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My good friend :icongreatkingrat88: just did a journal to be positive about the long running shonen (Naruto, Fairy Tail and Bleach) that he follows or used to follow. 

He then called me out and ask that I do the inverse, asking me to do a bit old heavy criticism on the shonen I like.

Now, since the word "like" gets thrown around by me a lot--especially considering my top 50--I am only going to be focusing on those shonen which I actually care a great deal about. Of the shows I'm actually heavily invested in, I'm going to use Bleach as my cutoff point since not only will that have the most for me to complain about things, but it's also just outside my top 20 on my top 50 right now at #21. With that said, after I watch a few more anime, it's likely you will see a re-post of my top 50. 

Please note that this is me saying that despite all these flaws that I still find these shows to be enjoyable because in retrospect to the bottom of the barrel they are "enjoyably flawed" in my opinion. That said, there is a lot of STUPID to cover so let's get started

Fairy Tail:

The time skip was ill-timed and completely unnecessary 

Sting's defeat was completely anti-climactic in the Grand Magic Games. 

The unneeded close up shot of Flare's tits during the ending of the Sun Village arc

Why did Mystogan have to be related to Jellal in some way? Lazy, lazy writing only serving to turn one of the biggest badasses of the series into more shilling of Mashima's favorite character. 

Jellal being brought back to begin with. He was a good arc villain that didn't need to see the light of day more than once. 


Mashima does little to make his villains memorable at all. Without going to the wiki I would remember jack for spit about MOST of the villains in Fairy Tail. Hell, I can hardly remember a lot of the details of the fights in Fairy Tail, which is not a good thing. Then again it has been a long time since I watched them.

I can actually understand why people call Erza a Mary Sue and it's not because she "always wins her fights". In a universe about magic, Mashima went out of his way to make armor and weapons be connected to magic, which is unusual, but in retrospect since NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS, it kind of makes Erza seem like a special snowflake, Kagura not withstanding. 

Mashima has no ensemble outside of Fairy Tail. I'm going out of my way to replace the characters in the Grand Magic Games with more interesting and developed characters--the ones from Quatro Cerberus and Blue Pegasus mostly--because Mashima doesn't know how to give anyone development other than our heroes. There's a lot of untapped potential in Fairy Tail that Mashima clearly does not have time for and the amount of characters that get introduced and are forgotten is MIND BOGGLING! I'm reminded of the early development points of my novel.


A lot of arc went bloody fucking no where, served as mostly filler in the MANGA ITSELF! Furthermore, a lot of the stories were just boring!

Koga FAILS on life as an actual character and serves for no other purpose other than an unneeded love rival for Kagome/Inuyasha which ALREADY EXISTED WITH KIKYOU! GOOD GOD THAT TWILIGHT COMPARISON TO INUYASHA IS STARTING TO RING HOME!

Kohaku got to survive the events of the series due to PLOT! NO! I don't care what Takahashi says actually happened, IT WAS PLOT CONVENIENCE PLAIN AND SIMPLE! If I was writing Inuyasha I would've had a tearful few chapters dedicated to Sango having to pick between the end of the world and her brother's life, NOT HAVE A CONTRIVED "EVERYBODY'S HAPPY" BULLCRAP THAT EXISTED WITHIN THIS FUCKING CLIMAX! FUCK!

On the grand scheme of things, Inuyasha could've been a MUCH shorter series with Naraku feeling more like something akin to the Surgeon General in Daredevil and only was made so powerful because reasons!

Speaking of Naraku, the guy is an asshole, but never quite feels like a credible threat, since he winds up hiding behind his minions a lot and letting them walk around playing as a chessmaster you know what, I withdraw this one. 


Attack on Titan:
I've already made my point on AoT in another journal in how the 40 pages really feel like they drag on compared to other monthly manga like Soul Eater and that I'm none too happy ABOUT the series turning into something bigger until I see something actually DONE with it. I'm also tired of our heroes constantly LOSING all the time!

