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Luluko of the Rebellion by SapphireFoxx

Call me easily amused, but this is the best drawn genderbent version of Lelouch I've seen. In fact I like how the art style easily mimi...

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Enjoy, folks. 

I'm HOPING I will have next chapter out before the end of this year. I have most of the first week in December off to work on it so we'll see what happens. 

Until then, continue to vote on the poll.

Enjoy the CC/Lelouch shipping in this chapter
And take note of Incest Yay between Lelouch and Cornelia whether it be creepy or tantalizing to you XD

Ja ne!

So I've decided to split my who would win journal into 3 separate journals. Because Who Would Win will become an ever evolving force and will eventually exceed DA's file size for journals, I felt the need to separate things before it became an issue while I actually have the time. 

This journal is dedicated to listing all of the upcoming rounds of WWW. When a new round is complete it will be copypasted over from the "Future Rounds" entry.

Because I might re-use fighters from previous matchups and may actually SAY who won and who lost in each match-up you have been warned if you haven't seen the previous entries and, really, why wouldn't you?

From now on I will not be updating the original Who Would Win, just these three

Along with each future round there is also a "Reason for Doing" and my "Preliminary Predictions"

My "Reason for doing" explains why I want to do the fight and why it's a good matchup my "Preliminary Predictions" are who I think is going to win based on my initial findings. Whether or not I am correct or not will only be determined when I post the fight and my research is finished.

Do not use my "preliminary predictions" as an idea of who's going to win/lose. I have been WRONG a few times already with my preliminary predictions and other times I've thought that some victories would be a cakewalk and that usually winds up not being the case. 
However, my FINAL PRODUCTION is ALWAYS my choice and a choice I will stand FIRMLY behind. 

So without further ado:


23rd Round: Token Kid Tanks
Presea Combatir by MayuAikawa :iconvplz: :iconsplz: ToV Countdown 4-Karol by cutepresea
Presea Combatir                                   Karol Capel

REASON FOR DOING: Presea and Karol are the two most iconic Tales Of protagonists that wield weapons bigger than them. They're also both little kids

NOTE: I've done the research for this fight now. I only need to find out if these two have met in crossovers and then if they have not I already have my winner. If they had this fight will be delayed EVEN MORE

24th Round: Breaking the 4th Wall

Deadpool 05 by ReillyBrown :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Epic Richard by Kinotastic
Deadpool                                               Richard

REASON FOR DOING: These two would be the absolute best of buddies if they met because they have the same sense of humor, but there's one problem: Richard kills kids. 

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: My bets are currently on Deadpool because of his healing factor and teleport belt. Richard lacks both of these abilities. 

25th Round: The popular blonde gunslingers

Rushuna by G-Xek :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Vash the Stampede by DeEtta
Rushuna Tendo                             Vash the Stampede

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Rushuna is often referred to as "The Female Vash". So, which one is actually the better gunslinger?

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: To keep things safe, I am only using the anime variants of both characters. This will also be one of my non-lethal battles only because Rushuna hasn't killed before so we don't know how she would react to committing the act. However, she and Vash are so far against killing that because I'm not Death Battle, I will not, on good faith, do that to their character. Even with that said, even if this was a lethal showdown, the outcome wouldn't be any different. The winner of this showdown in my current opinion will be: Rushuna. For several reasons: quicker reload time, carries more ammunition on hand, more willing to return fire and--because she's up against Vash--she's a girl. Rushuna's objective will have her wind up getting close to Vash (physically) and wind up using her own looks to her advantage as she does several times in the anime. Vash, pervert that he is, will fall for it hook line and sinker because he always sees the good in people. 

26th Round: Rated M For Manly Fist Fight
Hero of Love and Justice by LynxKano :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Armstrong by Acid-Geass
Bang Shishigami                                  Alexander Armstrong

REASON FOR DOING: I hate Bang and Armstrong scares the piss out of me. They're both loud, they're both manly. If I have an excuse to see them pummeled, I'll take it.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: There's a reason Armstrong is considered a walking artillery. No amount of nails and theme music power ups will change that.

27th Round: Paladin Battle
Artix Wallpaper by SourPlacebo :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Cecil by Aurumis
Artix Von Krieger                                      Cecil Harvey

REASON FOR DOING: Two of my favorite paladins

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Even considering recent developments in AQ, Artix is simply overpowered by Cecil's birthright. No amount of bad puns will be saving him, though his auto-revive MIGHT help him win the day.

28th Round: Non-lethal Girl Fight
Sakagami Tomoyo by KiteH4cK :iconvplz: :iconsplz: The ICE Witch by isshi
Tomoyo Sakagami                               Sen Yarizui

REASON FOR DOING: Both of these two women kick lots of ass and are a favorite from their respective canons

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Tomoyo has been stated to be on par with a boy whose strength and skill are on par with Ichigo BEFORE he ever got his powers. Sen has a spotty win/loss record. Until I rewatch their action scenes I'll let you do the math.

29th Round: Shock and Awe
Fairy Tail Laxus Dreyar 286 - Colored by Darkraigirl94 :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Negi Springfield by dra2k4
Laxus Dreyar                                     Negi Springfield

REASON FOR DOING: I needed a good lightning brawl

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Laxus can eat lightning. It matters only if Negi's other magic will help him overpower Laxus and his lightning used defensively.

30th Round: Playing with Fire
 :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Dragneel by Kristallin-F
Portgas D. Ace                                    Natsu Dragneel

REASON FOR DOING: Same as above except for Fire.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Well Natsu isn't above eating other living beings if they're on fire and Ace is narcoleptic. That should say it all really.

31st Round: Super Brawler Fist Fight 
Synch the Tempest by Mutenroushi :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Grimmjow by NestorZeel
Sync the Tempest                   Grimmjow Jaegerjaques

REASON FOR DOING: I wanted an excuse to put Sync in one of these. 

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Sync might be quicker with his hands, but Grimmjow is tougher and can fly. 

32nd Round: Fight of Fans
Mai Shiranui by Kawa-V :iconvplz: :iconsplz: 
Mai Shiranui                                                 Due Flabellum

REASON FOR FIGHTING: SNK wasn't a part of Project X Zone (sadly) and when I think fan fighters, Mai immediately comes to mind. With the inclusion now of Due from aforementioned game, it's fire against wind. Due will either feed Mai's flames or snuff them out. Also, both of them are bouncy.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: I only know of Mai what Death Battle taught me. Due is only from one game entirely and without any cutscene feats all I can say is that Mai better wow me with her skill because Due is not only cunning but that is one goddamn big ass Tornado

33rd Round: Dark-skinned Speedsters

Yoruichi by Azley :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Saya by bunny15539
Yoruichi Shihoin                                  Saya

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Both are dark-skinned hot babes that love to tease the guys. Let's make them fight. They're also both older than they appear. MUCH older.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Yoruichi is not only out of practice, but Saya has her beat by several hundred years of experience. The woman not only has a gun, but also 3 katanas each with a different element. She can also poison people. Kubo better show us the upper limits of Yoruichi's skills or she may find herself on the wrong end of Saya, which is bladed and fully loaded.

