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Luluko of the Rebellion by SapphireFoxx

Call me easily amused, but this is the best drawn genderbent version of Lelouch I've seen. In fact I like how the art style easily mimi...

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A lot of times I've talked about the fact that really bad anime would've been better off just being straight up PORN!

This is completely the case with Master of Martial Hearts and School Days. And a lot of people wish the same on Highschool of the Dead. 

Now despite what you may think because of the title, this journal is not about how these above anime would benefit from being an actual hentai. For a few reasons. 

1. That would be repetitive. I'd be saying the same thing over and over again. 
2. I hate 2/3 of these shows. 
3. Just because you could make hentai of them doesn't mean it would be any good.

No, I'm here to talk about a specific hentai--briefly of course--that actually is well decent for what it's worth.

By that I mean this:
This series is STRAIGHT UP PORN and it's MORE WORTH YOUR TIME than any anime you call "god awful". It's by no means spectacular, but it's a sad sight when a "good hentai" is better than "a bad anime"

But enough beating around the bush
Instead let's beat ON it (lol c wut I did thar?)

The show is called Angel Blade.

Sounds harmless enough, but I've already said that this series is a hentai. 

But as my good friend from college Maxmillian will tell you, hentai comes in 3 forms:

1. Straight up porn -- it might have a plot, but it's buried under the fact that this is PORN
2. Porn with plot -- the series has an excuse plot that's visible and crafted, but the porn, you can tell, is much more important
3. Plot with porn -- here the series' porn was just THROWN in and if you take away the sex scenes the series and rework a few scenes, the show would be visible to the general public. 

With Angel Blade I would throw it into category 3, but it's also possible that it could be classified as a category 2. 

In fact, School Days and Master of Martial Hearts would benefit greatly from being in category 3. 

But anyway, Angel Blade.

The show is basically a parody of Cutie Honey, which is a parody of the magical girl genre. 

A parody OF a parody? This is a recipe for disaster. 


The animation for Angel Blade is actually rather decent and the plot is explained straight up without needless exposition. Hell I can summarize:

Humanity is living above the Earth's cloud cover in 69 different domed cities (ha ha gettit? Or is it 99 and this takes place in 69? Can't remember. Been too long). Why? Because this is the future and the world has smoged up the surface of the planet. However, giant mutated monsters roam the streets of one of these cities (which I KNOW is 69 regardless of whether there are 30 more or not) and go out during the night to plunder and rape women. 
The titular hero, Angel Blade, is supposedly "sent from the heavens to annihilate these cretins". This is, of course, not true, but if you watch the actual show you'll see what the deal is. 

Angel Blade is actually the alter ego of flat-chested middle school waitress Moena. At least I'm assuming middle school. 

And this is why Angel Blade fits rather well into the 3rd category. If you have a heroine with an alter ego fighting monsters and play it straight as an arrow (Angel Blade is by no means a comedy) You have less a hentai and more a sci-fi magical girl Berserk. 
However, the hentai aspect of the show makes it impossible to take seriously the same way you would a half-decent seinen like Berserk or Hellsing. 

And yet DESPITE THIS this show, as I've said already, is better than a bad anime that would benefit from having hentai IN IT. 

Unlike most hentai of its nature, Angel Blade doesn't have very many plot holes, but at the same time gives about as much explanation about its universe as something the Nostalgia Critic or Linkara would review. 

I am not about to say "check it out". I'm not that STUPID. Angel Blade--for many people I'm sure--will fail as both a hentai and a decent anime if you try to watch it. It tries to be both and your mileage will HEAVILY vary as to whether or not it succeeds. 
However, because it's a hentai it's not obligated to flesh out its characters or give a decent plot. It's there to turn you on.
However, AS a might fail to do that given MOST of its sexual content. But the animation and sound are better than a lot of really crappy anime, which is just flat out SAD!

I only bring it up so that if you DO feel like checking it out that please note that DESPITE its content it is actually better than any anime you watch and go "This is shit". 

And unlike most hentai, Angel Blade treats itself like an actual anime by having an actual OPENING THEME


And the sad part is that the opener is one of my favorite Japanese songs and it's NOT vulgar in the slightest. It actually sounds like a magical girl theme XD

The next time you're sifting through hentai, well.....I'm not going to say watch it, but well...........if you FEEL like giving it a look, give it a look. You might regret it.
You might not. 

That's all from me today folks. I have work in 90 minutes and it's my first day on the job at Firehouse.

Ja ne!


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