Freezing's fanservice in its early stages is grating and annoying and by god LOUIS SHOULD BE DEAD THE ASSHOLE!
(I think that covers everything really)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: (and I can hear :iconvogoshinki screaming in agony)

The fact that Yoko smiling at Simon when he pillowed her mammaries went absolutely goddamn nowhere!

I never liked Nia as a character. Yeah. I'm throwing that out there. I never liked her and I never really thought she was anything more than a cardboard cutout love interest. You wanna talk flat characters, Nia makes Orihime look like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. 
(flame shields armed)

The two episodes after the time skip were just DUMB. You know the ones I'm talking about, the ones that happened before the creators realized we need to keep up with the over the top stupidity of the series instead of trying to be all real and edgy. 

Episode 4. I shouldn't have to say anything else. 

Kill la Kill:

The climax should've included Satsuki.

One Piece: 

*laughs* Ooooooh boy do I have a LOT to rip apart on One Piece. 

The artwork sucks. No, I'm serious. I greatly dislike Oda's artwork style. Mashima at least "evolved out of it" in my opinion. 

The amount of sheer STUPID in the show is mind numbingly annoying. This includes, but is not limited to, Luffy acting like an idiot, the sheer amount of randomness that goes on in the show that make you think Oda works closely with the people behind FLCL and Panty and Stocking (I don't mean Gainax, I specifically mean the dev team behind those projects), and the various WTF moments that go on in the series and not the dramatic kind

I greatly dislike Usopp and Chopper a vast majority of the time. 

I really didn't think the Mr. 1 fight or the fight was Rob Lucci was all that and a bag of chips. If I did I would've bothered to remember all the details. I'm more impressed with the fight with Oars and the fight with Eneru, Arlong, and the attempted prevention on Ace's execution. 

And, of course

*deep breath*

Why didn't Orihime simply take off the armband and tell people what happened once the fighting had concluded before the Hueco Mundo arc was over? Did she really have that little faith in the Soul Society and everyone else? You need to be really dense to even think that such a thing was a good idea.

Why was the explanation that Masaki was killed off by Grand Fisher not just left like that? Why does Ichigo need to be part Quincy at all? 

Why were the fullbringers even a thing? Aside from Tsukishima's mind fuckery there was really little to no point to them. Why couldn't he just be the arc villain? Why couldn't he have been a substitute soul reaper at one point and his "Book of the End" was his Zanpakuto? I get that Ichigo didn't have his powers, but COME ON!

The Final Getsuga Tensho was completely pulled out of Tite Kubo's ass and why did it have to sap all of Ichigo's powers? Was that really necessary? I get you wanted to set up a time skip and have an excuse not to have Ichigo have romantic development between Orihime or Rukia at all, but this is just a dumb way to pull it off. You could just have Rukia say she's going back to the Soul Society because this is no longer her post and just have Ichigo too focused on his future to really have paid Orihime any real mind. Also, the girl probably needed a shit ton of therapy after Hueco Mundo and she found a job. Not to mention she was training herself. It's a decent enough excuse NOT to have the two of them involved with one another. 

Why was Tatsuki never developed as a character? Why was she just shoved to the side as though a 2nd girl would ruin the team dynamic. Oh, I'm sorry THIRD girl if you count Rukia after the Soul Society arc. Tatsuki is Ichigo's friend since childhood. As much as I love Orihime, having your best friend there at your side when it really matters is IMPORTANT SHIT! I'm not the closest in the world with my best friend I've known since childhood, especially now that she lives in Arizona, but Jesus F. Christ I know I could contact her if I really needed to. I get that Chad is also Ichigo's "best friend", but as cool as a seldom spoken Mexican dude with 90s style muscles is, Chad is really a character with no personality. I know that that's kind of what makes him unique, but he seems to only exist to be subject to the worf effect. You could have two people fill that job Kubo. I know you probably hate Mexicans, but seriously. 