34th Round: Splash Mountain

Fairy Tail: Juvia by Areelun :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Waterbender Katara by nargyle
Juvia Lockser                                           Katara

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Two high level water users. While many will think this is Juvia's fight to win because she can BECOME water or might actually BE water, that could be shooting herself in the foot because it would mean that no matter what she does, Katara could manipulate her whole being.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Katara's blood bending aside since I've yet to see it (only saw only so much of Avatar this fight will make me watch the whole series), while Katara will be able to bend anything Juvia can throw at her and visa versa, Juvia has an immunity to most of Katara's arsenal, but the same cannot be said for the water bender herself. Again, I need to watch all of Avatar, but nothing I know of or have heard of suggests that even though Katara can manipulate water that she herself is immune to it. 

35th Round: Summoning Circuit

Lucy Heartfilia by Shinoharaa:iconvplz: :iconsplz: Clumsy Assassin by chocographs
Lucy Heartfilia                       Sheena Fujibayashi

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Much more than Yuna (Final Fantasy X), I find this fight to be a lot fairer since Lucy and Sheena can both fight even WITHOUT the use of their summons. They're also both particularly attractive

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Sheena has more versatility, better CQC and more experience, plus her rogue's gallery is a lot tougher than that of Fairy Tail's

36th Round: Holy Battle

Ill-fated girl- Colette by Aselea :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Selvaria by HO4HOj-OXOTHUK
Colette Brunel                                  Selvaria Bles

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Both characters are considered to be descended from angels. However, their personalities couldn't be different. They both have superhuman strength and sensory and it's a fight to see who the gods truly favor....metaphorically speaking of course. Don't let Colette's cuteness fool you, there's a reason Selvaria is fighting her and not Riela.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: While Colette's strength is certainly not what one would expect (lifting Regal with one arm without trying and throwing Zelos like he was a booger) her luck is what will help her drag out the fight. Her klutziness allows a mini miracle to occur every time it happens. And that's not even getting into her actual fighting abilities. Para Ball and Power Hammer will rain damage from above and Colette's chakrams will give her a considerable distance game. And then there's Holy Song to empower her already high stats, she CAN fly with her wings (long distances according to the sequel) and Angel Feathers and Judgment will make hell on her enemy. However, even with all of that said, it's Selvaria's ruthless tactics, equivalent power (said to be on par with Darkstalker Dimitri's average according to Project X Zone) and her energy firing lance as well as her shield. I have to do more research of course since I've only researched Selvaria and seen in her in X Zone, but for now I think the ball is in her court.

37th Round: Gargantuan Goliaths

Godzilla by GENZOMAN :iconvplz: :iconsplz: 
Godzilla                                           Lord Valoth

REASON FOR FIGHTING: When Mechquest ended I wanted to do something more with Valoth. I decided Godzilla would be a good adversary

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Five words: Hail to the king baby.

38th Round: Shooter Showdown

Project x zone Haken browning Render by Redchampiontrainer01 :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Vincent Valentine by BrianFajardo
Haken Browning                            Vincent Valentine

REASON FOR FIGHTING: I wanted to do a fight with Haken. This was my decision

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: While my research is far from finished, Haken's Longtomb is what's going to be his "Ace in the Hole". Haken was built with superior genes to be a super soldier so he's more than a match for the laboratory built Vincent. Haken's skills give him considerable accuracy from his home saga and his own natural born willpower is what keeps him healthy in his universe. Most characters use white magic to restore their health, Haken just uses his own natural willpower. Even considering Chaos and Death Penalty, I'll need to see more FFVII footage before I consider that I'm not just being an Endless Frontier fanboy.

39th Round: Battle Armor Brawl

Master Chief by utilizator2 :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Samus Aran by VariaZim  
Master Chief                                           Samus Aran

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Time to end this debate once and for all.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: As of right now I am on Samus' side, but that's subject to change as I do more research. The reason I say this is because of Samus' altheticism and mobility as well as her superior shielding. Even considering the bubble shield, Samus' morph ball can help her lay traps in areas the Chief can't get to and her Hyper Mode from Metroid Prime (I will be using EVERYTHING in the arsenal of BOTH characters) will lay a serious beatdown. While the Chief has considerable luck and will have the ability to find any weapon he could need, the fact remains is that Samus doesn't have to worry about amunition, has a scanner that reads enemy weak points, an x-ray scanner to VIEW said weak points and her high frequency nova beams, ice beam and 255 missiles. The chief isn't going to be overpowered, he's just going to be outsupplied. 

40th Round: Gynoid Battle Royal

Nu-13 by Eroji:iconvplz: :iconsplz:  
 Nu 13                                                  Aschen Brodel

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Much like Haken, I wanted to put Aschen in one of these. This was my selection

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Preliminary only in that my research on Nu isn't finished as well as the SRW series where Aschen's program originated so I can find out what she's made from. However, given what I've seen this is the 2nd closest battle I've done. Right now the ball is in Aschen's court and only barely so. 

41st Round: Battle of the Boobs

Satellizer el Bridget ~ Freezing by evitacarla  :iconvplz: :iconsplz:  Matsumoto Rangiku - 10th Squad by kurotsuchi-666
Satellizer el Bridget                                   Rangiku Matsumoto

REASON FOR FIGHTING: These blondes have the biggest busts in anime I know. This will define the term "Boobs of Steel" properly.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Satellizer is known as the untouchable queen and has a determination that is incorruptable. She has survived getting a leg chopped off and taken damage similar to what the Bleach cast has handled. Accel Turn will even keep her on par with Rangiku's Shunpo. That said, even all that considered, Rangiku is a professional with way more experience than Satellizer. Also, the Bleach universe law of reiatsu will minimize the damage Rangiku will take from Satellizer. Also, Rangiku is a vice-captain, she's so strong that at her full power she would negatively affect the living world. Satellizer will put up a good fight and her determination and willpower will keep her in for much longer, but Rangiku will get her to stay down. That's my current opinion.

42nd Round: Battle of the Brats

Annie and Tibbers [League of Legends] by pskibobby :iconvplz: :iconsplz: +Anise - AT+ by Sheena-X-Zelos
Annie & Tibbers                                   Anise Tatlin & Tokunaga

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Two pre-pubescent girls with giant plushies as partners. I can't stand either one of them. Let's make them beat the shit out of each other.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: While Anise is at least twice Annie's age, Annie is a child prodigy, having obtained Tibbers when she was 2. Furthermore, Annie can summon Tibbers as much as she likes. If Anise loses Tokunaga he can't come back. Furthermore, Anise has no skill in combat without Tokunaga while Annie has no problem going solo. 

43rd Round: Plant People

poison ivy by Jericho0fox :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Zyra, Rise of Thorns by Kittrix
Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy)                       Zyra, Rise of the Thorns

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Zyra borrows her inspiration from Poison Ivy, but can she beat her?

