Whoo boy this has been quite a week hasn't it? But we're just about done

As you might be aware of from these last several days, I get my music via the song and care not for the artist's reputation. I like music for what it IS and not who it is MADE by.

But, I do notice a trend with some artists and we're here to talk about the 25 that I like the most.

Why 25 and not fifty? Because I don't have enough artists to consider them "favorites"

To qualify for this list, two things needed to be consistent:

1. I must have at least 5 songs by this artist on my Ipod
2. at least 2 of those songs must've made any of the lists from this week.

I debated how to arrange this list since I hold no particular love for the artist in particular as a "fan boy" so i went by how well the music did on each list, plus how many songs I have of theirs in particular as well as how many of those songs made the list. The numbers don't matter to you, but they did for making the list.

With that said

Let's begin


I actually do like some of her music despite not a whole lot of them scoring high enough to get on my list and I used to listen to some of her songs that I didn't even know were her songs until I downloaded them. However, she always sounds so damn angry when she sings so she's at the bottom of this list.


Considering my username, you're probably very surprised to see Dragon Force this low on my list. Well, numbers don't lie, only two songs made it onto the list and I have only 5 in total, probably due to the fact that the songs are so damn long I sometimes get tired from listening to them and want to listen to something else midway. 


No comment


My mom often describes that Billy Joel is an underrated artist despite being a genius songwriter. I don't know how true that is, but I do agree that Billy Joel has made some pretty good songs, three of which made this list and We Didn't Start the Fire is just in a league of its own compared to the others.


Have a Nice Day and You Give Love a Bad Name are just damn awesome, plus there's the always recognizable Livin on a Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive. They're an amazing group.


While I only have 5 of their songs and only two made the list, they made it very high on the list, especially Boulevard of Broken Dreams. 


I like her music butt out.


I have seven of her songs and while only two made the list, those two did slightly better than the three Billy Joel had (We Didn't Start the Fire aside of course)


Proving that you don't have to believe in Jesus Christ to find a christian rock group appealing


I have 7 songs and three made the list and I'm still somewhat fond of three of the other four (Pain, Over and Over, Animal I Have Become) and somewhat okayish with I Hate Everything About You


Oh come on, considering how often we saw her on Day 3, you knew she was going to be SOMEWHERE on this list, or at the very least you should've figured such.


I have 14 songs of theirs, which is second highest out of all the groups on this list, tying with Within Temptation and only being beaten by Evanescence (which has 22). But out of those 14 only 3 got on the list. Pretty shoddy record, honestly. That's why I can't put them any higher


But of course. I'm actually surprised that their hit that got me into the band, Bohemian Rhapsody, never made the list. Shows you what ten to fifteen years can do to a person.

:icongreatkingrat88: :iconsaysplz: Only number 13, really?

You don't like, make your own list


While I only have 8 songs of theirs and only four made the list, I really like each of those four songs, not to mention Faint as an honorable mention. Their rock music invigorates me. What else am I supposed to say?


Unlike my mom, I can correctly say that I have never come across a Taylor Swift song that I didn't like


I might only have so many of their songs and La Isla Bonita might be a rock remix of one of Madonna's songs, but I don't hold the band against that, at least when La Isla Bonita is done better by them than by Madonna


Untitled has been with me since middle school and I've heard the band at around the same time. Good song, good music. 


Did not expect to see them this high at all when I first got into the group, but I guess they just wound up sneaking up on me. Between Breaking, Reclusion, and Feel Good Drag (not to mention Paper Thin Hymn just barely squeaking on) it's no wonder they got this high on my list


Not only do I have more songs of Nickelback than Anberlin, the same amount of songs made it onto the list and did surprisingly better as a group than the four Anberlin songs.


Yup. Knew this was gonna be here. Six of her songs made the list. That's the second highest total of songs making the list out of all the groups I have. Plus I have ten of her songs, which is the fourth highest total. That actually worked against her favor compared to the lower end of the top 5.


While I have less of their songs than Avril, it's only by 2. And their songs performed better on my list (though one less than Avril) combined. Sk8er Boi might be nostalgic for me, but there is no denying just how freaking awesome Second Chance is. 


Nothing really to say. Hero is just that damn awesome. I need to explore this band in further detail. They have such good music.


This was a no brainer. Kamelot made the list eight times, more than any other artist on this list and I only have nine of their songs. That's a very impressive batting average, more than anyone on this list. 


I had a hard time picking between Number 2 and Number 1 (and if you remember yesterday's top 10 you should already know who number 1 is), but I decided to put Evanescence at number 2 because out of 22 songs only 6 made the list and with that many songs, you would think I would like more (Pink Floyd I have like almost as many songs as Disturbed and none of them made the list. You would think otherwise with that many songs).


Yes it's Within Temptation, of course it's Within Temptation, why wouldn't it be Within Temptation? You knew it was going to be Within Temptation. If it was anything other than Within Temptation that would just be ridiculous! For crying out loud, on the top 10 of yesterday's list, three of their songs made it. 5 of their songs only made the list and I might have 14 of them, neither number is higher than Evanescence's, but their average of those 5 songs for placement totalled at 17 (lower is better) which is the second lowest number on this list the only other lower number being Green Day with 14. I also LOVE this album artwork. Fun Fact: Ultear's alias Natasha during the Footsteps Towards Destiny arc in Fairy Without Wings was actually based on the woman in this album cover. 

And that'll just about wrap it up for my music list. Hope you all had a wonderful time. I, currently, am exhausted. I'd say "I'm going to go take a nap", but I sort of kind of did as I was writing number 9 ^^;
What I am going to do is get something to eat and do laundry because it desperately needs to get done. 

Next month is going to be my favorite Biggest "D'awwwwwww" Moments in fiction. What that is should be obvious from the title. Why am I doing that for December? Because the holidays are a type of family and I wanted to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. No, I'm not making this list for Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is a load of dingo's kidneys

As always
From all of me
To all of you
Let your hearts stay human
And your wrath draconic

Ja ne!…

it's only because this chapter is so short that it's ready so quickly. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for it. Expect delays due to Thanksgiving and Black Friday and then pick up your leftovers for Saturday to watch a horror flick in action a month later than it should come out DX


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