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Luluko of the Rebellion by SapphireFoxx

Call me easily amused, but this is the best drawn genderbent version of Lelouch I've seen. In fact I like how the art style easily mimi...

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If you actually get the reference as to why the chapter is titled the way it is, you deserve a cookie because of how obscure I find it to be:…


Night, folks.
The chapter title is Baby, Hold your Hand 3 and I'm only saying that so no one gets confused about the title above. This is about the topic of discussion for this journal and if you don't get why, clearly you haven't read the chapter yet and I would do so now to avoid spoilers. 

For those of you not in the know, I can't fucking stand Mayuri. I've always hated him since his initial appearance. Between his complete disregard for human life and his mistreatment of Nemu. 

However, the fuel for one of those two reasons is currently in jeopardy. Kubo, why do you do this to me? Why do you enjoy throwing me curveballs you know I can't knock out of the park? 

I was going to unload my shit list on September 1st since my brother will be in school that day, but with the current status quo of Bleach, I don't know if I, in good faith, could do that.

Many people have pitched to me the idea that Mayuri was just in a bad mood around the time that Ichigo and friends invaded the soul society. I've always laughed off that idea, but now it doesn't seem so farfetched with the way Kubo seems to about to be pitching the idea that "Mayuri cares about Nemu in his own special way"

Special is one way of putting it.

:iconvogoshinki: :iconsaysplz: But what about all the quincies he butchered and people he's killed and experimented on.

I was getting to that. Calm down.

He's right though. Even if Mayuri does actually care about Nemu, it doesn't excuse beating her up like he did during his fight with Uryu "You were supposed to hold onto that quincy even if your arms were ripped off". Also, can we get Orihime over here to fix Nemu's arm?

That said, do we all hate Deadpool for all the monstrous things he's done? The reason I make the comparison is because the way Mayuri goes about his business can be good for a laugh and when you have a sociopath that doesn't excuse their actions and traipses about the way Mayuri does, it sheds different light on his character. It makes him more the token evil teammate and less a complete bastard of "how the fuck is he supposed to be a good guy?"

Mayuri will never be my favorite person in the world, ever. However, if Kubo keeps this up next week, I don't know if I can go on hating him quite as much as I always have. Because right now, I hate him less than I do Naraku when before I hated him significantly more than Kyubey. Mayuri was always a top 10 contender (or at least close to it) now he might not even make the top 20 and I'd hate to suddenly have to switch him a second time because Kubo throws ANOTHER curve ball next week. 

People, I leave it up to you
If you want me to put up my shit list this Tuesday or wait and see for ONE CHARACTER what Kubo's plans are and I'll post it a week from tomorrow, lemme know. 

I have to get to work for my 5am shift for stocking shelves.
I'll see you guys at 10am

Until then,
from all of me
to all of you 
let your hearts stay human
and your wrath draconic

Ja ne!…

My novel excluded, this is the longest ass piece of fiction I've ever written in one document. Holy crap most of this was in one sitting. 

Don't be surprised if I take like a 2 week hiatus to let you all bask in the ridiculousness that was this chapter.
First off! Really, Mashima, Erza's already stepping down as 7th master and Makarov is "8th". Come on, even I've got to roll my eyes at that one. 

Also, I think this is the first time I've seen Mashima do lateral movement. 

That said, let's talk about the real crux of this chapter: Mavis coming up from the basement (so to speak) to explain about the truth behind Fairy Heart. The reason I want to talk about it is because of how it pertains to Fairy Without Wings

For those of you that have not finished the Sindel arc of the story (chapter 77-88), and for those of you that haven't read Fairy Tail Zero, I suggest not reading any farther for spoilers sake.

We good?

We good.

Right then. 

As those of you in the know may recall, Mavis' body was stunted after she used Law, an incomplete version of Fairy Law, to save Yury's life in Fairy Tail Zero. 

In Fairy Without Wings, this damage to her body was undone by a mysterious woman with black hair that Mavis remarked that she might be an actual Fairy. 

Fairy Tail Zero revealed that whatever caused Fairy Heart happened in X697. Sindel didn't quit Fairy Tail until X700. 
I've already changed the rules. And I'm okay with that. 

And that's the point I'm trying to make: Regardless of what this reveal will bring us, I will alter it to suit FWW's continuity as best as I can or come up with something else if I've completely FUBARed the possibility of Fairy Heart. After all, there's still one more plot twist it connects to (a plot twist many of you have already called, but let's not hint at what).

I have my own altered history for Fairy Without Wings that, hopefully, I can squeeze into what it is that Mashima is about to reveal to us next week. 

Also, if you're wondering what I'm doing up at 5am, I have work at 6. That's the life I live right now folks. 

After work today, and a nap, I'll get work on the last Tenrou Island chapter. After all, the more I get out before Mashima beats me to the punch the more I can blame on an AU and the less I have to change. After all, unlike Soul Chess, I have single, solitary character in the FWW universe, powerful enough and old enough to help alter continuity a la Butterfly Effect.


and I REALLY hope that when Natsu says "everyone" he means EVERYONE and not just "everyone in Fairy Tail". DO NOT fuck this up Mashima. 

I don't have time for my normal closing out so I'm just gonna bounce.

Ja ne!
Only two scenes this chapter: Natsu Vs Emma and Erza Vs Margaret. And it is GLORIOUS!…

I think maybe I'll get 103 started on later today. I've got nothing, but time.
If you actually get the reference as to why the chapter is titled the way it is, you deserve a cookie because of how obscure I find it to be:…


Night, folks.


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