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: None at the moment. My research on Ivy is stunted and for me to say anything right now would only be me talking as a biased fanboy of my favorite League of Legends female that I want to do naughty things to. It all hinges on whether or not Ivy has better control over plant-life than Zyra. Barring that, Zyra will take home the victory

44th Round: League of Ebil

Zorbak Picture 2 by Kabroz :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Veigar by alben
Zorbak                                                   Veigar

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Zorbak is Ebil and Veigar isn't taken seriously. Do not let that picture fool you. This will be certainly one of the most comedic battles I've done

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: While Zorbak certainly can summon the legion of the dead, that's just farming for Veigar, which every leaguer knows you do NOT want to do. Once Baleful strike is powered up, Veigar can do a lot of damage to Zorbak. While the blue rat can heal himself, he also has a high intellect, which makes him vulnerable to Veigar's Primordial Burst. For once, Veigar will have a legitimate victory. It's unfortunate that victory will be over the Team Rocket equivalent of the AQ universe.

45th Round: Guns of Light

ToA Legretta by Sylph92 :iconvplz: :iconsplz: League of Legends Lucian Render by RikkuTenjouSs
Legretta the Quick                            Lucian

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Legretta is a light-based fighter with dual handguns that fire fragments of light. She is quick on her feet and one of the best fighters in the Six-god Generals. Lucian fires laser blasts from his handguns and has much the same fighting style as Legretta.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Without knowing what Legretta's skills are (not that she could have many being an antagonist) Lucian's guns are much more powerful than hers and his "The Culling" is more than a match for Legretta's "Prism Ballet". It only matters now who the quicker shot is and which one of them can move faster and which one of them can take hits better. Also, Lucian's attacks consume mana while Legretta never seems to run out of ammo. This is also a factor to be considered.

46th Round: World devouring abominations

Frieza by Smoker1988 :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Cho'gath Render by SilentLipz
Frieza                                              Cho'Gath

REASON FOR FIGHTING: I wanted an excuse to use Cho'Gath. Apparently his Feral Scream's output at full power is reason enough to let him fight this MOFO.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Cho'Gath's Feral Scream, according to his Battlecast prime skin, reaches Exotons of force. While all leaguers have some limitations or another while fighting, Cho'Gath not only has been willfully limited for his own amusement, but he also isn't taking the fighting seriously. the league THINKS they have him under lock and key, but he will kill them all if they do not prove entertaining. Like all void creatures--and like Kirby--Cho'Gath adapts to whatever he can consume, a bit of munching on Frieza's flesh and Cho'Gath can adapt better to Frieza's attacks. Since Cho'Gath will already be at full power from the onset, it's only a matter of time before the world conqueror is feeling the hurt. Sadly, Frieza can blow up planets willingly and even though Cho'Gath can live in a boundary between dimensions (which means he can breathe in space), all the power in the world won't stop this world devouring abomination from complete and total disintegration. 

47th Round: Lunacy

Princess Luna by Isegrim87 :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Diana by justduet
Princess Luna                                           Diana

REASON FOR FIGHTING: I had Celestia fight before, people have asked me to use Luna. I want the Scion of the Moon to fight it's Equestrian ruler. When Diana sees what Luna is, she'll freak.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Like with Celestia, it's obvious Luna will have high level magic like beams, temperature control with an eclipse, and also dark magic with her nightmare moon form. There's also her own hindquarters and her ability to fly to consider as well. Diana, being just a normal human with considerable power will be hard pressed to fight a magic-using flying pony. However, I predict that this will wind up turning out like Bison Vs Shao Khan. Diana, using moon magic isn't exactly the best idea against the one who manipulates the celestial body itself.

48th Round: Machinations

AE IOTW Carl Clover by Gemini-kun :iconvplz: :iconsplz: orianna by justduet
Carl Clover                                              Orianna

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Both Orianna and Nirvana have similar connections to the humans they're based from. Ball and Carl are just add-ons even though Carl will be doing most of the fighting

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: While Orianna certainly has free reign while Nirvana follows Carl's orders. Because Ball is just an object and not a living being, Orianna can get two-pronged while Carl and Nirvana have teamwork on their side.

49th Round: Mad Science

Mayuri Kurotsuchi by StormFedeR :iconvplz: :iconsplz: mundo to strong for you by jouste
Mayuri Kurotsuchi                             Doctor Mundo

REASON FOR FIGHTING: These twisted sons of bitches see all the world as a lab experiment, including themselves

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: .....................I want Mundo to win. I really want Mundo to win, but he doesn't have the proper tools for dealing with Mayuri's arsenal. Sadistic fuck though he is, Mundo doesn't have any drugs to counter Mayuri's Ashisogi Jizou to get his limbs working again and Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou will just make things even worse for poor Mundo. Even considering Burning Agony, Mayuri never fights at close range and always uses trick after deception to win. If he doesn't outright kill the sadomasochistic fuck he'll take him as a lab Mundo's own request. 

50th Round: Master of the Sword
Erza Scarlet - Heaven's Wheel by zakilliet :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Roronoa Zoro by Nouin
Erza Scarlet                                        Roronora Zoro

REASON FOR DOING: Time to shut the fandom up once and for all. With Mashima taking inspiration from One Piece and Oda being his idol and all, has the student bested the master or is the king of storytelling also the king of character creation?

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: At present the ball is in Erza's court. I need to see what Zoro's upper limits are before I render a final verdict. To make things fair I will ONLY be using manga abilities. The anime will only be used to verify a character's skill, but will not be used to determine it.

51st Round: Personal Nostalgic Battle

Danny Phantom by PinkyPhantom :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Starfire by 0XsarachanX0
Danny Phantom                            Starfire

REASON FOR FIGHTING: I have wanted to do this one ever since I thought of it just because of the nostalgic value it holds to me

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: So that Danny does not become one with the other side in record time, I'll only be using Starfire from the cartoon series that aired on Cartoon Network. THE GOOD ONE! Even with that said, the poor ghost boy, I don't think, stands a chance. Danny's intangibility and invisibility will certainly keep Star at bay for a while and his body merging powers might help him make Star self-destruct, but Starfire is a lot faster than Danny, has more than enough in her arsenal to keep HIM at bay. Plus, Star's stamina is a lot better than his. Although her Tamaranian strength will avail her little given Danny's intangibility, it's her alien durability and control over her powers that will win her the day. Danny, even by series end, still struggles to maintain in his ghost form (Just look at the movie with Freakshow where he transforms in front of his entire school). Danny's Ghostly Wail, though a powerful last resort, is non-lethal even to his own enemies so it's likely it won't be enough to kill or incapacitate Starfire for long. Even if he could take over Starfire's body, her willpower wouldn't allow him to stay in it long enough to do any real self-damage. Still, the fight is going to be worth it JUST to see Danny take over yet another girl's body on purpose. 