The new villains suck ass! They have no development, are clearly not a real threat except for the characters saying they are, but actions speak louder than words. The Bankai-stealing plot is absolute garbage and I get that they wanted to have a leg-up on their enemies, but you'd think Mayuri would have a way of countering quincies. I mean, he eventually DID have a way, but when you spend 40 years out there researching these guys you think you would have this kind of crap taught in academy classes. Why not? Bleach is a fascist enough universe anyway! Why not teach prejudice while we're at it?

The new villains came out of fucking nowhere! It was explicitly stated that Uryu was the "last quincy". Why then would you CHANGE that just to make Uryu Sasuke or Itachi fucking Uchia depending on if Uryu is just biding his time or has really turned into a huge asshole. 

Why was it decided that Unohana was the "first Kenpachi"? Never mind the fact that she was pointlessly killed off, but just what the ever loving hell? I got that people were scared of her, but why was THAT the explanation? Why couldn't she have just been a loose cannon or why couldn't her creepy vibes just been the fact that she IS so powerful? Also, care to explain why she's so soft and nice these days? NO? Well fuck you too!

WHY HASN'T KENPACHI GOTTEN UP AND TAKEN HIS FRIGGIN EYEPATCH OFF! I get that he's badly burned right now, but COME ON! I thought the whole point of the training session was so that he would learn NOT to hold back. Why the hell is he still wearing the damn thing? 

Where did Jinta and Ururu come from? We still haven't gotten an explanation about that. Did Kisuke adopt them? Are they orphans? Did he kidnap them after their parents were brutally murdered at a circus and he drafted them into his war to fight spiritual crimes? GIVE US SOMETHING, KUBO!

Trying to make heads or tails of the spiritual laws of Bleach: reiatsu, reiryoku, reproduction, families, power levels, how classes are taught at the academy, how the economy works, why can't the suffering people just go out and move to a better district, HOW DAMN BIG IS THE SOUL SOCIETY FROM DISTRICT TO DISTRICT?

Aizen's backstory. He has none. 

Sajin being a werewolf is just stupid. It was a stupid plot twist and Kubo should've thought on it more. I mean he still has yet to explain how horned people like Akon and Mr. Creepy Potato Head Hiyosu exist and why.

Why is it they talk about the 3rd division captain retiring in the Pendulum arc only for a few short moments later to have Urahara tell us that "no one retires from the Gotei. They either die or they are discharged." Does that mean he's living in the maggots nest? Jesus Kubo you can't even remain consistent from chapter to chapter. It's like all of Bleach is just its own bad fanfiction.......or the pilot to Immortal Memories

How did Mayuri even know about the damage to Renji's Bankai in his battle with Byakuya. He wasn't even there--oh WAIT! Are you telling me the whole "monitors everyone in the Seireitei" thing from filler is actually true? Great no wonder I hate the guy. 

Tosen fails as a character. I get Kubo was going for the whole "Justice is Blind" shtick, but it just sounds preachy, hypocritical and downright stupid. 

why are only some of the Visoreds back in the Seireitei? For that matter why isn't Urahara? You REALLY screwed the pooch on your time skip Kubo. 

The Royal Guard is made of fail until proven otherwise. 

Yhwach is an uninteresting, bland snidley whiplash mustache twirling villain who is evil because reasons. This isn't the sort of man who feels like he was on the wrong side of a moral conflict. This guy feels like he instigated the initial quincy war somehow. I wouldn't be surprised with all the Nazi symbolism and Uryu just got the history of his OWN PEOPLE WRONG! Why the hell not? Makes just as much sense as anything else in this damn manga. 

I could go on, but Bleach isn't finished yet and the rest of my commentary would be about shit that could still be answered (like if Orihime IS actually going to at least confess to Ichigo about her feelings for him). 

So there you have it, every single god damn thing I hate about some of my favorite shonen manga/anime. 

Now I pose the same challenge to :iconvogoshinki: to be a critic to the shonen that he loves and also for :icon345rv5: to be NICE to the series he's been critical of. 

I'm going back to watching Atop the Fourth Wall

Ja ne!


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