52nd Round: An idea half-owed to :iconsirarchibaldmapsalot: 

Mikasa by oceantann :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Simon Blackquill by SpiderZed
Mikasa Ackerman                        Simon Blackquill

REASON FOR FIGHTING: This fight was suggested to me.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: I'm going to rewatch a little of Attack on Titan and research Iajitsu, but this is going to be a case of losing the battle to win the war. Or, to put it another way, letting go of the early game, to turn the tide at the very end. Mikasa is going to dominate the battlefield right at the very start. Her maneuver gear will let her zip around the battlefield with ease, taking potshots at Simon as she zips right by him. However, Simon is said to be a proper wielder with a katana and so it wouldn't be a stretch to say he knows how to properly dodge an incoming attack. The man has reflexes enough to precisely slice a falling feather out of the air from halfway across a courtroom with his BARE HANDS! The real question isn't can he hold a candle to Mikasa's maneuver gear, but whether or not he can survive its advantage before he either cuts the cable or Mikasa runs out of gas. If it was Levi he was up against, the fight would be over faster than Simon could blink given Levi's experience. With Mikasa though, the girl is still a trained soldier, but also more on Simon's level. Her level however happens to be just a little too underleveled to actually pull off a victory. Mikasa is trained to fight 15-meter tall titans, not other humans. While Levi has the preciseness to properly cut down his own kin while moving at high speeds, there's nothing to suggest that Mikasa has the same. It's her inexperience and lack of tactical knowledge that will lose her the fight, but she will put up a good one to be sure.

53rd Round: Dark Magic

Syndra by Tropic02 :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Rest by Shiso
Syndra, the Dark Sovereign                       Aversa

REASON FOR FIGHTING: These two have a LOT in common. They're both dark magic users, plucked from a village where they both were said to be considerably gifted in the ways of magic. Both of them also have white hair and a nice rack while wearing lots of leather. However, the core of their character is considerably different. Aversa (MAJOR SPOILER) seeks to atone for the things she's done while Syndra continues to chase ultimate power even to this day and will kill anyone who gets in her way. 

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Aversa might have command over Goetia, Mire, and her own specialty Aversa's Night, but Syndra has the telekinetic power to lift an entire castle. Furthermore, Syndra has the better accuracy game, could use Aversa's own mount against her and is the only one of the two with any ability to stun the other. 

54th Round: Dragons Again

Grima-the fell dragon by HunterandLoki :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Acnologia is screaming by diabolumberto
Grima, the Fell Dragon                               Acnologia

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Ever since Alduin Vs the Archdemon, a few people have asked me to use Acnologia. Well, I hope you're not disappointed.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: While we still haven't seen what Acnologia is truly capable of, like with Due, Grima only comes from one game and I've analyzed the shit out of him already. Acnologia, like Godzilla, is considerably lacking in size against his opponent, but we saw how well that worked out for the Archdemon now didn't we? However, Grima's massive size isn't the only thing he has over Acnologia. He has the mind of the game's best tactician and dark magic that spews 10 feet high and 25-30 feet forward. He also has his dragonskin to reduce damage and his forboding aura to nullify automatic counter attacks. Even the Divine Dragon power of Tiki is not ultra effective against this monster. Acnologia has MORE than the power to combat this behemoth, the real question is whether or not he has the other stats to match. 

55th Round: Armored and Cloaked Emperors

Doom by EspenG :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Darth Vader by 6kart
Doctor Doom                                   Darth Vader

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Both Doom and Vader have horrible burns and were forced to cover their faces. They also have similar histories. They are both high ranking villians. Doom is the ruler of Latveria and Vader is the leader of Emperor Palpatine's forces. Both wear a cape and both wear a helmet. And both have similar secondary powers outside Doom's doom bots and Vader's light saber

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Vader's lightsaber is more than capable of slicing through Doctor Doom without effort. However, that's only if he gets the chance. Considering Doom's affinity for Doom bots and higher strategic mind there's not a high chance of Vader surviving long enough to make sure that his lightsaber kills the real doom. Vader's force powers will only avail him enough to keep Doom at bay, which is more than can be said for a lot of people that you could put up against Doctor Doom. 

56th Round: Spider People

Elise The Spider Queen by BenJi-XD :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Spiderman by Alentrix
Elise, the Spider Queen                            Peter Parker, the Spiderman

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Elise is just like Spiderman only female...except she's more of a spider than he is. She's also a mage and she can use's a spider's toxin and even BECOME a giant black widow spider. Also, since Spidey's spider sense is apparently inherent from actual spiders then it stands to reason that Elise would have one too. This would make her one of the toughest enemies that Spidey has ever faced and he's getting NO prep time.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Although Elise has more tricks up her sleeve, her durability leaves something to be desired. I need to do more research on neurotoxin and spider venom and Spidey's resistance to such things, but right now my money is on the web head for hand-to-hand advantages and so much durability it makes Elise look like a poppable balloon.

57th Round: Stoic badassery (requested by :icongreatkingrat88:)

Byakuya Kuchiki by Nouin :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Sesshomaru by SatoshisDarkchan
Byakuya Kuchiki                                       Sesshomaru

:icongreatkingrat88: :iconsays3plz: Hei d00d, these two gais are so similar to each other. I want to see them fight. 
:icondraconichero18: :iconsays3plz: Holy crap they are. And you know...this fight looks pretty even. This is totally worth doing.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: It'll take me a while to comb back through Bleach and then spend time wagering tactics and X-factors (especially where Tenseiga is concerned) but right now I'd say Byakuya has an advantage. Sesshomaru's best weapon, Bakusaiga, won't work tremendously effectively against something like Byakuya's Senbonzakura Kageyoshi since they aren't part of Byakuya's body and are just a bunch of tiny blades. In Shikai, Byakuya will never be able to handle Sesshoumaru. He'll need Bankai. The problem is Byakuya has range and versatility and when you have options, you have a victory. Even if I allowed Sesshomaru to have Meidou Zangetsuha for this fight, I don't doubt the outcome will be any different. Sesshoumaru has always been superior, never before has he fought an opponent he didn't consider beneath him. Byakuya was not only humbled by Ichigo but in recent times was shredded by his own weapon. Byakuya's best chance to kill Sesshomaru will be his Gokei Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. Of course, Sesshomaru has his own advantages as well. If he can get into close range--which Byakuya has admitted is Senbonzakura's weakness--he can easily win the fight since any of his deadliest attacks are instant kills if they land direct hits upon Byakuya and even he can't sustain his body with a giant dog yokai bite in his shoulder that is probably poisonous. Ultimately this battle might not even be decided by swords. And those are my current thoughts. 

58th Round: 

Ryuko Matoi by ComplexWish :iconvplz: :iconsplz: InuYasha Wallpaper by Arehina
Ryuko Matoi                                            Inuyasha

REASON FOR FIGHTING: Because I've wanted to put Ryuko in a fight for the longest time now ever since I saw Kill la Kill. I decided that Inuyasha would be her best opponent in terms of someone "on her level"

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: One thing worth noting is that Ryuko's scissor blade will easily be able to cut through Inuyasha protective robe just because of what it is. Ryuko's greatest strength is her ungodly durability (people who have seen the show will understand what I mean). Inuyasha's greatest weapon against Ryuko is the Meidou Zangetsuha and the diamond attack (forgot the exact spelling). The Dragon Scaled Tessaiga could also be a prominent factor since it's possible it might be able to absorb Ryuko's life fibers directly. Ryuko's other big advantage is speed since she can fly with the speed of what appears to be a jet engine and she can cover herself in spikes. Her battle with Inuyasha will no doubt be the toughest she's gone up against. For Inuyasha it will simply be a case of "Why won't you die?" This is probably going to be my favorite battle to write since, after doing my preliminary predictions Ryuko only BARELY WINS. Like we're talking Link Vs Cloud levels of BARELY WINS. Inuyasha might not be as strong, durable or fast as her, but anything he has in his arsenal can properly counter Ryuko's advantages, especially the Meidou Zangetsuha. Still, I have much research to do on this fight and I am definitely looking forward to it. 

59th Round: Overly Large Swords

Nightmare Soul Calibur 5 ill.. by Bride-Of-Nightmare :iconvplz: :iconsplz: 
Nightmare                                        Guts

REASON FOR DOING: I hear this one is a rather popular debate. I'm all for ending popular debates about characters I know.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: There's one important thing we have to remember about this fight: only one of our combatants is human. Nightmare is just a soul in a suit of armor...for the most part. Furthermore, Guts fights abominations like Nightmare all the time, but with the abominable power that is Soul Edge, could Guts' equipment actually trump one of the most powerful entities in the SC canon? Even if :iconbrickbreaker2222: will disagree with me (he's my co-researcher/writer) I say Guts could actually take this. Nightmare's only real advantage over Guts is the fact that his sword is sharper. Guts has every bit of extra strength than Nightmare, plus there's his literal hand cannon. Also, if Guts managed to defeat Nightmare's body, the chances of him getting possessed by Soul Edge are low since he repels demons and the like from his body on a regular basis. True, Soul Edge is on a whole different level, but the chances are significantly lowered. Furthermore, Guts' tactics are a lot wiser than Nightmare's who is pretty much a lot less intelligent than many of Guts' former enemies. And that's not even considering Guts having a pyrric victory by using the power of his Berserk Armor. Ultimately though I need to do more research on Nightmare, but I'm currently under the impression that Guts has what it takes to win. 

60th Round: Aliens Among Us

Xenomorph by RoyDante :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Kha'Zix, the Voidreaver by LeFreaks
Xenomorph                                 Kha'Zix

REASON FOR DOING: Kha'zix is an expy of the Xenomorph. 

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Before anyone asks: no, I don't intend to do a battle between Rengar and the Predator. The Predator is wearing futuristic armor, has superior weaponry and superior range. Rengar's only ranged weapon is a bola. The furry hunter is SCREWED. On the flip side though, Kha'zix, while better armed than the Xenomorph at a glance, struggled to actually defeat Rengar, a point against the void creature. And, as we all know, good old acid for blood is NOT to be trifled with. That said, I'm presently giving this to the Xenomorph. I need to do more research sure, but that thing is NOT nice.

61st Round: Demon Hunters
DANTE by BADCOMPZERO :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Lady in Red by simplicitybc2000
Dante                                                    Mana Tatsumiya

REASON FOR DOING: I wanted to give Dante a chance to redeem himself. I felt Mirajane would be the opponent best suited for him. 

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Based on what I know about both combatants, Mirajane has the close quarter's combat won out. I need to refresh myself to her limitations because if she can survive rockets she'll have an advantage. However, I need to do research on Dante's Majin form and how much of an advantage it would give him. Until such a time as I have finished my research, I'm throwing my hat into the ring for Mirajane. 

62nd Round: Red Head Assassin
Katarina by LeeJJ :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Black Widow - Natasha Romanov by Mazarinem
Katarina                                                               Black Widow

REASON FOR DOING: Both of these characters are assassins of the highest caliber in their respective organizations. They are also known for wearing black, skin tight outfits, and they have red hair. 

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: There's a reason Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow is known as "The Human Pretzel" amongst some fans. She's a contortionist and also adept enough in combat to consistently beat Captain America. While Katarina also contends with a large, muscled, dim-witted soldier, Natasha also has a larger bag of tricks and she has MUCH more fighting experience, not to mention early career efficiency. I mean there's a reason Katarina got that scar after all. While Katarina has SOME things going for her like the speed advantage, I think Natasha simply has her outgunned, quite literally in fact, but we'll see what my full research procures.

63rd Round: Swords and Sorcery

 :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Robin - Fire Emblem Awakening by ricecakepanda
Luke fan Fabre                               Robin

REASON FOR DOING: While Luke technically doesn't have sorcery, he still has Fonic Artes, which, if Robin were to miss with his spells, will create fields of fonons during the battle, making this fight rather interesting. Also, Robin uses a magic sword while Luke's, though magically crafted possibly, has no range potential. Still, I really want to use Luke and this was the best I came up with. I originally thought Meta Knight, but since we know "he's a Kirby" it's really not Luke. No. Seriously. Go look up Death Analysis Kirby and you'll see just how much of a pummeling the puffball species can take. 

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Luke. While Robin DOES have magic and range potential on his side, Luke is just far more durable when you consider their respective canons. Even with Ignis, while I think Robin will put up a decent fight, I just feel Luke has a MUCH higher chance of winning one on one since almost all of FEA was centered around team efforts. Also, while I don't know if I'll be settling on male or female Robin it will hardly matter in the long run. Whatever helps me tell a story better will be what I settle on. Who knows, I might not even use the standard appearance for the character. 

64th Round: Back From the Dead

Aizen Sousuke by Tru-Colorz :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Terumi Hazama by Hellknight10
Sosuke Aizen                                   Yuuki Terumi

REASON FOR DOING: I think Aizen deserves a fair shake after he was obliterated by Dormammu. Terumi, for all intents and purposes I actually thought was going to WIN against Alucard until I did some research. So, since a few of my friends voted on it, here it is, a fight between two absolute assholes of equal caliber....oh who am I kidding, Terumi is far more entertaining and infuriating. But is he more powerful? Well, that's why we're here.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Terumi has no ready counter for Aizen's illusions. However, I don't think that should count him out of the fight immediately. After all, Aizen has to ACTUALLY GET TERUMI TO SEE HIS RELEASE to get Terumi to even by affected by Kyoka Suigetsu and I believe Aizen will have his hands full until the fight gets to that point. Even when it does, I still have to do a fair bit of research on Terumi because it's possible he could actually turn the tide despite Kyoka Suigetsu, but I'll have to see. Aizen's certainly no Alucard and Terumi is certainly no Dorm. However, in the end, both of these assholes deserve worse than the pain and suffering they'll be doling out to each other. Still, since I have to pick the best of the worst, as I already said: Aizen since Terumi has no readily known counter for Kyoka Suigetsu.

65th Round: Boss Rage

Tabuu by Lock-Wolf :iconvplz: :iconsplz: 
Tabuu                                                        Master Core

REASON FOR DOING: Tabuu was the Final Boss of the Subspace Emissary in Brawl. Master Core is the unique boss you face on intensity 5.1 or higher in Classic mode Smash Bros 4. As both characters are unique to the series and unless Smash Bros 5 includes both of them, it's likely they will never encounter each other. So that begs the question: which of these absolute cheap ass final bosses is stronger and more deadly?

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Tabuu has a lot more in his arsenal than Master Core and actually single handedly put down Master Hand. Master CORE is birthed from Master Hand or...something like that, I don't know. So, despite being newer, I don't think this cheaper boss is going to be able to party like its 2008. After all, there's a REASON you get 6 lives to beat Tabuu and only 2 to defeat MC. 

66th Round: Puzzle solving

Pf Layton and the D.Box by Katikut :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Kaito "Einstein" Daimon by Toshiharu
Professor Layton                                Kaito Daimon

REASON FOR DOING: After completing the Professor Layton crossover with Phoenix Wright I decided to have Professor Layton take a stand against a rival who is his equal in puzzle solving: Daimon Kaito from Phi Brain. 

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Since, obviously, neither character would kill the other and this is a "puzzle battle", the idea is that Kaito and Layton will have to compete against each other FOR THEIR LIVES! In short, some cartoonishly evil villain from the Phi Brain universe tricks Kaito and Layton in competing against each other in a Fool's Puzzle. For non-Phi Brain fans this means a puzzle in which the only reward for solving it is your life and failure to do so means death. The winner will be determined by "Who is better under pressure" "who is intellectually superior" "who has more experience solving puzzles" "the hardest puzzle both have solved" "the average difficulty of the puzzles both have solved" "who is more athletic". Even with my limited knowledge of Layton, I have no doubt that he'll actually manage to stay half a step ahead of Kaito. He's older, has more experience and MUCH calmer under pressure than Kaito. Of course, I've yet to see the professor in a life or death situation so this is subject to change. But, for Layton fans, this is a good sign if the limited knowledge I have of the character is superior to a character I'm more familiar with. It shows a lack of bias. 

67th Round: Hunter/Titans

Shingeki no kyojin by MicehellWDomination :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Gnar! by wolfpup026
Eren Jaeger                                    Gnar

REASON FOR DOING: Eren and Gnar both are hunters in their smaller state. In their transformed states, both of them lose all reasoning and logic and become mindless beasts hellbent on destruction.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Although Gnar is a resourceful hunter and has the strength to break True Ice, I don't think he has what it takes to defeat Eren. While he has range over Eren at the start with his boomerang, Eren has much more maneuverability with his 3D maneuver gear. The proper location for battle would be a forest, plenty of use for the gear and home field advantage for Gnar. In a close range battle, Eren, as a human, towers over poor Gnar and could punt the little thing if it got too annoying. Mega Gnar will certainly put up a hell of a fight as it tries to maul Eren's face off, but Eren's titan form is FIFTEEN METERS TALL. I'm PRETTY sure Mega Gnar is barely 4 meters. Eren has defeated titans of similar sizes without breaking a sweat. Also, Eren's titan form only has one weakness, which I'm not sure Gnar could hope to figure out. However, Eren is not a complete titan, so Gnar will definitely slow him down a bit given how savage and relentless he is. However, the biggest point AGAINST Gnar is that his transformation is temporary and comes in waves. Once Eren goes into titan form there isn't much that can stop him. It's kill or be killed. Score one for the human race in my opinion, but that remains to be seen. 

68th Round: Princess Grudge Match

:iconvplz: :iconsplz: :Rosalina: by Daniel-Link
Princess Daisy                              Rosalina

REASON FOR DOING: For those of you unfamiliar with Nintendo's history. A long time ago, Super Mario Land was released for the Game Boy. It introduced a new Princess into the mix Princess Daisy. She was later defined as "The Tomboy Princess" making her first console appearance on the N64 in Mario Party 3 as a playable character. She would later appear in many sports games and was even a palette swap for Peach in Super Smash Bros Melee and Brawl. THEN, Super Mario Galaxy was released and introduced the lovely dame on the right, Rosalina. Since then, for reasons I'm not yet certain about--though I can kind of guess--Rosalina took the Mario fanbase by STORM. Rosalina has appeared in almost every Mario game since her release including Super Mario 3D world, Mario Kart Wii and the 3DS Mario Golf. And yet, Daisy is left hung out to dry in the more mainstream Mario titles, left to sit on the sidelines except in sports. Also, given a few of :icongabasonian:'s comics
this one: Forgetting Someone? by Gabasonian
and this one: Let's Smash Bros. by Gabasonian
You'd start to think that perhaps Daisy isn't too happy about this new female character who hasn't even been around for 10 years in the Mario fandom getting more attention that she deserves. It feels like Nintendo is neglecting the tomboy princess either by accident or on purpose. And, if the latter, I think it's high time this unknown rivalry came to head. This is a battle that MUST happen.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Since obviously Rosalina will be without her Luma aid for this bout, I can only take into consideration what she is capable of doing on her own. Well for one she can levitate and protect minature galaxies with that little wand of hers. And apparently she's fitting an entirely galaxy up her dress. (Don't ask). Still, Daisy still has years of experience with Tennis, Baseball, Mario Party and, most importantly of all, Soccer. Being a fan of both characters--albeit finding Rosalina far more attractive--I'm going to have to give the initial advantage to Daisy for simply being around longer. However, for all I know once my research is complete, Rosalina could prove too much for this grudge holding tomboy. However, even if this is a bigger power gap than Raiden and Thor, this is a spectacle to be sure. REGARDLESS of the outcome you can bet your asses I am going to do this.......unless Death Battle beats me to it.

69th Round: Boy geniuses 

DSC Dexter by PioPauloSantana :iconvplz: :iconsplz: 
Dexter                                                    Jimmy Neutron

REASON FOR DOING: These two are the biggest child geniuses of my childhood. Forget Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour. This is where the real action is.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Dexter. His shit actually works. 

70th Round: Fictional Fictional Heroes

 :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Crimson Chin by RiddlerPower
Major Glory                                            Crimson Chin

REASON FOR DOING: I saw someone post this on DeviantART. If Death Battle doesn't do it, I certainly will.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: The Crimson Chin actually has experience fighting and defeating criminals on a regular basis and is an actual comic book character. Major Glory--while awesome in his own right--is a parody. Blatant hostess fruit pies ripoff much?

71st Round: Combat Sadism
Juri Han by KevinRaganit :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Minerva Sabertooth - Fairy Tail by linkzerx9
Juri Han                                          Minerva Orlando

REASON FOR DOING: Let's just say that after the rough treatment Juri got in One Minute Melee I wanted to use her for one of these now more than ever. Minerva is similar to Juri in terms of combat sadism and all around bitchy personality and if you stop and examine them they look just a TAD similar--though Minerva clearly has the bigger bust.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: That said, I feel I might just wind up making things even worse for Juri ^^;. Minerva's territory magic is no joke and will give her considerable control over the battlefield. That said, Minerva's territory magic requires line of sight and this being Juri, she'd go the extra mile to blind Minerva by digging her fingernails into her eye sockets. Juri's batshit craziness and more experience might give her the win, especially given her amazing track record of ass kicking. That said, until I do more research, I'm currently giving the edge to Miss Orlando.

72nd Round: Sword and Shield

 :iconvplz: :iconsplz: League of Legends: Leona by ClandestineKnight
Sir Tathlin                                 Leona

REASON FOR DOING: While Artix is much more the "paladin" type when compared to Leona, both Tathlin and Leona have similar movesets with shield bashing and solar rays and each is a respectable character in their own right with a history of another faction of creatures--demons for Tathlin, the Lunari for Leona--standing in their way with their own merits. Where they differ is that Tathlin is racist while Leona seems to act only because Diana won't listen to reason. A clash such as theirs would be a spectacle to see to say the least. One thing I CAN'T say about Tathlin is that he's sexist towards women.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Based on what I know about both characters, I think Tathlin has this simply for the more effective armor and movepool. 

73rd Round: Iron Maiden
Kagura Mikazuchi by onhy3 :iconvplz::iconsplz: Saber by ofSkySociety
Kagura Mikazuchi                          Arturia Pendragon

REASON FOR DOING: Before I begin let me say that since Fate/Zero made no effort to hide that Saber = Genderbent King Arthur and it's now more popular than the original 2006 Fate/Stay Night will ever be, I'm calling Saber as she is for announcement purposes, but I'll refer to her as Saber for the sake of ease. That said, Saber and Kagura are both stoic badass women of basically a showdown between the fantastical version of a Samurai and the fantastical version of a knight, the KING of knights to be exact. It's not a popular matchup sure, but the moment I thought of it, I felt it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Kagura's gravity magic is going to make life HELL for Saber, but Saber is naturally tougher and faster than Kagura so she's going to need a handicap. Saber's Excalibur is also the perfect FOIL to Kagura's Archenemy as both are of comparable power. That said, I see the king of knights taking this bout simply because it's freaking Saber! 

74th Round: Need for Speed
Sonic by TheWax :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Rainbow Dash by BlackGryph0n
Sonic the Hedgehog                          Rainbow Dash

REASON FOR DOING: Because people won't shut up about this idea. 

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: Do I REALLY need to say it? I love RD, she's my favorite member of the mane six, but there is NO WAY! IN HELL! that she is going to stand up to the almighty Super Sonic. Barring that transformation this fight is relatively fair since each combatant brings some unique abilities to the table like Rainbow Dash's trademark Sonic RainNuke, but Good LORD, is she screwed the minute Sonic ups the ante with the Chaos Emeralds. 

75th Round: The Chessmaster
 :iconvplz: :iconsplz: Yagami Raito by Hani7
Zero (Lelouch vi Britannia)                        Kira (Light Yagami)

REASON FOR DOING: There have been so many fanfics out there constructing a plot to pit these two anti-heroes against each other. Many people pick their favorite to win, many people sometimes make one or both act out of character in order to make ends meet for a victory by one or both that is purely plot constructed. But between both of these two masters of "all according to plan" which one is deadliest? Which one has the capacity to completely psych out the other and ultimately bring about the downfall of what many consider their greatest adversary.

PRELIMINARY PREDICTIONS: In a gladiatorial style matchup, Light stands no chance in hell. But what about a more underhanded matchup? These two are chessmasters, so it's better if we have them planning against each other than just standing in a field zero prep time. It basically forces me to ask who is the better researcher, the better critical thinker and who has the better chance of gambitting the other person into a corner and ultimately offing them. If we give the characters their whole arsenal at their disposal, I.e Lelouch has the black knights and Light is in with the police force (which he was after a certain time), it then falls on both protagonists to identify the true nature of the enemy culprit and then manage to corner and kill them. While this has the potential to swing in the favor of either protagonist, both of which having creative ways of ending the other, I'm still going to toss my hat into the ring with Lelouch simply due to the fact that Light really does have a 50% shot of killing Lelouch unless he figures out both names and while both have to unmask the other, if they have some way of narrowing their search, they could mow down the area and Light only has a small police force at his disposal, while Lelouch has an entire army with which to crush Kira. True, there are other factors I have to examine: which one is easier to unmask? When in continuity should this take place (since it will change the playing field considerably if Suzaku is Lelouch's enemy, L is skulking about and/or Misa is still the 2nd Kira or if Mikami is). And that's what makes it interesting. Could my favorite character of all time be outmatched? Let us see what fate foretells.

And that's currently all I have for now. At this moment in time I am currently taking no future suggestions until I've freed up some space in the queue. This journal is so large it almost hits DA's 60KB limit. So until then, keep an eye on the completed rounds to get your WWW fuel.
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Our top story today comes from Epic Rap Battles of History. Romeo and Juliet Vs Bonnie and Clyde. 

The streets were died red and everyone was laughing until blood was spilled. 

In this reporter's opinion, this was better than the Season 4 opener of Mythbusters Vs Ghostbusters. Here's hoping for King Arthur Vs Alexander the great before the season is over.

In other news, 1 Minute Melee came out featuring one of my favorite women: Juri Han. 
It was an amazing fight that is a testament of how much action 1 man can cram into a single minute.

And then it blewed when Juri didn't win. I'm mad. 

Fairy Tail 409 and Fairy Tail Zero 5 came out today.
I'm not 100% certain if I like Jiemma getting taken down almost as soon as he's brought up, but I've given up on Mashima making things suspenseful for any more than a single chapter. 
Fairy Tail Zero 5 on the other hand: for all those people who thought Mashima was going to go Sixth Sense on our asses, well, that theory was just shot to hell and landed belly up in the water with cement shoes. 

Atop the 4th Wall featured the boy wonder and Linkara even clarified that he's so immature that he will make fun of something sacred. 

Cornelia of the Defection 6 status report will hopefully be given later today in private. Production continues on it and my novel series. 
Also, Kallen is currently leading the polls.

Well everyone that's the news and I 

Ja ne!
With the apocalypse averted, Maya Kumashiro believed things would return to being normal. She had a school to run, a young boy to look after and a big mes to clean up. 

But with great political power comes great responsibility and now the local government wants to repurpose the land Waldstein Academy stands on. 

What's a 17-year-old principal to do?

Who is this weird woman who has a bright white light follow her everywhere. 

And why is she demanding to become Occult Academy' Occult University's Student Council President?

:icongreatkingrat88: :iconsays3plz: Another crossover? Good god man do you ever stop?


Yeah, Occult University is basically the idea of Occult Academy being turned into a college and Satsuki Kiyurin stepping into the picture--along with the rest of the main KLK cast. 

And the weird adventures just pick up from there. 
Ragyo might return
The life fibers will eventually invade again.

And Maya starts learning how to become a witch and slowly giving into old, childhood habits. 

But, of course, there are other issues such as the local government not wanting a bunch of "snot nosed kids" ruling a large and fantastic university dedicated to the occult and the supernatural. 

the series would take place after the events of both Kill la Kill AND Occult Academy and it will be glorious!

But it's only half an idea at best

Ja ne!
This is now the 2nd time I've investigated an anime because the porn I found of it made me want to know what the real thing was like. 

The first time this happened that was Kampfer.

Occult Academy wasn't on my list of anime to actually watch, but against all expectations, here's a new review for those of you who like listening to me talk about what I've watched/read. 

When I investigated Kampfer, the only thing I knew about it was that Natsuru transformed from girl to boy and back again and that he was molested by his female classmates as a girl

.....don't ask.

With Occult Academy the only thing that drew my attention was what I suspected was the heroine: Maya. 

Not only did I turn out to be right, but it seems that I've now got a good track record--or just two amazing coincidences--that an anime I investigated because of porn turned out to be worthwhile. BOTH Kampfer and Occult Academy reside in my top 20 list of favorites. 

Now, I think it's clear that my tastes are...unorthodox to most people. I think FMA and Cowboy Bebop are overrated and don't leave a lasting impression, but that's besides the point. 

Anyway, reviewing Occult Academy is...difficult. It's flawed to be sure, even more than a recent review of mine, Kill la Kill, but for all the things Occult Academy did wrong, it's done several things right. I'm going to try and cover everything worth talking about at once, but first a quick synopsis:

Maya Kumashiro is a young woman who arrives late to her father's funeral wearing a white dress, which is just about the rudest thing you could ever do. 
After her father is possessed by a ghost, she winds up beating the crap out of said ghost and--through her father's will--winds up inheriting Waldstein Academy and becoming its principal.......despite being young enough to be a student there. 

:icongreatkingrat88: :iconsays3plz: Good gods that can't be legal

Not in any way I understand the law, but this is also an anime that involves aliens, time travel and the apocalypse so this is the least of our worries.

:icongreatkingrat88: :iconsays3plz: Egads! All of that at once! Shall we throw in a zombie plague and giant robots while we're at it?

Yes, yes, it all sounds a bit much, but the series manages to make it work despite its short run time, mostly because the aliens and apocalypse are merely a threat if our heroine can't find the Macguffin and destroy it so that said aliens won't invade and nuke the planet. 

But this is where Occult Academy basically pulls a Sword Art Online, it sucks you in with an amazing premise, but then dicks around until like the last couple of episodes in actually getting anywhere. 

Okay that's not entirely true, a good number of episodes are dedicated to developing Maya's character and degrading her from royal bitch down to defrosting ice queen. 

And yet, Maya's character never suffers for it. 

For the first time in anime history, our main lead is a strong, self-sufficient, modestly dressed, independent woman whose adventures don't revolve around falling in love. Hell the romance sub-plot that DOES exist is SO subtle you probably won't see that it even EXISTS until hindsight kicks in around the time of the climax. Unless, of course, you read the writing on the wall with "belligerent sexual tension", but that doesn't equal romance in the slightest. 

Uh, Japan, are you feeling all right?
I haven't been this confused with you since RomeoXJuliet and at least then Juliet's adventures had heavy romance as their number one priority. 

I'll admit that Maya is hot and I'd love to have sex with her savor me saying that because I doubt I'll ever be this blunt about an anime character ever again, but the anime never makes any attempt to emphasize or objectify the character.

Right, good stuff out of the way, let's talk shitiness

As I already mentioned, Occult Academy suffers from the same problems SAO did, having a great premise and doing almost nothing with it. 

Also, the supporting bumbling hero--who I am just going to call Keigo Asano in this review since the dude has like three different names and he looks and ACTS like Keigo from Bleach enough--walks a fine line between being a decent character and just an unlikable whiny douche. Let us be thankful it's Maya in the pilot's seat, a testament of the fact that she's the principal. 

The side characters have absolutely no substance to them with Kozue, in my opinion, being the worst of the bunch. It's like the creators were trying to make a Mako or a Pinkie Pie and they failed so miserably and created something that's just flat out annoying. 

Ami is your stereotypical: knew the heroine before she grew up and I won't even bothering to mention anyone else since they don't get any real development.....except for Mikaze, but the less said about her the better if you actually plan on checking this series out. 

Also, the anime seems to have a problem deciding if it wanted to be a serious show or if it wanted to be a comedy since there are a lot of scenes MEANT to be taken seriously and ultimately I think the series would've been a lot better if someone had been holding the choke chain a little harder.
The reason I love Kill la Kill and Kampfer so much is because it's clear the writers designed them in mind NOT to be taken seriously, but Occult Academy seems to be trying to make a compromise and it ultimately hurts the series.

...right up until the climax anyway.

Now, while I'm all for building towards a climax slowly and painstakingly Thank you, One Piece, OA managed this in a similar fashion to Demon King Daimao where all of a sudden the plot decides to just move forward and Puella Magi Madoka Magica where it's clear something is being built towards, you're just not exactly sure what's up. Considering OA was MADE by Aniplex, the comparison to PMMM is understandable. Thankfully unlike DKD, OA actually keeps its plot AFLOAT much like with PMMM. 

To say anything about the climax for Occult Academy would be a huge spoiler, however, I do have to talk about it to some extent. 

For those of you that want to check this anime out just because I'm talking about it, this is the part where you start being mindful of spoilers.

Anyway, when Episode 12 fails to save the world, episode 13 comes along and I really feel as if everything just fell apart in that episode since we get one of the most over the top and forced Deus ex Machina's ever.

After actually CAUSING the apcoalypse, Keigo saves the day with a spoon. The Tick would be so proud


Check it:



When I saw this happening I actually remembered being shown this scene, but I couldn't remember where or when I'd seen it. 

I will say right here and right now that even IN context this scene makes ABSOLUTELY NO GOD DAMN SENSE! It is BLATANT Deus Ex machina in at its most infamous. It's never explained, comes right the fuck out of nowhere and this is essentially the last scene of the anime

I'm fucking serious.

And yet it's just SO over the top awesome that I can't be mad at it at all.

So at the end of the day do I recommend Occult Academy?

Well, for those of you who want a taste of something a little unorthodox for what you usually get in anime both just in general and in protagonists I definitely say it's worth a peek. I hold NO promises for quality though. 

For those of you who need everything explained to them on a silver platter, this is not the anime for you. If you need things to make sense, don't watch this anime. Also, if you don't like animes that try to walk a fine line between seriousness and comedy, be careful with this little number. 

And I know what everyone is probably thinking and just so I can shut down everyone's thoughts at once: No, the porn is not better than the show itself.

Ja ne!
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  • Mood: Relief…

Enjoy, folks. 

I'm HOPING I will have next chapter out before the end of this year. I have most of the first week in December off to work on it so we'll see what happens. 

Until then, continue to vote on the poll.

Enjoy the CC/Lelouch shipping in this chapter
And take note of Incest Yay between Lelouch and Cornelia whether it be creepy or tantalizing to you XD

Ja ne!


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